PH Value Information

pH Value of Envirosafe Products
I have been provided with the formulation details and quality control parameters for all the products in the Envirosafe Solutions™ product range.
Based on this information, I have estimated the mean value of the pH of each product and expressed it as a “typical value” expressed to the nearest whole number.
Actual pH values will normally vary from the mean value by ±1 pH unit. In some case pH values may vary from the mean by ±2 pH units.
The pH values are intended as a guide to the potential hazards associated with the handling and use of Envirosafe Solutions™ products. They do not form part of the specification for any Envirosafe Solutions™ product.
These estimates of typical pH values of the Envirosafe Solutions™ product range are correct at the time of writing. Envirosafe Solutions™ is always striving to improve its product range, particularly where safer or less hazardous products can be introduced.