What Can We Do to Retain You as a Customer?

What Can We Do to Retain You as a Customer?At Envirosafe Solutions, we cannot exist as a business unless you, the customer, are thoroughly satisfied with our products. In this blog, we wish to convey some ideas for ways in which you can evaluate us and give us feedback regarding our performance as a company.

Consistency is very important in maintaining long term client relationships, and we would like to make sure that we are consistent with you. Be sure to notice how our customer service representatives, sales associates, and billing people are treating you, and to pay attention as to whether or not we satisfy all of your demands and respond appropriately to all of your issues.

Dependability and reliability are also requirements for retaining our customers, and we need to know if you are receiving less than what you should be. Again, we cannot stay in business and we cannot remain employed if you are less than satisfied, and therefore it is our focus to develop long-term dependable relationships with all of our valued employees and clientele.

Test drive our products as much as you need to in order to feel satisfied with their competency and effectiveness. Since our company is built upon chemical solutions, it is important that these are actual solutions to your problems

How are you to give us feedback on our products and performance?

You can contact us through email, anonymously or by identifying yourself with your name and possibly your order number. You can also contact us by phone, and leave your complaint or your evaluation with whichever department you feel is best, and we would love to address any questions you may have. Our focus is on you and your experience doing business with us, and we feel privileged to represent your chemical solutions.

Also, if you ever think of any ideas or ways in which we can improve our service to you, we would be more than happy to take those under consideration. We are a flexible company and adapt to new and changing needs.

For any questions, concerns, comments or compliments, please call Envirosafe Solutions today:

The Muscle Economy of Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is something which you may learn about in yoga or from your trainer, but is used as a tool, rather thanThe Muscle Economy of Deep Breathing given the full respect of a separate science. Interestingly enough, for all of the exercise enthusiasts out there who enjoy doing aerobics and riding your bicycles to work, deep breathing is the difference between weight lifting and aerobics. The body uses to types of enzymes when you work out, one that burns sugar and one that burns fat. As you become less fit, your body literally possesses less enzymes that burn fat, and therefore it is harder to lose fat than it was when you were fit. Why does this matter on an ecology blog?

We seek to assist our green-creating, energy-conserving readers in maintaining their Eco friendly lifestyle. If you are a moderate to strong believer in self propelled transportation, then you do well to be informed on the benefits of deep breathing and continuous deep breathing on any kind of exercise which you utilize for yourself. You see, if you become out of breathe through weight lifting or die hard, extreme workouts, then your muscles use the sugar burning enzymes. However, if you exercise or self propel at a rate which will allow you to maintain deep breathing, then your muscles will switch to using the fat burning enzymes, which will in turn create a need for your body to build more and more fat burning enzymes. There is a reason why fit individuals gain fat or fat percentage less easily than individuals who are already fat or who already have high fat percentages.

As much as you may enjoy using self propelled transportation, such as bicycling or running or walking, be sure to go at a rate which you can maintain steady and continuous deep breathing. If you become out of breathe, then your muscle have switched over the sugar burning enzymes and the reduction in your body’s fat percentage will be a low more slowly achieved. As for other ways to maintain an Eco friendly lifestyle, Envirosafe Solutions offers many Eco friendly chemical solutions for your business and home use, along with a 30 day money back guarantee to safeguard your investment in our business. Call us today:

Taking Advantage of the Seasons

Taking Advantage of the SeasonsSeasons come and go and if you are old enough to have seen the cycle of seasons change many times, then you probably take each season change with a much greater grain of salt than you did before. Few people ponder on the cycle of seasons, except to discuss how the years go by over time and in poetry, and few understand or think about why each season has such a profound purpose on the planet and in the grand scheme of things.

Spring has a pretty obvious purpose, what with all of its growth and new green shoots, and beauty and hope and plenty of love making. Spring brings more light and greater sunshine and begins thawing out the world from winter, although it is not usually unpleasantly hot at this time. Start your spring gardens, and make a to-do list for your beginning Eco friendly tasks, especially around the house, and doing some hard core industrial cleansing.

Summertime has the notorious highest points of heat in the year, and it can be a dry heat or hot humidity or somewhere in between, but the author has heard the most complaints about humid heat. This is the time of year when the days are the longest and individuals produce more serotonin due to lots of sun exposure. This is also a good time to take vacations and spend time with your kids doing fun summer activities in light breathable clothing. Use your solar panels and reduce your water waste by watering your grass and flowers and vegetable garden and fruit trees in the early morning, when the sun does not have a chance to evaporate the water.

Autumn brings the first chills, and many individuals enjoy the anticipation of the trees turning color and the coming winter months, without actually having to suffer the cold. Autumn can be one of the most beautiful times of the year, including brilliant sunsets and splashes of late color. Start insulating your house to reduce energy costs during the wintertime, and seal up any cracks which produce drafts in your house.

Wintertime is often overlooked and the purpose of the season is to kill off all the extraneous (or even basic) growth of the years so that springtime has a clean slate to work with. Winter should always be looked upon as a cleansing process. Use this time to do extra reading and catch up on family time and indoor super personal activities while it is cold outside and the wind is howling outside your door.

Envirosafe Solutions believes in exploiting every season of the year for new Eco friendly behavior and techniques, using the weather as a tool rather than working against it. Our chemical solutions are all purpose and all weather, plus they are conducive of our environment. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Summer Fun in the Sun

In the summertime, when all is green and warm and pleasant, one does notEco Friendly, Eco Friendly Liquid Products, Environmental Cleaning Products, Eco Friendly Industrial Liquid, Extreme Green, Environmentally Friendly Liquidsalways wish to consider saving the earth when there are other things to do, such as hang out with the hot bikini babes and the cool surfer dudes at the beach. Now, when you are planning your summer fun, remember that you can actually kill two birds with one stone. There are such things as eco friendly bikinis and swimwear, and there are plenty of eco friendly activities which involve skimpy garments being worn by the opposite sex. What are some of these tantalizing activities?

Volunteer vacations in warmer climates are always fun. You can travel to another country to vacation, and that can include volunteer work, so that you can have a nice foreign getaway in a new culture while also helping to save the environment.

Car washes and bike washes. This is a great way to save on industrial car washes which can use a lot of water, while also fundraising for your local community or shelter. This is a great way to meet other locals who enjoy eco friendly endeavors as well, not to mention the fact that everyone will be wearing swimwear and getting wet.

Building tree houses and earth houses are both fun and exciting. You can take part in creating a winding staircase or putting in the support for an underground (or partially underground) earth house. Earth houses are not sunk into the ground, unless they are on the side of a hill, hobbit-style. They typically are man-made hills, created out of dirt and lined on the inside with wood paneling and thick wooden ceiling supports. They always look really cool, above or below ground.

Envirosafe Solutions provides eco friendly chemical solutions for businesses throughout Australia and companies in select countries. Our products range from fuel treatments to kitchen products, and our chemical solutions are both earth friendly and septic safe. Check out our website for the biodegradability rates on all of our products, product descriptions and septic safety tests, as well as more information about our company. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.