Reach Out To Your Community

Toilet Bowl CleanerMost businesses participate with their communities to some extent or another. For instance, apartment house communities can offer discounts on rent if residents participate in a charity event. Banks can be sponsors at charity and sports events. Even small businesses can receive much needed advertising through the use of low cost local media ads. Reaching out to your community can be very beneficial.

Also, it is important to remember that many people don’t know what businesses or services are out there until they see signs, people representing the business, and people who are there to answer their questions with enthusiasm, belief in their system, and total dependability.

Reach out to your community today. Organize just about anything you can think of in order to get people interacting with your company. The world wants to see your smiling face. The consumer market wants to take advantage of your services. Everything is pulling for you. Just get out there and do it!

Word of mouth is one of the strongest forms of advertising there is. When you use chemicals from Envirosafe Solutions, people notice where cleanup chemicals are stores under lavatory sinks, in cupboards, and behind walls. Everyone snoops, and you can be sure that if you company is using eco friendly chemicals as part of its daily maintenance, it will taint the opinions of your loyal customers.

That is a good thing.

So, when you need to buy some more toilet bowl cleaner for your many bathrooms, get it from Envirosafe Solutions. When your pavement needs to be cleaned, use our solvent free degreaser. Use our glass cleaner on your windows, mirrors, and glass tabletops. Even if you put all of your chemicals safely away, everyone will snoop, and the products you use will influence their decision about what kind of business you own.

Sanitiser, radiator cleaner, and mould rid are also available if you need any of those. Check out our website! We’d love to get OUR customers’ opinions of us! Interaction with the world around you, with your community, is of primary importance. Test the market, dip your toe into the water, and remember that you are judged even by what chemicals you use. So, use Envirosafe Solutions! Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Minerals in Our Food

Toilet Bowl CleanerWe are constantly admonished to eat plenty of fresh meats, fruits and vegetables. Of course, we think this is just because of the basic nutritional value they have already. However, the reality is that they also pick minerals from the earth that we would not ordinarily have. This is especially true for meat, because unless you pick your vegetables directly from the earth, they will not contain that much soil and therefore they won’t contain that many minerals. However, cows and pigs and chickens pick up plenty of minerals from the soil when they feed on their grass and seeds. That is how minerals are so high in beef and how we get minerals in our daily diets without having to go out and buy them for ourselves in pill form.

When we rebuild this earth and try to put it back into its state of lush environmental splendor, we must remember how minerals play a very important part in the food supply of both animals and people. This is why removing the feeder from the source of the animal’s food by too many steps can actually negatively affect people’s supply of nutrition. It can negatively affect their naturally occurring supply of minerals.

So, when you are looking to build a self sustaining eco system in your business’s landscape and on land that your company owns, remember that minerals are part of the eco friendly cycle and make sure that they are rich throughout the supply and feeding cycle, all the way through.

In the meantime, make sure you use chemicals which are designed with an understanding of natural processes. You will need eco friendly industrial liquid from Envirosafe Solutions and you will need a wide variety of environmentally friendly liquids, like eco friendly antibacterial hand wash, multi-purpose lubricant, rust converter, and dishwasher powder. It is important that what we do work with are safe for the environment, and that our chemical solutions are safe for the earth. That is why we recommend chemical solutions from Envirosafe Solutions. As for the minerals in your food, just be sure to fry your meat well before eating. For more products from Envirosafe Solutions, call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Decomposition and Refueling

Glue RemoverDecomposition is a natural process and many car and truck manufacturers are looking to find a way for engines to make use of the natural gas that comes from decomposition and to make the most of it when it comes to auto eco efficiency. There are a lot of factors to consider first, though.

First, depending upon the usage of the auto, decomposition may be further along between driving or not as far along between driving as the “average” readings would show. Some people only use their autos once every two weeks, while other people use them four times a day and cover long distances.

Secondly, the rate of decomposition will be affected by the age of the fuel in the engine, will it not? Such a process is likely to have an effect on the overall usability of the fuel between driving. Since most people like to have consistency in their auto’s dependability over time, this could be a deciding factor against the idea of using decomposition in hybrid or eco friendly vehicles.

Thirdly, decomposition, at some point, slows down or completes. At some point, in the end, there is nothing but the end product, and if this end product is not fuel ready itself, then it can be highly detrimental to the engine. There must be fuel readiness on every stage of the decomposition process if this is to be really used as a way in to the eco friendly fuel production

Envirosafe Solutions already has our foot in the door concerning eco friendly engines. We provide eco friendly chemical solutions, and that includes our environmentally sound radiator coolant, radiator cleaner, rust remover, mineral deposit remover, electrical insulator cleaner, and fuel conditioner. We have everything ready for your new or old auto, and it is in place so that you can order from us at any time and keep all of your business and personal vehicles well maintained with green sustainability and function. In order to learn more about eco friendly endeavors throughout the world and here at Envirosafe Solutions, please visit our blog regularly, and browse our website for our products: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Good Guys and Bad Guys

Rust ConverterOf course, we all love watching movies where the good guys win. There is a lot of emphasis in cinema of making the bad guys look cold and calculating and making the good guys look confident and strong. Is that always the case in real life?

No, it is not always the case.

In real life, everyone is looking to bring a competitive edge to their own business dealings. They will often stop at nothing to ensure their own income, and while this is a worthy goal, it often means that they use what are considered to be less than ethical business practices, such as advertising their products to be eco friendly, when they are not in fact that green or, if they are green, are not that effective as products for the consumer.

Who would want to do business with people like that?

Eco friendly liquid products are the type of chemical solutions we produce, but we know that our reputation must be flawless, and not like the “bad guys” who seek to deceive you for a price. Naturally, not everyone is bad all the way through, like it shows them to be in the movies, but it is still a matter who you would rather do business with: the good guys who are reliable or the bad guys who are competitive with their customers rather than themselves.

If your company is a public laundry, use our hard water laundry liquid. If you run an industrial worksite, then try our solvent free degreaser. If you have a lot of machinery and vehicles, then try out our radiator cleaner and radiator coolant. All of our products are eco friendly. All of our chemical solutions will bring you one step closer to the safety of and sustainability of our planet. What could be better?

Well, we are glad you asked. We can also provide you with a thirty day money back guarantee, even if you use up all of our chemical solutions and just send the empty containers back to us. We believe in quality control and in servicing our customers with high standards. For more information or to place an order, call: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Chemicals and Their Friends

Were you a chemistry nut in high school, or did you prefer to sit at the very back of the class and try to forget what “covalent” means? The author, Toilet Bowl Cleanerbeing a chemistry nut, is very interested in telling you about chemicals and their friends. You see, chemistry is the study of the world in which we live and all of the different tools we use to make our world the way we want it to be.

Chemicals are especially designed to bond with things or to be slippery and thus avoid bonding with things. When you purchase eco friendly liquid products from Envirosafe Solutions, a variety of different chemical interactions may be desired and will take place.

Toilet bowl cleaner and rust remover are both designed to bond with certain types of organisms or chemical compounds, and to bond with them so tightly that they break their bond with the surface of the toilet bowl or the rusted metal.

Industrial hand cleaner and antibacterial hand wash are both designed to bond with dirt, pathogens, viruses, grease, oil, parasites, and other agents on your skin and to be easily washed off with water. Therefore, they must also be water soluble.

Graffiti remover is designed to bond with paint, and bath and tile cleaner is designed to bond with lime, mineral deposits, hard water deposits, dirt, pathogens, etc. and to leave behind a smooth, glossy exterior when washed off. Thus, the bath and tile cleaner sort of serves double duty in the bathroom department.

Chemicals have a lot of friends, but chemicals, especially at the molecular level, really change the environment around them. This is why it is important to only buy eco friendly industrial liquid for your business. Envirosafe Solutions is here to provide you with these handy chemicals and their friends, while also being safe for the environment. While you are looking around our website, be sure to notice the thirty day money back guarantee, and the small and bulk order sizes, for your convenience. You know, there are not very many situations in which you can say that you LOVE chemicals, but this may be one with which you may make that exception: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

The Ten Million Dollar Question

Dust SuppressorWhen people think of saving the earth, they generally think of a process. It may involve planting more trees, dumping chemicals in appropriate waste disposal sites, buying organic food, or using reusable shopping bags. Whatever the case, a greener earth is wanted, but many people do not always appreciate the fact that we are moving toward the ten million dollar question:

What do we do after the earth has been saved and been restored to a state of continue eco sustainability in the future?

We are all moving toward one goal, yes. But, when this goal is achieved, not everyone is going to be on board with the idea of what to do next. Not everyone is going to agree that, now we have all of our resources preserved for future generations, we will have the best intentions working together toward the next step which would naturally be further eco sustainability and further stability of our achieved plan.

A whole new market will emerge, which will specifically target this new sustainability. It will not be like today, where most people will be able to elect one product or service or another. It will be mostly green, but there will be plenty of competition between green companies, like Envirosafe Solutions, which will be a major player by this time.

That is why you should invest in us. Older clients would have rates with us which newer clients may not have. Older clients would have a relationship with us that newer clients would not have. You would be able to continue ordering chemical solutions from us all through the transition period between then and now, even for years in the future.

Envirosafe Solutions is incredibly important for people who wish to use basic chemicals like sanitiser, solvent free degreaser, and diesel bug killer, while also maintaining a healthy respect for the environment. Envirosafe Solutions distributes all kinds of chemicals, from bath and tile cleaner to fuel conditioner. We know that your custom is of the greatest importance, not only to our company, but to the future of the earth, and the future of what we will do after we have achieved sustainability for the earth: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Giving Yourself Room

We all have to take care of ourselves. This is true, whether you are in business or at home, and whether you are one of the cogs in the machine orDiesel Bug Killer an industrial business owner. We cannot give and give to others without giving to ourselves first. In fact, even if you have an almost purely altruistic perspective on life, if you do not provide for your own needs and desires first, what you give to other people will be low quality and in poor condition. As an altruist, you do not want to make such large sacrifices if, in the end, they mean so little.

Therefore, Envirosafe Solutions brings you environmentally friendly liquids, like our dishwashing liquid, diesel bug killer, and radiator cleaner, without knowing what your initial needs or desires really are. We know that we provide a wide array of chemical solutions, but only you really know and understand what your business needs or already uses. Just about everyone uses toilet bowl cleaner, but not everyone uses the eco friendly version, like ours.

Not everyone can find good, solid, reliable solvent free degreaser, and if they do, it most certainly is not eco friendly.

By ordering from us, you are giving yourself room to operate with a clear conscience and with full confidence that our chemical solutions will store well at your place of business until they are needed, that they are not harmful to the environment, and many which you do not have to worry about septic safety with.

Industrial hand cleaner and antibacterial hand wash are two more available chemical solutions we offer. When people think of chemicals, they often think of large vats of green chemicals with toxic gas rising from them and a hazard warning, skull and crossbones, on the side of the vat.

Of course, that is really not the case, except in poisonous chemicals or other products which we do not provide and which you most certainly are not looking for. Give yourself more room by preserving the safety of your planet while also using the same chemical solutions you have been using all of this time. We know that you have plenty of use for our products. All you have to do is decide which ones you will order from us: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Brown Earth

The warm brown earth which lies underneath paved streets, green park grounds, and many concrete corners, is welcoming and free from Glue Removerpollution. It takes a lot to pollute the ground itself, and even then, pollution often is eventually overcome by mites and living creates which turn it back into warm brown earth again.

When was the last time you went outside, found some dirt, and picked it up in your hand? Many mythologies state that we, as humans, come from the earth and from the sea. It is a dichotomy of relationships which specify that anything upon which we walk or swim was once us. There are few mythologies, if hardly any, which describe humans being born from other elements, such as fire, air, or metal. It is the earth and the ocean which are said to be our originators, and that is no joke.

In fact, when we try to become earth friendly and eco safe, a lot of us are not really consciously thinking about our fundamental reasons for doing this. Yes, we are meant to prepare the earth for future generations, which may number among the tens of billions by then. Yes, we are meant to make our current planet more sustainable for ourselves, not to mention our future great-great-great-grandchildren. Yes, we are supposed to care about the pollution which we put out and where it might go.

However, the motivation may stop there. It is not personal to us. We don’t know what the future will hold. Why bother? But, this earth, this warm brown earth, holds the bones and the bodies and the dissolution of all of our past generations. That IS personal to us.

Envirosafe Solutions encourages you to think about using eco friendly liquid products in your business, environmentally friendly liquids like ours. We know that you may already have antibacterial hand wash, glass cleaner, porta-loo treatment, or ice break. However, our goal is to make the world more sustainable by protecting it with more environmental products, like our chemical solutions. Help keep the warm, brown earth of our today, just as warm and just as brown for tomorrow: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

The Great Barrier Reef and Financial Enterprises

Glue RemoverSince dumping of dredging in proximity to the Great Barrier Reef, many environmentalists think that bankers and financial executives are the only people standing in between us and our dreams of eco friendly sustainability. Of course, this may not even be entirely relevant, because the dumping of the dredging may not be near enough to the Great Barrier Reef to actually have a negative ecological impact upon the reef. It is therefore of some importance to take a step back and to look at the situation from a more global perspective.

It may be noted in the article cited below that the writer failed to mention just how close the dumping actually is, something which has been researched and written about by other, perhaps less subjective, writers. And, in the end, will financial backing be the end of the barriers against ecological development?

Will money fix the problem?

Anybody who has done a great deal of resource management will see that it is not money itself which will fix the problem, if such a problem exists. It is the management of the money and the actual productivity which comes out of this money management which really makes an impact for either side. There must be a way to utilise your resources effectively in your own business.

That is why Envirosafe Solutions comes to the aid of businesses like yours. We provide eco friendly antibacterial hand wash, rubber remover, dishwasher rinse aid, fabric conditioner, and liquid hand soap, as well as many other environmentally friendly liquids which we carry and distribute all over Australia.

To Envirosafe Solutions, resource management is everything. Whether it is money, ecological sustainability, chemical solutions or something else, Envirosafe Solutions brings the best of what we have when we distribute our marine glass cleaner, mould rid, and many other eco friendly liquid products. Therefore, when you are looking for a good way to buy chemicals for your company and jobsites, double your resource return on investment, and get high quality chemicals from Envirosafe Solutions. We are here to suggest any products for particular problems you may have, and we will do our best to make those problems very temporary. For more information, call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

New Developments in Oceanic Research

Toilet Bowl CleanerThe news all over the world is spattered with reports of how the earth’s magnetic fields have a third interlayer of magnetism between them, how the oceans are revealing detailed information about the core of the earth, and how understanding the oceans may be the key to developing sustainability on land.

Oceanic research does a lot for the world, much more than people give it credit for. The new developments being discussed are nothing compared to what oceanic research reveals on a regular basis. Study of oceans results in understanding how air travels over the face of the earth, it reveals starting conditions of weather which occurs on the other side of the world and all around it as it spins. It reveals examples of how wildlife adapts in one part of the world when it accidentally gets transferred there from another part of the world. Most importantly of all, oceanography can reveal things about the chemical reactions occurring at the core of the earth which adapt to and respond to global warming.

In other words, it’s not just people who adapting to a warmer environment. The rock, molten lava and everything else in the heart of the world is adapting to it, as well. And that’s a comforting thought.

Marine glass cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, and various other chemicals like mineral deposit remover must be kept eco friendly for the sake of our ability to study the ocean. When the water becomes polluted, we are not able to fully ascertain the conditions of the original oceanic data. When oceanic wildlife die off, then we cannot correctly ascertain how creatures under the sea truly behave. By using environmentally friendly liquids, you are helping to make sure that the earth is a safe place for everyone to live, not just humans. Envirosafe Solutions has products from dishwasher powder to rust remover which are planet safe. That is something of which to truly be proud. It is not every day that companies can provide ecological assurance for their chemical solutions. Pay attention to the new developments in oceanic research, use chemical solutions from Envirosafe Solutions, and feel confident in the difference which you have made: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

National Forests and What You Can Do

Toilet Bowl CleanerAll over the nation, and really all over the world, national parks and forests are part of the earth’s efforts to give wildlife a habitat and to preserve the plants and growing things of the planet earth intact. Many of these state or national parks are also named after famous or heroic people to memorialize them.

When you are visiting a national forest, it is important to be a good guest. This includes doing a wide variety of things, such as always picking up any trash you leave, picking up any trash you see lying around, and helping any injured animals make it to the park office. It is also necessary to not disturb the natural habitat of too many living things. For instance, if you stumble upon a nest of birds or other animal babies, very quickly and immediately back away. It is important for the mother of those babies to not return, smell human scent on her young, and then abandon them. It is very important that you not touch young animals for the same reason. In fact, if some animal groups or herds smell you on their members, then individuals can be left behind and abandoned for that reason. There are so many different characteristics in the animal world that it is very difficult to remember or even to know all of them.

When you are at home, you can contribute to these national parks and forests by NOT contributing to the pollution of the water and air by harsh chemicals. That is where Envirosafe Solutions and our Extreme Green line of chemical solutions come in. In fact, we are so confident in our eco friendly liquid products that we invite you to try out our products without any financial risk. We have a thirty day money back guarantee which enables you to use our sanitiser, mould rid, industrial hand cleaner, and all of our other products, and then return them if you are not satisfied, even if the containers are empty. That is how confident we are in our eco friendly industrial liquid. For more information, please call us today at: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Icebergs Moving Fast!

Glue RemoverThe Jakobshavn Glacier in Greenland is contributing ice faster and faster to the sea, and this is causing many researchers to worry about sea levels rising, and the long term effects of global warming. This is not something which can easily be overlooked. There are many reasons why rising sea levels and quickly melting glaciers are bound to through entire eco systems out of whack, long before new eco systems can arise which can take their place, thus leading to a re-fueling of the global eco climate and a cooling down of the planet in general.

These icebergs are moving four times faster than they did in 1990, thus demonstrating how heat entropy and velocity can build over time, if left unchecked. When you are going about your daily activities, even the smallest change can have a widespread global effect on the earth. This means that there are many solutions for these problems, including recycling your bottles and other recyclable goods, getting equipment in your business which allows your company to recycle its own paper products and produce paper or reuse paper out of the kind of sheets that we tend to throw away, and using eco friendly industrial liquid in the care and maintenance of your company.

What do we mean by eco friendly liquid products? Well, we will tell you. Envirosafe Solutions brings planet friendly toilet bowl cleaner (which we all know has to be powerfully toxic and powerfully effective stuff), rubber remover, rust converter, mineral deposit remover, and bath and tile cleaner to the forefront the Australian marketplace. Our chemical solutions are safe and effective, all of which helps to contribute the overall global cooling which we are attempting to create. There is so much need for everything to be alright and back in its proper place and climate zone that Envirosafe Solutions felt that creating a line of eco friendly liquid products would be the best plan in light of recent research findings. Of course, our company has been around for a while now, but you may change your mind regarding what types of chemicals you invest in on a regular basis. To find out more, call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Can Safer Mines Bring More Profit?

There are plenty of stereotypes out there about mines being very unsafe places to work. Of course, the stereotype continues that the owners cutGlue Remover costs by denying workers the safety that they need. Naturally, some of this is true, and some of this is false. There are mines in the world where these practices do exist, but probably not nearly as many as people may believe.

However, let’s pose a question which we can answer: can safer mines bring more profit?

In theory, safer mines lead to higher productivity, less stress in the workers, and therefore better results from the mine. However, the theory that cutting costs really does give the owners more money can seem seductive…and possible.

Not only do all workplaces benefit in production when employees are safer, but the business as a whole becomes more efficient, thus naturally cutting its own costs, by behaving in an employee-centric manner. Where people love to work, they love to improve their company as well as their working conditions. The company is made up of people who love their jobs and feel safe in a normally hazardous industry.

What about the earth? Can the earth benefit from safer mining practices?

Envirosafe Solutions loves to provide chemical solutions, from cleaning to rust removing and a wide variety of other solutions, for all types of businesses, and we would always be privileged to work for a mining company. We know that people who make an effort to keep the world safer are also more likely to keep their employees safer. It is called social consciousness.

Inevitably, even business owners who wish to use eco friendly liquid products like the ones that Envirosafe Solutions provides may find themselves believing that others will not support their decisions. Taking responsibility for your work and your workplace is part of being an adult. It is part of being a man or a woman. It is part of running a good business.

Environmentally friendly products are out there, but we carry high quality rust converter, mineral deposit remover, and radiator cleaner. We have a lot of tools which would work perfectly in the mining environment. If you would like to learn more about using our effective chemical solutions, then give us a call today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Branded For Life

Extreme GreenThere are some people who, when labeled and stereotyped into various categories, may hold those places for a short time, but are generally always changing and always seemingly in a fluid state. Those are the exception the rule, we think.

Many people think about themselves the same way that other people think about them. Conversely, we all tend to draw people toward us who believe about us the same way that we do. Well, that’s all very well and good, but how does that help our discussion today on eco friendly practices?

First, not everyone who is branded is branded for life. Secondly, not every business who used to have a bad reputation still has one. Fortunately, while some green companies have faced scandal, Envirosafe Solutions has kept such nonsense out of our workplace.

We believe in being ethical. If you cannot trust our products, then why would you do business with us! We have always valued the reputation of our customers, and that is why we hired researchers to find the exact perfect solution for all of the chemical needs in your life and in your workplace environment.

From dust suppressor to solvent free degreaser, and from diesel bug killer to rubber remover, we know how important it is that you do business with a reputable eco friendly company. Envirosafe Solutions is here to make sure that you have all of the chemical products you need in as eco friendly form as we can make them.

In that sense, we would be proud to be branded for life, as long as our reputation for customer service, purity, eco friendly behavior, and top quality products continues to stand for many years in the future. Sometimes, being branded for life is a good thing.

We also know how important it is that you get all of the help you need for the regular maintenance and cleanup and smooth operation of your own worksite, bathroom, floors, and offices. You can use our rust converter on your jobsite, and you can use our glass cleaner in your modern offices.

Everything is set up for your convenience.

If you would like to do business with a company which knows its business, then call Envirosafe Solutions today. We definitely want to hear from you: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Installing Eco Friendly Toilet Facilities

Toilet Bowl CleanerEnvirosafe Solutions is primarily a business-to-business chemical solutions provider. We specialize in eco friendly liquid products which are planet safe. They are effective and useful in any project in which you might use a similar product. We provide a wide range of chemical solutions, such as our toilet bowl cleaner, our glue remover, and our disinfectant.

Naturally, there is a need to bring this eco friendly behavior into the bathroom, as well. For example, your company may have installed low water toilets and environmentally friendly toilet fixtures so that your company uses up less water in its waste disposal system. In addition to that, you will probably want to take advantage of some eco friendly industrial liquid to keep those bathrooms clean.

We recommend our eco friendly liquid products, and the ones which apply to bathrooms include glass cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, bath and tile cleaner, disinfectant, sanitiser and antibacterial hand wash. Naturally, all of these are a part of a nice, clean set of toilet facilities, and they are also safe for the environment, which brings extra punch to your business’ interest in contributing back to the planet.

Being environmentally sound is not just a matter of good mechanics or planet friendly chemicals, but it requires a combination of these things in order to achieve the desired effect in the long run. It means stepping back and looking at the whole picture, the entire mural, to see where different facets of a system can be used multiple times and with multiple functions. Any system in a business, not just the toilet facilities, should be examined in this manner. There are plenty of examples of eco friendly behavior being found in some of the simplest solutions.

It is important to not over think problems when we look at how to fix them. Sometimes, it is just more efficient to go with a simple system of cleaning, maintaining and keeping things in working order. That is where Envirosafe Solutions comes in. We are a part of something bigger, something global, in nature, and we are proud to do business which contributes to the greater good of mother earth. Every system in your business can be aided by Envirosafe Solutions. To schedule a purchase order or to just talk to us, call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.