Tree Homes

Rust RemoverOn the famous Animal Planet television channel, there is numerous programming for the Treehouse Master TV show, and Pete the expert travels all over the U.S. (and all over the world) looking for new and unusual tree houses and building custom tree houses for clients. There is something magical and primal about living in a tree house, even a custom built modern one, which appeals pretty deep to the human soul.

It’s private, it’s cozy, and there is always a perception within the house that you can’t be seen from without it. It’s a really cool feeling and there are few people who don’t find tree houses magical.

Pete the tree house master is always excited to learn about new tree houses and to see what other people have done over the course of many years when they develop and build their own tree houses. But, how does this discussion relate to being eco friendly? We’re glad you asked.

You see, when people commune with nature, they learn more about nature and how everything fits together to form a perfect whole, where thousands of tiny, unseen eco systems thrive and work together to form this cohesive whole.

Envirosafe Solutions specializes in eco friendly liquid products, but we know that not everyone takes nature activities to the point of using eco friendly chemical solutions, much less to the point of actually developing and living in a tree house as a residence. Well, it is always a good idea to take the first tiny step there is to take.

Use our chemical solutions which are all environmentally friendly liquids, like our solvent free degreaser, our sanitiser, our mould rid, and our hard water laundry liquid. There are so many ways in which we have made our products safer for the environment than other chemicals of their nature, and we want to shout it from the treetops. Tree homes are a great use for our products, because you will need cleaning and maintenance chemicals which are safe for our environment. Therefore, only use products from Envirosafe Solutions in your tree house! At the same time, you can benefit the earth by using them in your business, both your office and jobsite, as well. For more information, call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Winning Again

Radiator CoolantOkay, you’ve won some cases and won some big clients and won some big contracts in the past, but after all of your hard work, is that it? Is that all you are willing to do for your company? Winning once is one thing. Winning again and again is a different matter altogether. Not everyone feels qualified to keep going and going, on top of everything else they are doing, until they are completely wiped out. Some people love pushing forward, on and on, until their career path enables them to push into things with which they are less familiar and to help them grow as a person.

Winning again is not a bad thing. Yes, it does set the standard a little higher this time around, but it is not unreasonable. Yes, it puts a bit more pressure on you to win better or in a better way next time, but we all must grow and develop in every area of our lives until we are fully formed.

Winning again in the eco world is an interesting process. Everyone who supports green growth is, theoretically, supportive of any growth your company makes. However, your PR specialists may find that, the bigger your company is, the more people put it down as being part of “company pollution.” Of course, it only means that you have contributed more to the business world than other businesses, and therefore have received the most in return. But, in their minds, this can be confused with propaganda about “big business” and “the little people.”

It’s silly, really, but you can sidestep the above scenario by employing eco friendly solutions on a regular basis and by doing this in a more subtle way than people usually do. For instance, if your employees use products from us, our environmentally friendly liquids like mould rid, hard water laundry liquid, and dust suppressor, then your workers can become well acquainted with how eco friendly your business really is, rather than just what it claims to be. Word of mouth spreads, and people will associate your company with a business which practices what it preaches. To order any of our supplies, such as our radiator coolant or fuel conditioner, call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Aviation Maintenance in Cabin

Rust RemoverWhen you travel on a plane, you probably have noticed how clean and nice smelling the airplane cabin is. You probably are not overwhelmed by the fumes of harsh chemicals. Well, that is a good reason to use eco friendly chemical solutions from Envirosafe Solutions. We know that it is really important to always keep your airplane cabin clean, but that harsh chemicals can mess up your customers’ breathing if they are not able to go outside to get some fresh air.

It is really important to always keep your chemical cabinet in good working condition. There shouldn’t be any dried chemicals running down the side of your spray bottles, nothing should be sticky when you pick it up to use it, and all chemicals should wipe clean when a cloth is used with it. In other words, these chemicals should do the job they were hired to do, so to speak, and then leave everyone in peace.

Naturally, with something like an airplane cabinet, the airline’s scientists have to find the best chemical for the job. Why not look at the chemical solutions from Envirosafe Solutions? We have a long line of good chemical products which are easy to use, effective, and which are planet friendly. Eco friendly liquid products from us include but are not limited to toilet bowl cleaner, disinfectant, electrical insulator cleaner, glass cleaner, and liquid hand soap, all of which would serve their purpose aboard an airplane. Now what more could you ask for?

We here at Envirosafe Solutions love what we do, and we know that your cleaning crews love what they do, making everything beautiful and perfect for their traveling clients. That is just the way it should be. Now, all you have to do is look through our website and see what appeals to your sense of cleanliness. You may have a product which are you thinking about replacing or which has already been taken off of the cleaning line and needs to be replaced immediately. Well, look no further. Our chemical solutions are just as effective but far less harsh than their harsh chemical counterparts. Just give us to all of your stewardesses. We’d love to be flying with you: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Green Utility Services

Radiator CoolantLet’s take a look at your utilities for a second. Your business most likely has running water. You probably have electricity in your buildings, too. All of your workers most likely have transportation to and from work. There are paper and metal resources, and many other vital aspects of running your company.

Let’s look at your water and electricity usage, for just a minute. How is your gray water (sink and lavatory run off) used in your landscaping and grounds keeping? Are you making full use of it? There are so many ways in which to use the extra run off of your water utilities, that it seems highly impractical to not use it. In fact, you can reuse just about all of the water in your company, including the black water, some methods have shown. In fact, there have been methods created with turn black water into drinking water, but we will not mention those, because the author can only stomach the idea for so long.

In addition to that, electricity can be doubly used in a variety of situations, as well. Not only is using energy efficient lighting more effective, but making sure that your electrical utility boxes and systems are clean and well maintained also reduces the need to have them repaired on a regular basis. Other resources in your business, like paint and hardware, require safe and secure storage, and perhaps even sealed areas, ventilated areas, or areas with certain humidity levels.

All of this combines to form a situation where your business is producing ten to twenty times more productive per unit of water or electricity than it did before. That is making things a lot more functional and taking away the factor of things always coming at a high cost or at a higher cost than previous. Envirosafe Solutions performs double duty with our environmentally friendly liquids, which include but are not limited to diesel bug killer, antibacterial hand wash, and rubber remover. If you are looking for a fun and safe way to make sure that your jobsite is clean and to do your part to decrease pollution then look for us: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Let’s take a look at your utilities for a second. Your business most likely has running water. You probably have electricity in your buildings, too. All of your workers most likely have transportation to and from work. There are paper and metal resources, and many other vital aspects of running your company.

Let’s look at your water and electricity usage, for just a minute. How is your gray water (sink and lavatory run off) used in your landscaping and grounds keeping? Are you making full use of it? There are so many ways in which to use the extra run off of your water utilities, that it seems highly impractical to not use it. In fact, you can reuse just about all of the water in your company, including the black water, some methods have shown. In fact, there have been methods created with turn black water into drinking water, but we will not mention those, because the author can only stomach the idea for so long.

In addition to that, electricity can be doubly used in a variety of situations, as well. Not only is using energy efficient lighting more effective, but making sure that your electrical utility boxes and systems are clean and well maintained also reduces the need to have them repaired on a regular basis. Other resources in your business, like paint and hardware, require safe and secure storage, and perhaps even sealed areas, ventilated areas, or areas with certain humidity levels.

All of this combines to form a situation where your business is producing ten to twenty times more productive per unit of water or electricity than it did before. That is making things a lot more functional and taking away the factor of things always coming at a high cost or at a higher cost than previous. Envirosafe Solutions performs double duty with our environmentally friendly liquids, which include but are not limited to diesel bug killer, antibacterial hand wash, and rubber remover. If you are looking for a fun and safe way to make sure that your jobsite is clean and to do your part to decrease pollution then look for us: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

China and ADB in Cahoots to Reduce Pollution

Radiator CoolantPollution reduction is becoming necessary in China, not only because of new treaties being required to turn in by the UN nations for pollution reduction and global warming control, but also because China is one of the world’s worst polluters, anyway. It affects more than just the plants and animals, but also the people as well. The Asian Development Bank and China’s Environmental Protection Ministry are working together to make a country wide reduction in pollution even possible.

China has many resources, but it also has an enormous population which depends heavily upon these resources, including coal mines and other coal power plants which have heretofore been provided by Australian plants, as well as many other plants throughout the world. This may adversely affect Australian businesses and our economy if the effect is not properly accounted for soon enough when China begins needing fewer contracts from coal powered plants and coal distribution areas in both Australia and the rest of the world.

In fact, China’s former need for coal fuel and coal powered industry has accounted for half of the world’s coal resources. As these things change, and China systematically reduces its dependency upon fossil fuels for future power and production, the global economy as a whole will begin to move in the direction of eco friendly sustainability and the scales will tip toward success, rather than success being still a matter of weightiness and who has the power and who is using the non-eco resources.

This is really good news for the world as a whole, as long as industry converts to green methods quickly enough to account for these new treaties which are soon to be signed the UN participants. Envirosafe Solutions in Australia is excited because we are already producing environmentally friendly liquids, including many chemicals which are probably already using in your own business, like porta-loo treatment, radiator cleaner, disinfectant, and rust remover. You may even find our toilet bowl cleaner and industrial hand cleaner to be more effective and far more eco friendly than the products your business is currently using. If you would like to place an order with us, call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.


Wildlife Parks and the Art of Self Teaching

We all learn a lot from animals and we learn even more from just watching them and being around them all the time. Animals have a very easyDishwasher Rinse Aid time of it, and they always have good solutions for dealing with their problems, even after they get into fights. While humans have long memories, hold grudges for a long time, and can’t seem to help fighting about everything, animals have a nice, organized pecking order, and if anyone decides to challenge the leader, they get a fair chance and the strongest and most competent animals always win.

Well, that sounds simple enough. Yeah, right, that’s just a theory. Humans can’t do that!

The thing about being around an animal all the time is that they start to rub off on you and they learn from your behavior and you learn from theirs. They retain their objective view of the world, they retain their love for you if you treat them well, and they show undying loyalty for you if you treat them really well.

It’s too bad that humans can only make a theory out of animal behavior, rather than turning it into a reality.

Fortunately, there is one way we can truly mimic them, and it doesn’t involve any self control or adherence to any sort of difficult decisions or choices. Whew! What a relief! What can this possibly be?

Animals leave their dung all over the forest floor and all over the ground wherever they are. They fertilize the ground, even if they eat from it or hunt on top of it. They return to the earth whatever they take from it, and they do so in a perfect cycle. Of course, you don’t want to go fertilizing your garden in that matter, but you get the point. Animals give back to the land.

Fortunately, you are able to do the same thing with a lot less “ick” factor! Envirosafe Solutions provides eco friendly liquid products to businesses in Australia, from toilet bowl cleaner to mineral deposit remover, and from radiator coolant to hard water laundry liquid, and we feel fully qualified to say, “You can give back to the earth!” We make it easy for you to have chemical cleaning solutions while also being confident that your chemicals will never harms the planet earth in any way. Call us today to order from us: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Hidden Bookstores

Dishwasher PowderWhen it comes to saving the environment, nobody does it quite like the used book sellers of today. Finding these hidden bookstores in the middle of a great metropolis can be both exciting and frustrating, because there are so many of them and they are, indeed, very well hidden and out of the way.

In fact, many hidden bookstores have online websites today to increase their customer base without having to move to a newer, better known location. The truth is that, when it comes to the environment, book sellers are boon to society.

Not everyone likes to read Kindle or any of the digital book platforms available on the market today. Not everyone likes the idea of reading a book without actually being able to hold a substantial item in their hands. Even lightweight paperback books are considered to be substantial, even though they are of lighter weight than many e-book readers. It is the fact that you don’t need a power source to read it. It is the fact that you can read by candlelight, even when all of the batteries and electricity are gone. It is the fact that you can hide it away and it won’t spoil or rust or break down or stop working because of being out of use for a long time.

Physical books also do one more thing. They cost trees.

Used book sellers save the planet a little longer because they sell books which have already been made from trees. They are essentially high quality paper recyclers. Now, that is a high honor in today’s society of green loving peoples. Now, if you are not looking for the worthy used book seller, but high quality cleaning chemicals, go ahead and order from Envirosafe Solutions. Our wide selection of chemicals, including marine glass cleaner, antibacterial hand wash, and rubber remover are all a part of our environmental cleaning products which help us to keep our earth clean without then polluting it with the chemical waste afterward.

And, when you’re done cleaning, go ahead and curl up with a good book from one of those hidden used bookstores. Now, that is something worth investing in: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Global Warming and Water Supply

Water supply is plentiful in some countries and less than adequate, by a long shot, in others. For this reason, today’s article is about global Glue Removerwarming and water supply. Not only are the glaciers melting and the water levels rising in many parts of the world, but more global warming means more evaporation. While this may seem to be part of the normal cycle for water to have, it can be detrimental because of the depleted ozone layer. With global warming, the normal heating up and cooling off of various geographical areas shifts, and more water is being put back into the oceans through sea storms, where the air is cooler and can combine with the warmer air above.

This means fewer fresh water lakes and rivers, and more rising in the ocean levels. It is therefore of primary importance to responsibly use the resources which we have available right here, right now. Envirosafe Solutions provides eco friendly liquid products, like rust converter, as a business-to-business service, shipping all over Australia.

We know that you want to make sure that the products you order from here on out are eco friendly and safe for the planet. There has already been enough environmental damage. There certainly doesn’t need to be any more. Well, you’re in luck. We provide a wide variety of chemical solutions, like our toilet bowl cleaner, antibacterial hand wash, radiator coolant, and disinfectant. We also provide diesel bug killer and marine glass cleaner. For the full list of eco friendly industrial liquid which we can ship to you and your business, please browse our site in more detail, checking out the individual product pages, and carefully examining the septic safety levels of our chemical solutions, which vary across all of the products. Some of our solutions are even partially biodegradable, but this is not entirely true for any of them, and only some are meant to be used with this in mind. Be sure to check the labels on the products or the product pages on our website in order to understand fully what is available for your specific need.

While global warming has encourages use to use our resources responsibly, remember that when buying new chemical solutions, greater eco friendly consciousness leads to greater personal responsibility in the long run. Call Envirosafe Solutions today to order from us: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.


Solvent free degreaser and glue remover are some of the more hardcore products people buy to clean up the messiest messes. Of course, these have Diesel Bug Killerto be very high strength. They have to fulfill their purpose, and you shouldn’t have to use a lot of it for it to work.

Naturally, this is a system of defiance against the dirt, grime, grease or glue which may infest your workspace. Naturally, you will want to bring this defiance to your own space and make it work for you.

When we developed our marine glass cleaner and our hard water laundry liquid, we found that a lot of our success was due to the fact that we were trying to work WITH nature, rather than against it. Of course, there is a lot of controversy due to some companies engaging in “greenwashing” techniques which bring down the quality of products and services which are supposed to help you, and instead either hinder you or are really not safe for the environment.

The whole scenario is based upon a mindset of greed with no focus on quality and establishing a future reputation for the company.

We don’t have this mindset.

We believe in investing in our own future, and so therefore we made our toilet bowl cleaner, disinfectant, and all of our other products with the same level of quality which you would expect from a large name brand. We are focused on bringing our vision to the whole of Australia, and then to the world beyond. Our efforts are focused on our own business marketplace first, though.

Defy the daily tasks which you have before you. Defy the inevitable pollution that your other chemicals bring to your workplace. Instead, use our eco friendly industrial liquid, try it out for yourself first, and then bring it right into your own home. There is a mindset of success and peaceful progress in our business. We don’t mind working hard for the future reputation of our own business. So buy from us today. There are many different chemical solutions available to you, and all of them bring defiance to the regular workplace and machinery problems which your maintenance staff faces every day: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Campaigns for Social Help

All over the world, people campaign for the social help that they want to give to organizations, charities, protests, and causes. Of course,Campaigns for Social Help campaigns for social help can be highly judgmental. People criticize you for joining the campaign, and they criticize you for NOT joining it. Social help can be hindered if these campaigns become violent, controversial, or fraught with emotion.

People need help. The earth needs help. Those two things we know for sure.

However, campaigns are run by humans and they can, unwittingly, slow progress by making people choose one of two lifestyles, as opposed to gradually getting people used to various lifestyles.

Mineral deposit remover, glue remover, and glass cleaner are just three of the environmental cleaning products available through Envirosafe Solutions. Fortunately, we don’t have to have a campaign for our products. Our methods involve gradually easing our name and our eco friendliness in to your homes and offices and worksites until, voila, you are already using our products on a regular basis.

We know that it’s sneaky, but it’s remarkably effective.

Our fake campaign involves stating openly that we are an eco friendly company which produces environmentally friendly liquids, but in secret, we make our products so effective that you will want to replace your current chemical solutions with ours. You get just as much cleaning done, but the earth is better for your purchase. Now, we know, using stealth methods to gain your trust is a little underhanded, but if our chemicals didn’t work, you wouldn’t be buying from us!

So, of course, we have to make them work.

On top of all of this devilry, we also provide an easy thirty day money back guarantee, so that your financial investment in us is thoroughly sound. All you have to do is to send the containers back to us, even if they are empty and dry as a bone, and we will thoroughly refund your money or issue you a store credit. Yes, we are very sneaky when it comes to acquiring new customers and holding on to the ones we have. But, in our defence, it’s in our natures to do whatever it takes to make the planet a better place. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Genetic Engineering and Eco Controversy

Genetic engineering is one of the pillar stones of science. It has produced disease resistant plants, disease resistant animals, and it has helped toGenetic Engineering and Eco Controversy identify and understand genetic and regular diseases in humans. Ecological controversy has grown up from genetically modified organisms which farmers are saying are putting them out of jobs, and which are causing controversy in countries where GMOs are considered dangerous to human health. All of this controversy can also be tied in with the fact that many companies which specialize in GMOs have also specialized in chemical warfare, which causes malformation, disease, and death in humans. Sometimes, it’s just a bad reputation which can make tolerance for genetic engineering turn into something quite like hatred for and fear of it. At this point, it’s important to remember that fear and lack of understanding of the full picture can lead to bad decision making and prejudiced, unwarranted bias.

Here at Envirosafe Solutions, we understand the problem which the thought of genetic engineering can have on people. However, in order to understand what chemicals and pesticides harm plants and animals in the long run, we need to have some competency in the subject. For instance, how can we know if our chemical products will affect ocean life or agricultural soil if we do not understand some of the underlying principles of genetic processes and mutations? All of these situations require thorough research. Here at Envirosafe Solutions, our research has brought about a wide variety of chemical solutions which are safe for the environment and which fulfill all of the chemical needs you have in your regular business operations and your everyday home life. From mineral deposit remover to solvent free degreaser, and from glue remover to dishwashing liquid, we have a huge selection of safe, eco friendly products to choose from, and we back all of our items with a thirty day money back guarantee. In this way, we not only are protecting the earth and its inhabitants, but we are protecting your financial investment in us, as well. If you don’t like what you have received, you can just return the containers, even if they are empty, for a full replacement or refund. Call us today to order: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Dark Germination

Germination occurs when a seed lying in soil under reasonable conditions decides to spring to life. Seeds can lie dormant in both soil and in seed Dark Germinationpacks in your lawn care store for a long time before they are past the point of usability. In fact, fresh seeds are not always required in order to be able to grow them. Things like light, humidity, time, and specific seed usability affect how the seed is stored and when it loses all ability to grow bigger in the future.

Germination, whatever the case, is recommended to be allowed to start in the dark.

Now, people often grow a wide variety of things in the light. However, these usually happen to be plants which require full sun and, more importantly, are required to be buried in the soil an inch or two or more. This means that the seeds already have plenty of darkness in which to grow. However, for things like mint seeds and seeds from plants which require full shade, germination must be started in the dark, on purpose, by the gardener himself.

Rust converter and mineral deposit remover do not affect the tools with which we work, and eco friendly industrial liquid does not affect the natural water supply and septic drainage systems. However, when soil is meant to germinate seed, it should definitely have only eco friendly liquid products used on it…and used around it. There must be a limit to how many chemicals and what kind of chemicals we use on or near our soils. Germination can only take place in friendly environments, where the soil is ripe, much like an apple or pear is ripe for picking. The soil must be ripe to receive the seed and to give it the proper nutrients and warmth and depth and darkness to grow.

To help make your soil healthier, only use eco friendly industrial liquids in or around it. Envirosafe Solutions provides soil wetta, our healthy dust suppressor, for both agricultural industrial strength and home gardening uses. We value the investment you have made in our products. Let us make an investment in your soil: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Wilderness Design and Human Design

Human design is a far cry from the design of nature. Our creations are so unwieldy and awkward and almost dorky looking in comparison withWilderness Design and Human Design the majestic splendor that is the great outdoors. The very design and growth of trees inspires feelings of grandeur, and the shape of mountains inspires ambition.

Our product design when we were making our mineral deposit remover, glass cleaner, and rust converter all eco friendly was originally designed to just be eco friendly. However, greater emphasis needed to be put on the effectiveness of the chemicals, since many companies have engaged in greenwashing, which is where they try to sell ineffective products by passing them off as being safe for the earth. Our chemical solutions had to be just as good or better than their harsh, non-eco equivalents, and they had to be just as eco friendly.

From laundry powder to soil wetta, our products stand the test of time and reasonable storage conditions. In this sense, we are like nature. Trees, land, animals, and bugs all are extremely resilient to weather conditions, burdens placed on them by other wildlife, and by time itself. Over the years, many trees grow broader to accommodate the extra weight of the branches, in addition to their trunks marking the passing years. When water cannot go where it can easily flow, it twists and turns until it finds a way or carves even through stone to make a way for itself.

Nature endures. Envirosafe Solutions endures.

No matter what you are using on a regularly basis on your industrial worksite, whether it is rubber remover or rust remover, we have essentially designed for the future. In the future, we will need even greater sustainable living than we have now. In the future, we will want to bring eco friendly design to our most industrial jobsites. We will want to make things go smoothly and be more effective. That is where our eco friendly liquid products come in.

Human design will never equal wilderness design. It can, however, work in tandem with it. Together, we can bring nature design to our manmade products. Together, we can make eco friendly jobsites possible: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Management Guidelines of Ecological Sustainability

Rust RemoverMarine glass cleaner and other eco friendly chemicals like radiator cleaner and rubber remover are available at Envirosafe Solutions. However, in order to make these things distributable, we must manage our company well and make sure that all of our customers have adequate supplies of high quality environmentally friendly liquids.

Management of eco friendly sustainability in a garden, park or business is a full time job. Sometimes, employees may wonder why there is an entire eco friendly division of the company, but it is because being sustainable requires determining which cycles in the company can be made partially or completely renewable and how to keep those cycles going indefinitely.

For example, if a company recycles all of their waste paper in house, then they save a lot on recycling, but they also save a great deal because they are using their own paper rather than buying more. The same process can be said for recycling lawn and branch clippings from the business landscape and using them to garden better. That would obviously be a division of the gardening and landscaping duties of the company, which would be guided by the eco friendly department.

The key is to find these cycles and either turn them green or find ways to make them greener while still continuing the basic function of the business. Productivity should not be slowed by this process, nor should it be more than very temporarily affected.

Eco friendly liquid products like our mould rid or our hard water laundry liquid are available for employees who are in maintenance or cleaning the business. There is a lot to maintaining a company, and a lot of it is just purely aesthetic. Things must look nice and be professional. Glass cleaner and sanitiser must be used on a fairly regular basis. Equipment must be maintained.

If you are looking to make your business more productive while also bringing in an eco friendly element, be sure to check out Envirosafe Solutions and our environmentally friendly liquids. We are available to serve you at any time and would be proud to be one of your distributors. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Fabric Basics and Green Dying

When working with fabric, you can really make it beautiful by using eco friendly dying methods on your clothing or household RustRust Remover Removerfabrics. Of course, natural dyes do not last as long without changing as permanent chemical dyes. Which type of dye should be use, and for how long? Can fabric take multiple dye jobs?

To answer these questions, we will look at some of the ways in which hand spinner, weavers and dyers are dying their fabrics and materials, and seeing if all of those are good ways to use in favor of non-eco friendly alternatives.

Over time, natural dyes fade, which can fade clothing which is put through multiple washes, as well as furniture which is sitting by windows or in the direct sunlight stage of windows.

Of course, we may not wish for our clothing to become faded, but sometimes, this can create quite a lovely effect. Sometimes, a deep blue can fade to a lovely periwinkle color. A dark rose can fade to an attractive dusky rose. However, often the fabric is worn, as well, which gives away the fact that the clothing is just old and worn.

When hand dying spun yarn or fabric, be sure to set the fabric before and after. This helps the dye to “stick” to the cloth. As well as this, be sure to wash your clothing in eco friendly liquid products, such as our laundry powder. If you need the cloth to be soft when coming out of the wash, use our eco friendly fabric conditioner.

Now, after the washing is finished, you will want to dry in an effective way. Often, using a machine dryer is the best course, because sunlight can begin the fading effect. However, sunlight is often used as a setting technique in the dying process, so it is important to factor in just exactly how the cloth was dyed, first.

For other chemical solutions, like our diesel bug killer or our mould rid, remember that you can order everything you need from the same place, all at once. Visit our website, or call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.