What Can We Do to Retain You as a Customer?

What Can We Do to Retain You as a Customer?At Envirosafe Solutions, we cannot exist as a business unless you, the customer, are thoroughly satisfied with our products. In this blog, we wish to convey some ideas for ways in which you can evaluate us and give us feedback regarding our performance as a company.

Consistency is very important in maintaining long term client relationships, and we would like to make sure that we are consistent with you. Be sure to notice how our customer service representatives, sales associates, and billing people are treating you, and to pay attention as to whether or not we satisfy all of your demands and respond appropriately to all of your issues.

Dependability and reliability are also requirements for retaining our customers, and we need to know if you are receiving less than what you should be. Again, we cannot stay in business and we cannot remain employed if you are less than satisfied, and therefore it is our focus to develop long-term dependable relationships with all of our valued employees and clientele.

Test drive our products as much as you need to in order to feel satisfied with their competency and effectiveness. Since our company is built upon chemical solutions, it is important that these are actual solutions to your problems

How are you to give us feedback on our products and performance?

You can contact us through email, anonymously or by identifying yourself with your name and possibly your order number. You can also contact us by phone, and leave your complaint or your evaluation with whichever department you feel is best, and we would love to address any questions you may have. Our focus is on you and your experience doing business with us, and we feel privileged to represent your chemical solutions.

Also, if you ever think of any ideas or ways in which we can improve our service to you, we would be more than happy to take those under consideration. We are a flexible company and adapt to new and changing needs.

For any questions, concerns, comments or compliments, please call Envirosafe Solutions today: