Extreme Green Solvent – Free Degreaser is a water- based, solvent-free  degreaser and general purpose cleaner that is…


Extreme Green Solvent-Free Degreaser is a water-based, solvent-free degreaser and general purpose cleaner that is slightly milder/lower pH than our Extreme Green Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner/Degreaser.

Extreme Green Solvent-Free Degreaser will remove the toughest grease deposits. When diluted with water, Extreme Green Solvent-Free Degreaser is an exceptionally powerful general purpose cleaner.

Extreme Green Solvent-Free Degreaser is recommended for use in and around work­shops to degrease engines and transmissions as well as to clean walls, floors and other hard surfaces.


Extreme Green Solvent-Free Degreaser is a solvent-free degreaser and general purpose cleaner. Recommended areas of use are:

  • Hard surfaces – eg walls, floors
  • Workshops – e.g. to degrease engines and transmissions
  • Driveways – oil stains, grease cleanups.


  • Environmentally responsible – biodegradable
  • Very economical – works very effectively when diluted many times with water
  • Can be used in food areas
  • Non-toxic
  • Does not (when used as directed) affect paints, boat decking, alloy wheel trims, plastics or concrete.
  • Water based.

Point of Difference:

  • Extreme Green Solvent-Free Degreaser is a very effective and economical multi-purpose cleaner.
  • Extreme Green Solvent-Free Degreaser is also safe for humans and the environment as it contains no solvents.
  • Water based.


  • For general purpose cleaning: Dilute 1 part Extreme Green Solvent-Free Degreaser with 50 parts hot or cold water. For heavy soiling, reduce the rate of dilution.
  • For old or exceptionally difficult-to-remove grease deposits: Allow Extreme Green Solvent-Free Degreaser to penetrate for at least twenty minutes. Hose off with hot water or steam using a high-pressure hose or sprayer.
  • For light staining on driveways/concrete we recommend the following procedure:
    • Apply a light ring of absorbent around the area to minimise spread.
    • Dilute Extreme Green Solvent-Free Degreaser at about 1:10 and apply liberally to the area – leave for 10-20 minutes.
    • Apply another smaller dose of Extreme Green Solvent-Free Degreaser and agitate with a stiff brush to really get the degreaser into the stain. The amount you use & dilution rate depends on how deep the stain is – experience over time will help you determine the best dilution/application rates.
    • Apply some absorbent – this will assist in soaking up any run-off and drawing out the oil – we recommend SpillZorbe.
    • Sweep up and hose off – a steam cleaner will work best of all.

Shelf Life:

  • 24 months.


  • 5 litres
  • 10 litres
  • 20 litres
  • 205 litres
  • 1000 litres

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