New Standards in Company Design

Solvent Free DegreaserNew standards in company design are making the act of being eco friendly much easier than it used to be. Company design requires a total architecture, aesthetics, and color scheme to all be taken into consideration when coming up with the texture and feel for your business.

So, when you are looking to implement eco friendly design, you already have more space and friendlier space to work with here in modern times than you did twenty years ago, or even ten years ago.

Companies are recognizing a need for space, a need for design and influence, and they are seeing that human nature itself needs warm, slick, modern design more than it needs efficiency or cramped office spaces. New standards in company design allow for the implementation of eco friendly features, such as solar paneling, window usage, airflow ventilation, and living walls.

Of course, with all of those environmentally safe features, you will want to use environmentally friendly liquids, or chemicals, to keep everything in good working order without harsh chemical residue or non-breathable air at certain times of the day.

Design has now led into the development of insulation which is not only more eco friendly, but which is changeable and movable, depending upon the weather or the season, so that the building itself (or the inner shell of the building) can be altered at will to meet the needs created by hot and cold weather, the extremes of both.

Of course, company design also has to do with the choices you make regarding the products your business orders to keep it going during difficult times. Without these products, your company could not function as well, and you might as well make sure that they are safe for the planet.

Envirosafe Solutions has a long list of chemical products for your business. We provide eco friendly industrial liquid to companies in Australia and other select countries and we make being ecologically safe really easy. All you have to do is pick from our selection of chemicals: antibacterial hand wash, solvent free degreaser, radiator cleaner, multi-purpose lubricant, and many others, and then call us and place your order, or place your order online: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Friendships in Eco Friendly Endeavors

Solvent Free DegreaserFriendships carry a lot of weight with people. Our friendship help define who we are as people and who we will become in the future. When you are looking to make things a little better for yourself, then an easy solution is to look at your friendships. If you value them, then look at how you can do your part to maintain them well, and if you do not value them, then learn how to make them functional at an acquaintance level, rather than putting the same energy into them as you would put into friendships.

When your business is beginning to turn green or is continuing its green goals, remember that other businesses, even rival businesses, will be more than happy to reveal what their eco friendly practices are (especially since its free advertising for them) and so in this way, you can learn from what worked for other companies similar to yours and therefore what would be most likely to work for yours. Also, in this way, friendships between businesses are formed, and everyone is able to live in a more cooperative society.

When it comes to making the earth a better, safer place, it is more important to look at things objectively and to look at your business competition as a tool (in a good way) which can be leveraged on behalf of your own knowledge and experience. In many different types of businesses, Envirosafe Solutions has made tracks, just in providing eco friendly chemical solutions, like our insect and tar remover, mould rid, radiator cleaner, and hard water laundry liquid. All of these things are meant to make your company look and feel better, not just to everyone who enters it or works in it, but to the earth itself. It’s a real and valuable way you can improve the functionality of your company while also protecting the environment by using safer chemical solutions. If you are looking for such a business as this, then look no further than Envirosafe Solutions. We believe in being proud of our world, and in keeping it safe: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Loving Your Past, Embracing Your Eco Friendly Future

Solvent Free DegreaserWhen you embrace your past and the past of your company, you probably find it so well hidden behind layers of self denial and equally hidden guilt that you realize you have forgotten to embrace it. However, your past, your personal and your professional past, is vital to the future of this world. Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect?

Well, in the butterfly effect, the fluttering of a butterfly’s wings on one side of the world can compound, be affected by heat and cold, until it has formed into a hurricane on the other side of the world. The truth is that very few of us consider our actions, especially our private actions, to be that much of a historical factor in what we believe the world to be. In other words, we don’t consider ourselves to be important enough to effect any such changes. However, we are such that even the smallest decision in our minds can effect huge changes throughout the world. Everything we do counts.

Well, have you thought of this in terms of your business’ choice to use eco friendly products rather than their harsh chemical equivalents? Envirosafe Solutions is only one part of the many changes your business might make to become more productive ecologically. However, just this one change can make huge changes for your employees, your customers, and all of your attitudes about what it means to be a responsible citizen of earth.

We provide many products for your perusal and purchase. A lot of them would easily be found on an industrial jobsite, and we are proud of our eco friendly industrial liquids. Many more of them can be found in both households and office buildings, such as our glass cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, bath and tile cleaner, antibacterial hand soap, and even our dishwasher rinse aid if your office has a small kitchenette. Remember that your business’ past is very important to its future, even if it is considered to be a negative one. Never forget your roots, and never forget to think about your company’s future in the global ecological scheme: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Ten Thousand Light Years

Glue RemoverOkay, so we live thousands of light years away from distant galaxies and far away stars. Even the close up stars are many light years away. For those of you not quite as awake in science class as the author, a light year is the distance light can travel (at the speed of light, mind you) for a year. It is a very, very long distance.

Now, science as pretty much proven by the numbers, if nothing else, that the likelihood of there being another planet out there like ours is very high. What if that’s true? And what if our friendly neighbors decided to pay us a visit. Would they like what they see? We realize that this is kind of like “keeping up with the Jones’” only on a much larger scale, but it is still an interesting thought to have. Would our earthly neighbors consider our planet to be well run and well managed, or would they wonder if we might need some help in our eco friendly efforts and our work toward sustainability and renewability for the whole planet?

The interesting thing about this is that neither they nor we would probably even notice that subject for the first three years of their visiting. We would probably all be so glad to see each other, especially if they too don’t know of any other planets in the universe like theirs, that we would all probably just busy ourselves with exchanging information like teenagers who are rapidly texting back and forth to each other all of the time.

Of course, we could look around and try to make our planet a little more sustainable as we speak. We could exchange our current cleaning and maintenance solutions with eco friendly chemical ones from Envirosafe Solutions. I mean, we could all use eco friendly toilet bowl cleaner, some radiator cleaner, a little diesel bug killer, and plenty of antibacterial hand wash, as well as plenty of other environmentally friendly liquids. We could use more spunk in the way we do things, a bit more enthusiasm, and a little more distance so that we can observe the cause and effect of our actions objectively. Call Envirosafe Solutions to order chemical solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Local Knowledge, International Green Investing

Solvent Free DegreaserWhen you have a thorough knowledge of local conditions and processes, then you are able to make informed decisions about the buying and selling of local commodities. If you are an international commodities investor, then you are probably fully aware of the fact that many people believe in moving large amounts of money around without actually checking, in depth, the state of the local economy.

When you know something about the market in which you are working, you can tell when things are not quite as they should be, and your gut instinct will always lead you right when it comes to building bridges which won’t fall and putting down companies which you know are going down anyway. The result of intense and highly developed local knowledge is that you can really make a difference in the lives of the local people who depend upon that economy. You can invest in such a way that in improves both your life and the lives of those around you.

When we set up selling our environmentally friendly liquids, we knew that they must be adaptable to all types of environments and that many different kinds of businesses would be investing in our chemical solutions. Our toilet bowl cleaner, fabric conditioner, rust remover, and radiator coolant are just a few examples of what we have created for ourselves in our business. We firmly believe in our ability to make anything happen through environmental cleaning products like ours. When your business invests in green processes, products, and services, remember that our company can actually be functional in whatever you do for a living, and we can service clients all over Australia. We know our business well, and we believe firmly in the power of eco friendly sanitiser and soil wetta. We know that our local knowledge of chemical solutions, combined with your interest in investing in green products, will make us a both a team which can really make a difference in this world.

To find out more about what your business can do for the world or to place a purchase order with us, be sure and check us out online or give us a call: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Maximum Production, Maximum Waste

Porta-Loo TreatmentIn his book, Oak: The Frame of Civilization, William Bryant Logan discusses the differences between tree usage in the Stone Age and tree usage today. Today, everything is much more efficient. Automated processes allow thousands of trees to be processed in one day. Everything is much quicker and much easier. However, it is NOT less wasteful.

Automated processes have made tree cutting and processing one of the most wasteful things on the planet. There was a time when every part of the tree was used, or at least most of the productive parts of it were. Now, everything is fed through a sawmill, which does away with at least thirty percent, sometimes as much a sixty percent, of the usable wood in the tree in order to make the process more efficient and easier to feed.

Production these days is often defined as getting the most done in the least amount of time. However, is that really production? Sometimes, it can be. Other times, it is wasteful, extravagant, or just generally very costly. It is more important to have high quality results than to get it done in record time…most of the time. There are still industries in which this is not the case, but I think we can all agree that tree sawing and processing has reached an all time high level of waste.

Now, when it comes to chemical solutions, you can usually achieve the best of both worlds. Whereas, in the past, you had only harsh chemical residue and cleaning power or ineffective cleaning abilities and even more residue, today you have some really great options.

Envirosafe Solutions has made a business out of designing and distributing ultra high quality environmental cleaning products and other chemicals. Our eco friendly solutions include everything, from marine glass cleaner to porta-loo treatment, and from diesel bug killer to rust converter. All of our products are green and safe for the earth. You can even check out the product pages and learn about each individual product’s septic safety and biodegradability rating. They are all different!

For more information on how you can make our earth a better planet, check out the rest of our website and order from us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Happiness is a Symptom, Not a Cause

Soil WettaHappiness takes away some of the edge caused by living this life and existing in this world. It does a lot for us and when we are in a happy mood, there is very little that can get us down. However, happiness is NOT a cause. It is actually a symptom of a choice.

What, are you saying that we can just CHOOSE to be happy? Well, yes. You can just choose to be happy. However, this may not be possible to retain for very long unless you have something to be happy about over the course of developing this habit. The solution lies in recognize what is and what is not within your control. There are just too many situations where happiness does not bring what we thought we wanted, but it brought an ability to handle what is around us in an effective and productive manner. Happiness is part of being human, and so is the choice to be happy.

Yes, there are stressful circumstances, difficult problems, and horrible people with which we must all deal with on a regular daily basis. However, if you can find something about which to be happy, no matter what it is, and focus on your happiness, rather than on the problems, you will bring huge amounts of clarity and focus into your life. The problem with living with depressed people is that you start to become depressed yourself. The converse applies, as well.

Envirosafe Solutions is part of the solution of making the earth more sustainable and eco friendly. We provide eco friendly liquid products to businesses, Australia-wide. We know that your company may or may not be involved with eco friendly practices, but we don’t want you to have to use harsh, unsafe chemicals if you don’t have to. That’s why we provide everything, from toilet bowl cleaner to fuel conditioner, from glue remover to industrial hand cleaner, and from solvent free degreaser to ice break, in high quality eco friendly industrial liquids. If you’d like to become a part of the Envirosafe Solutions family, next time you place a purchase order with your chemical supplier, do it with us: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Bringing Your Pets In On The Plan

Eco Friendly Liquid ProductsWhen people think of ways to “use” their pets, they often feel guilty, because they are unsure of what constitutes heavy labor and what constitutes appropriate actions of handling an animal. How can you safely and effectively bring your pets in on your green strategy?

First, be sure that your pets are strong and healthy. They should have plenty of running around space and well developed muscles.

Secondly, take some measures to protect your garden space from digging, chewing, and anything else that pets tend to bring to the picture. Your animals must be allowed to be themselves and you cannot always be there to supervise them. There is a clear picture of what to do and not to do based upon their behavior if you have had them for any length of time.

Thirdly, let grazing animals do your lawn mowing for you. Let carnivores keep away pests, such as rabbits and squirrels. Let chickens and other poultry fertilize the ground with their droppings and pull up grubs for good. If you have dogs which dig, then put them on a horizontal trolley line to guard one side of your property. If you have outdoor cats, then make sure that your plants won’t be squashed if Puss decides to lay down in the grass.

After you’ve taken care of all of these things, then be sure to look at exactly what you do on your property and if you can get your animals to participate more in the labor or natural growth of your gardens, crops, or cultivated forest environments.

At Envirosafe Solutions, we provide this same sort of leverage, only with chemicals. Our environmentally friendly liquids are all available for your business office or worksite. Think about it. You will need bath and tile cleaner for your hard office floors, and glass cleaner for your windows. Of course, you will need toilet bowl cleaner for your bathrooms and electrical insulator cleaner for your office and jobsite wiring. Well, that’s reasonable, really.

So, if you want to have all of those good things and to be eco friendly at the same time, then look in on Envirosafe Solutions: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

New Stars Are Out Tonight

New Stars Are Out TonightDid you know that astronomers have seen galaxies and stars being born? Did you know that we are seeing new phenomena in the sky that has never been seen before? There are new stars out tonight.

A lot of people are worried or at least talkative about the possibility of life on other planets. After so many horror movies based upon alien invasions, there is no wonder that people have become concerned about life on other planet, rather than rejoicing over the idea. What about making new friends and learning about other species or culture? No, there must be some danger ahead. Instead, we sit and talk openly of all of the scientific progresses of which we know, but we keep it very hidden just how afraid we are.

New stars are out tonight. Doesn’t anybody care?

In order to maintain the world in which we live, we must make the most use of it, and that means letting nature do her efficient and abundant best. If our chemicals are the problem, then let us use planet friendly chemicals! If our businesses are the problem, then let our businesses use only green products!

Envirosafe Solutions brings you the best in solvent free degreaser, mineral deposit remover, and rust converter which are green and eco friendly. Of course, we provide many other chemical solutions, but when is it necessary to use eco friendly industrial liquid and the when should you use the regular kind? The truth is that if you can find chemicals which provide both the efficiency of regular harsh chemicals and the environmental protection of the green chemicals, then you should put purchase orders in place for the next four years. That is why you should use products from Envirosafe Solutions only. We have a marked difference in the quality of our products than you are used to from other companies. We are the latest and longest lasting star in the eco friendly community. Come see us and judge for yourself. You can enjoy the night sky a little more tonight after you have done your part to protect the earth. Call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Ten Jumps Ahead

Solvent Free DegreaserOkay, when you play chess, you know that you have to plan ahead all of the different moves you will make, depending upon what the other player plays. Now, this can be even more helpful than you think. Planning ahead not only takes you out of the defensive mode of operating, but it puts you into the offensive mode of operation.

Staying ten moves ahead, or in this case ten jumps ahead, allows you to be able to plan your future and the future of your business without living hand-to-mouth and without being super affected by every little thing which occurs in your company.

Not everything is easy, and every day, we have more and more problems to fix, and as we grow as people, we have higher and higher quality problems to fix. However, no matter what, if we plan ten moves ahead, we are able to exercise planning and control over our lives, and we are able to make things work for good and for the benefit of ourselves and those we love.

If you already have talents which you don’t use very often, what would happen if you were able to leverage those talents in a more effective way? You would probably use them all the time, and since they involve a natural skill set of yours, you would have a much greater advantage over other people than they would have over you.

With Envirosafe Solutions, we believe in planning ten moves ahead. We know that the earth needs us to plan ahead for it. What with global population growth and global warming, people are beginning to worry about resources, and that’s not an unreasonable worry. First of all, Envirosafe Solutions produces environmental cleaning products, like marine glass cleaner and radiator cleaner, which are safe for the planet. Moreover, these eco friendly industrial liquids especially for maintaining, degreasing, and cleaning are for your business. They are for your use. Use them! Leverage their abilities for the good of your company. Use up all of our chemicals and then order some more. Stay ten moves ahead, both in eco friendly behavior and in your business maintenance. Call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Stewardship and Hiring Tenants

Soil WettaStewardship involves the basic law of acquisition. In nature, whoever can make the most productive use of their resources are the creatures which end up on top of the food chain…or at least on top of their species. The law of acquisition states that, if you manage something well and completely, you will gain more of it over which to be a steward.

On this earth, we must be good stewards of our resources, and make the most of all of the equipment, chemicals, tools, and raw products which we have available. This is necessary because, without this stewardship, we can face mass problems with food shortages, material shortages, and homelessness.

Now, when you develop land, you must not only look after the land resources, but also the hiring and retaining of tenants. The same law of acquisition applies. In order to receive and retain good workers, you must be a good steward of people, too.

In the end, it is all in what you do with what you have and the time that you have to do it. It is all in how resourceful and inventive you are. And remember, it’s in the very word “resourceful.” In short, it means full of resources. You will become full of resources if you practice the law of acquisition and remain resourceful.

Now, when Envirosafe Solutions set up our business, we became extremely resourceful. We designed chemicals which are just as effective, if not more than, other non-eco friendly chemicals which are used on industrial worksites today. More than that, they are safe for the planet, too. Now, that is getting a lot of bang for your buck, as the Americans say. Envirosafe Solutions distributes our environmentally friendly liquids all over Australia, so that means that we can service your business today! Just browse through our selection of eco friendly industrial liquids, such as our radiator coolant or our mineral deposit remover, and pick out which items you already use on your jobsite. Then, make the decision to purchase the eco friendly alternative for the future! We are glad you chose us. For more information or to place an order, call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Pompeii Again: China Dinosaurs and Volcanic Ash

Environmentally Friendly LiquidsHow do you perfectly preserve a species, a land, a culture, and a people after it has been wiped out by a volcano? Well, the answer lies in volcanic ash. You see, if toxic gas and fine ash suffocate the animals first, the n their dead bodies can be easily transported into lake beds and into conditions where oxygen cannot reach them.

The prehistoric plethora of animals found in China reveals many of them to be in superb condition and to be perfectly preserved, even preserving parts of animals which are usually the first to decay, such as skin, feathers, and other important identifying features. These paleontologists are very lucky, indeed.

What sorts of animals were uncovered? It has revealed pterosaurs, dinosaurs, and early birds and mammals. Some of the links of evolution, cross species breeding, and separation of species into unique categories and separate species can be revealed by these findings. This is truly one of the best finds in the world right now. Archeologists and scientists will be able to construct massive amounts of details and timelines and data from these perfectly preserved bodies. In fact, in addition these good events, scientists will be able to test former theories about some of these dinosaurs and early mammals and birds in order to determine if they were correct in their logical reasoning which was based, sometimes, entirely upon the bone structure and what those animals would have been using as body coverings and skin or hide.

In today’s day and age, Envirosafe Solutions recognizes the importance of these scientific discoveries in preparing for the future. What if something similar happened to today’s humans? What if we were put into a position where this historical data would be instrumental in developing future solutions to problems with the environment and global warming? Friends, we have already planned for the future, chemically speaking. We have designed a widely varied selection of environmental cleaning products, such as antibacterial hand wash, radiator cleaner, glass cleaner, and hard water laundry liquid. We have prepared for this moment in time. We have planned for the future of our species. When your business is about to send out another purchase order for chemical solutions, then choose Envirosafe Solutions. Choose wisely: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.


Personal Water Systems

Solvent-Free DegreaserWhen you set up plumbing in your own home or workshop, then you know how important it is to know where the pipes go, what they do, and any potential exposure they may have to the elements. You also know that it is very important to keep things on track when it comes to your water supply system. If, for example, you forget to pay for your water usage and it is temporarily cut off, then you find yourself in a position where your pipes are even more exposed to the elements than they were before. Why is this the case? The answer lies in how pipes are heated and cooled by the water flowing through them. In extreme cold weather conditions, if water is sitting in the pipes, it can freeze and when water freezes, it expands. This expansion can literally crack the pipes and cause you to have to turn off your water supply system and replace your pipes.

However, flowing water is warmer than frozen water and it keeps the pipes from freezing. Now, if you are looking at water disposal, such as your gray and black water pipes, then you are looking at proper water disposal methods. Many people put gray water back into their properties as water runoff into gardens and grass. Some people even try to have an eco friendly black water waste disposal system, though these can sometimes be really ineffective.

In your business, you will need to use chemical cleaning and maintenance solutions which reflect your green policies and eco friendly endeavors. This means using chemicals which bring a lot lesser toll on the environment, such as the environmentally friendly liquids produced and distributed by Envirosafe Solutions. We provide antibacterial hand wash, dishwasher rinse aid, disinfectant, and solvent free degreaser, among other eco friendly industrial liquids. Our whole purpose in life is to provide you with the chemical life’s blood of your company, but doing so in a way which protect the environment and reduces the amount of pollution that your business puts out every year. This is clean, green, and effective. If you’d like to order our products from us, then please feel free to visit our website or call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Replanting and Regaining Fruits

Solvent Free DegreaserSometimes, when your annual revenues are calculated, it seems as if your company is taking two steps forward and one step back. Always, when you think your business is making the most progress, it seems to stall and only make a little bit of progress.

What is going on here?

The introverted society of Japan has found that elements are part of business, just as numbers are a part of bookkeeping. They have seen that certain people and certain companies put off a majority of one of these elements: water, tree, earth, air, fire, or metal. If your company does not seem to make steady advances in one direction, it could be because the majority of controlling managers and employees in your business exercise water energy…and keep in mind that water energy, when confronted with an obstacle, just turns and goes another direction but in the same general area you wish for it to go.

It is also important to understand that investments are meant to bring fruits. If you invest money in your business, you should be able to expect fruits in the near or distant future. However, as with all investing, your business may be subject to market fluctuations or economic hardships. When this occurs, having a good head on your shoulders and an excellent bookkeeping and accounting team are some of the most important things on this earth.

Insect and tar remover and solvent free degreaser accomplish the same things in the chemical world. While the products at Envirosafe Solutions do not make major business decisions, they certainly help you to get good return on your investment in your planet. These chemicals are eco friendly industrial liquids which are environmental cleaning products and other chemical products. We carry glue remover, disinfectant, and a whole score of other products, but you must look at our website to see what all we distribute throughout Australia.

When you focus on how your company can give back to the earth, then, in some way, the planet is able to give back to your business. You see, when it comes to eco friendly endeavors, very few investments yield nothing. There is always a new tree to plant or another good green investment to make. Today, change out your current chemical solutions for those from Envirosafe Solutions. Trust us, it’s a good investment: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Cooking from Scratch

Cooking from ScratchOften, those of us who didn’t grow up with moms who “cooked from scratch” really believe that it is complicated and messy. However, this is not the case, nor is it a waste of time. You see, cooking from scratch involves very little ingredients and all of those ingredients are in their unrefined, raw form, which means that they are very cheap. A meal that would normally have cost you $20 actually ends up costing you $2. That is a pretty big leap, and there is a reason for it. By buying and using raw ingredients, you are not only making the food more nutritious for your body, thus making it last longer in your stomach and your body’s energy system, but you are also saving a great deal of money which would otherwise be spent on pre-prepared food, the labor and skill of which costs far more than the food itself.

You see, in the service industry, you are paying for the service. The food is simply a small cost on the bill. You are paying for the preparation.

Of course, you don’t want to make everything from scratch. For example, when you use your toilet bowl cleaner or your radiator cleaner, you would always want to use chemicals which are specifically designed for those purposes and nothing else. Otherwise, you run the risk of leaving stains, scratch enamel, and just generally making the problem worse than it was before. Be sure and leave handmade disinfectant alone, too. You will want to buy your chemical solutions from a reliable provider, and this includes eco friendly providers.

Envirosafe Solutions is a company expert in the ways of green liquid products. Our environmental cleaning products are all meant to be safe for the planet, as well as being just as useful to you as the harsh, non-eco chemicals with which you are replacing them. Environmental cleaning products are meant to be useful to you without being harmful to your septic system, the oceans, and the environment in general. For more information, please see the individual product pages on our website. We list everything needed for you to buy in bulk quantities for your business or small quantities for your home: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.