The Use of Animals

mineral deposit remover

mineral deposit remover Being eco friendly in today’s world, a world of polluting innovation and efficient toxicity, can be an interesting process. For instance, if your business involves animals in any way, you may be said to be exploiting animals for your own benefit or you may be said to use animals in an eco friendly way to get work done.

Being sustainable is right, but hurting or harming animals is wrong. Where exactly do we draw the line?

What are the benefits to bringing animals into the worksite and job marketplace? The truth is that animals may be used for training employees, for pulling heavy loads, for carrying people and packages across large spaces, and for a wide variety of other purposes. Of course, if animals and people are so suited to work together, then you would think that many countries would want to replace their low cost, but high pollution transportation systems with slightly higher cost, but much lower pollution solutions which will aid you in your progress to make the world more ecologically sound.

Of course, there is a great deal of investment in the idea that, if you can get something done with less work, then it is automatically better. Well, in many ways, that is true. Efficiency, smoothness of operation, and efficacy make an operation far more revenue attracting than other, slower ways.

As long as we are using animals for eco friendly reasons, then we have to be able to care for them and clean up after them on a regular basis. Disinfectant, antibacterial hand wash, and mould rid are important parts of this process, and ours are all eco friendly in and of themselves. Naturally, you would wish to incorporate our products into your line of chemical solutions and perhaps to suggest their use to other animal caregivers and handlers.

When you use products from us, you are purposely and actively making the world better, and not just for you. Businesses which spread the word, either directly or indirectly, about eco friendly products to their employees are engaging their workers’ minds and allowing them to see the future possibilities. For more information, contact us: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Take A Deep Breath and Plunge In

Diesel Bug KillerImagine the first time you jumped into the water. Either that, or imagine the first time you jumped into a lake or the ocean. You hold your breath, you close your eyes, and you are sure that the result will be terrible. You are so afraid. Everyone is watching. You have to do it.

You take a deep breath, and you plunge in.

The water hits you like a brick wall, in the beginning.

If you jumped into a lake or the ocean, the cold takes your breath away. Even if you are studiously holding your breath, the cold seems to knock whatever oxygen you have inside of your right out of your body. Suddenly, the cold is above you, keeping you from your air. You struggle, thrashing wildly not intelligently, and seem to come up to the surface far later than you should have.

Your lungs fill with that first deep gulp. The light blinds your eyes, and you are not sure which ways is up. Then, you quickly find where the shore is, and swim frantically toward it, until your feet touch the bottom, and you feel like you have contact with dry land again.

Have you ever thought that this must be what it feels like, if you were mother earth, to be polluted with toxic chemicals all of the time? It’s too much. It’s overwhelming.

Let Envirosafe Solutions bring you chemicals which are eco friendly. Let our environmentally friendly liquids help you maintain your business, from fuel conditioner to toilet bowl cleaner, and from mineral deposit remover to radiator coolant. Together, we can make mother earth feel better about our presence.

Rather than being dumped off a cliff into the ocean, we can nurture and protect the earth, by gradually walking our environmentally friendly behaviors into the warm tropical sea. Gradually, little by little, we are soothed by the warm, swirling ocean around us. That is the way to treat planet earth, not with harsh chemical treatments. Call Envirosafe Solutions if you want to share the soft, gentle protection of our world with our company. We provide high quality chemical solutions to business all over Australia and to select countries: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

New Standards in Company Design

Solvent Free DegreaserNew standards in company design are making the act of being eco friendly much easier than it used to be. Company design requires a total architecture, aesthetics, and color scheme to all be taken into consideration when coming up with the texture and feel for your business.

So, when you are looking to implement eco friendly design, you already have more space and friendlier space to work with here in modern times than you did twenty years ago, or even ten years ago.

Companies are recognizing a need for space, a need for design and influence, and they are seeing that human nature itself needs warm, slick, modern design more than it needs efficiency or cramped office spaces. New standards in company design allow for the implementation of eco friendly features, such as solar paneling, window usage, airflow ventilation, and living walls.

Of course, with all of those environmentally safe features, you will want to use environmentally friendly liquids, or chemicals, to keep everything in good working order without harsh chemical residue or non-breathable air at certain times of the day.

Design has now led into the development of insulation which is not only more eco friendly, but which is changeable and movable, depending upon the weather or the season, so that the building itself (or the inner shell of the building) can be altered at will to meet the needs created by hot and cold weather, the extremes of both.

Of course, company design also has to do with the choices you make regarding the products your business orders to keep it going during difficult times. Without these products, your company could not function as well, and you might as well make sure that they are safe for the planet.

Envirosafe Solutions has a long list of chemical products for your business. We provide eco friendly industrial liquid to companies in Australia and other select countries and we make being ecologically safe really easy. All you have to do is pick from our selection of chemicals: antibacterial hand wash, solvent free degreaser, radiator cleaner, multi-purpose lubricant, and many others, and then call us and place your order, or place your order online: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Huge Iceberg headed toward Shipping Lanes in the Ocean

Eco Friendly Liquid ProductsThe iceberg known as B31 broke off of an Antarctic glacier in November of 2013. Naturally, scientists from NASA and several international agencies have been keeping a close eye on it, even going so far as to drop quite a few GPS tracking devices onto it so that we can keep a better eye on it. You would think that something of this size would be easy to track, but many icebergs are difficult to tracking during the winter months, in the dark, and other various additional conditions.

B-31 is now getting closer to shipping lanes, which have been more prevalent in recent years due to increased traffic in the southern seas, which in turn is due to more advanced technology allowing us to travel further and further out into once unfamiliar territory. Scientists are particularly watchful of this area of the Antarctic, since glaciers and icebergs seem to be melting much faster here than in other areas. They are concerned that this may be one of the biggest contributing factors to sea levels rising.

Naturally, everyone wants to make a difference when it comes to global warming, but too many people think that they are just not able to make a big enough impact to make any difference to the temperature of planet Earth. However, it is the combined use of many little changes which can, in the end, make the most difference. That is why using eco friendly chemical solutions in your regular business care and maintenance can make all of the difference in the world someday.

Envirosafe Solutions provides environmental cleaning products which are safe for the planet and which you can use to help with your part in the fight against global warming. We provide rust converter, toilet bowl cleaner, rubber remover, industrial hand cleaner and many other products. All of our chemicals are eco friendly and we provide you with a thirty day money back guarantee, so that you can try out our products and make sure that they live up to our hype. If you are looking for your own way to join the fight against global warming, then look for products from Envirosafe Solutions: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

84 Year Report on Icelandic Eco Village

Eco FriendlyThe Solheimar eco village in Iceland is only an hour outside of Reykjavik. It has only 120 residents, 40 of whom are special needs individuals. It has several small factories, a community geothermal pool, and many cool amenities which make it one of the friendliest, earthiest, and most eco friendly places which you could possibly find in Iceland, and that is saying a lot. Iceland is known for its eco friendly sustainability.

Although we would consider this to be an eco village today, it has existed for 84 years and is one of the oldest of such villages in Iceland. It was originally started as a special needs farm and home, but it has grown into the village which visitors would find completely wonderful.

Naturally, in order for a village such as this to be completely eco friendly, it has to use eco friendly cleaning solutions. This is the kind of situation for which you can use products from Envirosafe Solutions. We have many different products with many different uses, but they are all eco friendly industrial liquids, and we are so proud of the way that we are making a difference in the world today. Being eco friendly does not mean that you have to be backwoods or ultra-rich. It just means that you have to find chemical solutions, like the ones you find at Envirosafe Solutions, which are good for the environment and good for the care and maintenance you need. It is all very simple, but you have to make smart choices. That is why Envirosafe Solutions is even in business. We know that you need options.

The choices we provide you are, indeed, very smart. We provide businesses all over Australia and select countries with small and bulk amounts of solvent free degreaser, porta-loo treatment, mould rid, sanitiser, rubber remover, and laundry powder, as well as a variety of other chemical solutions which we know that you will find helpful. Help your business, office, or jobsite to become greener and safer for the environment. Only choose chemicals from Envirosafe Solutions. Take advantage of our thirty day money back guarantee and see what our products can really do: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Agriculture and Its Carbon Footprint

marine glass cleaner If you have been keeping up with reading all of your National Geographic and Smithsonian magazines, you know how important it is that the agricultural industry reduces its own carbon footprint and that it finds better, more sustainable ways of continuing, particularly since the global need for food may double by 3050 due to the population increase worldwide and the fact that developing nations are able to sustain themselves better and therefore have a higher quality preference for food.

Agriculture is one of the heaviest polluters on the earth, and you would think this wouldn’t be the case since it is growing stuff! However, agriculture, with the farm equipment, need for fuel, and the fact that many different plants contribute to the petroleum industry’s headway into modern society, is one of the biggest polluters in the world, and it must be brought down a bit on the emissions scale.

Even corn is used to produce ethanol, and many plant based chemicals are combined with petroleum products or are used to refine petroleum products. Agriculture itself is a big problem, but as our educational magazines tell us, it can be made far better than it is right now. One of the ways this can happen is through using some of the planet protecting techniques employed in small farms in developing countries and combining that with modern technology and innovation.

If we could combine the strengths from developing nations and modern systems, without either of their weaknesses, then we might have a solution to agriculture on our hands. Of course, we would need to implement whatever approach we took for long enough that we would know how to it would affect soil conditions over time, but that is just a matter of research.

If you would like to find out your personal carbon footprint, try this link:

Now, products like the kind you can get from Envirosafe Solutions are really high quality, and they are all eco friendly. They include diesel bug killer, rust converter, and ice break. But, they also have our cool thirty day money back guarantee with them. Your containers can be returned empty, and we will refund them if you need us to. Call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Tree Homes

Rust RemoverOn the famous Animal Planet television channel, there is numerous programming for the Treehouse Master TV show, and Pete the expert travels all over the U.S. (and all over the world) looking for new and unusual tree houses and building custom tree houses for clients. There is something magical and primal about living in a tree house, even a custom built modern one, which appeals pretty deep to the human soul.

It’s private, it’s cozy, and there is always a perception within the house that you can’t be seen from without it. It’s a really cool feeling and there are few people who don’t find tree houses magical.

Pete the tree house master is always excited to learn about new tree houses and to see what other people have done over the course of many years when they develop and build their own tree houses. But, how does this discussion relate to being eco friendly? We’re glad you asked.

You see, when people commune with nature, they learn more about nature and how everything fits together to form a perfect whole, where thousands of tiny, unseen eco systems thrive and work together to form this cohesive whole.

Envirosafe Solutions specializes in eco friendly liquid products, but we know that not everyone takes nature activities to the point of using eco friendly chemical solutions, much less to the point of actually developing and living in a tree house as a residence. Well, it is always a good idea to take the first tiny step there is to take.

Use our chemical solutions which are all environmentally friendly liquids, like our solvent free degreaser, our sanitiser, our mould rid, and our hard water laundry liquid. There are so many ways in which we have made our products safer for the environment than other chemicals of their nature, and we want to shout it from the treetops. Tree homes are a great use for our products, because you will need cleaning and maintenance chemicals which are safe for our environment. Therefore, only use products from Envirosafe Solutions in your tree house! At the same time, you can benefit the earth by using them in your business, both your office and jobsite, as well. For more information, call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

The Mystery of Tree Roots

Glue RemoverWe have all wondered what really goes on under the ground, deep down in the dark, where the tree roots are. How big do those roots really go? What happens to them? Don’t underground animals gnaw into them? Are they bigger than the branches?

Of course, that is not the biggest mystery. Yes, those are very good questions, indeed, but they are not why we are here today. The mystery of plants is that, if you added up all of the soil that a plant sits in, and then measured and recorded all of the water you give to it, too, the resulting growth in the plant would be FAR GREATER than the soil and the water contributing to that growth. It’s not air. It’s not water. And it’s not dirt.

What makes a tree able to grow?

What does its growth consist of? What are the raw materials?

In the Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, he talks about something called the Formless Substance, the energy of all things, which is in all things, through all things and which all things consist of. He talks about trees use this energy to grow along established lines of growth. He says that all living things use this energy to grow along established lines of growth. Is that the answer to our question? We don’t know. We don’t know anything, really, because our world is far greater and far vaster than our current technology is capable of reading, and that’s as it should be. It means that we still have billions of light years of new frontier to explore before we run out of material, if we ever do.

In the meantime, we must take steps to protect our planet while we are going about our daily lives. Environmentally friendly liquids like the ones found at Envirosafe Solutions help us to use planet friendly chemicals on a regular basis. These include fuel conditioner, radiator coolant, and ice break. However, there is something to be said for taking personal initiative. Don’t just use these chemicals in your business, like we do. Use them yourself, personally. You’ll see just how effective they really are. Call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Mud Pies and Sand Castles

Antibacterial Hand WashDo you remember making mud pies as a kid? Or, perhaps, you were a master sand castle builder. Whatever your childhood vocation, do you recall how creative and energetic you felt while you were doing it? Mud is easy to play with. Sand forms perfectly beneath your hands. You don’t need to have skill. You don’t need to have tools, or even extra materials. It is easy to play with and it washes off when you’re done. It’s even better than modeling clay! It doesn’t dry up or anything.

Mud and sand are unlimited sources of creativity.

Why can’t running an eco friendly business be the same way? Why can’t you look at your company as it is, visualize different environmentally sound procedures to make it better, and then implement it? Of course, “best practices” within an industry dictate that you conform to a certain degree with the regulations or protocols of your industry. However, there is no law against thinking outside of the box and coming up with innovative approaches to those “best practices.”

When you want to use eco friendly chemical solutions, Envirosafe Solutions is here for you. However, there are many different ways to approach this. You can simply replace the chemicals used by your janitorial staff. You can run trial periods for many different versions of the same chemical product to find out which is best for your needs. You can use your new eco friendly chemical solutions for certain operations, like window washing or diesel bug killing, until you know for sure that they will work before trying out more chemical products from our company.

Envirosafe Solutions also carries many different kinds of other eco friendly chemical products, like solvent free degreaser, radiator cleaner, porta-loo treatment, and diesel bug killer. As you see, there is such large variety of eco friendly solutions available that you can easily start using in your company today. All of our products will conform to most, if not all, of your industry best practice standards, not to even mention the fact that they are safe for the planet. This is the kind of investment you have been looking for. To find out more, contact Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Positive Attitudes about the Environment

Marine Glass CleanerWhen we hear about the climate changing, we often get a lot of doom and gloom philosophy and evidence about how badly the world is going and what we need to do to make it a better place right now, before it’s too late! Of course, that is not a very hopeful statement and it is understandable that people would not necessarily think of saving the earth as something enjoyable or with a good future at the end of their efforts.

In fact, the future of the earth is often portrayed so harshly that it doesn’t seem as if it would be possible to ever make it completely and sustainably better in the end. It seems like it would always be an uphill, slightly losing struggle all the time.

This is unnatural and inhuman. It is necessary to look at our world with hope and with excitement. The only way to do that is to actually get your hands dirty and plant things, to go ahead and purify the water using one of those high tech filters, to reuse certain things, and to start a compost pile which will break down your excess food and paper.

At Envirosafe Solutions, we understand how important it is to see the future of our environment as something good and prosperous. Our products breed hope for the ecology of our planet by cleaning efficiently while also being eco friendly. However, it is an uphill road to establish this new way of thinking.

We always need to have hope.

We always need to be able to see the future with clear, excited eyes.

When you purchase our glass cleaner or our mineral deposit remover, remember that you are investing in hope, not in an uphill effort. You are investing in the solution, not the anti-problem. You are influencing other people to see what products you use and to begin using them, too. Our eco friendly chemical solutions are part of having a positive attitude about the environment. And, really, there is no greater hope to have. For more information, check out our website, and to order, give us a call today. We’d love to hear from you: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Pet Discipline

radiator cleanerPets are great for reducing blood pressure, increasing happiness and enjoyment of life, and they are wonderful for making great companions for when our own loved ones are somewhere else. Of course, all pets needs discipline, and that means setting your foot down concerning out of control behavior or aggression or other forms of misbehavior. Naturally, this involves a combination of rewarding them for good behavior, setting up your alpha male or female status within the pack of animals, and becoming very aware of all that you need to do in order to take good care of them and perhaps swat them or correct them verbally when that is needed.

Pet discipline is where people, and this is especially helpful for children, learn how to correct without being too harsh and without being too gentle, either. There must be a certain level of order, and if the pet knows the guidelines and are held within those guidelines, they will obey implicitly.

People are less able to obey implicitly, but they are capable of being in a business which uses good discipline. For that reason, many companies which desire to use eco friendly products in their day to day activities find that it is much easier if they have a system for implementing these products and if they are very careful to train their employees on this system.

Naturally, people cannot be treated like pets, but you can leverage the use of chemicals and eco friendly liquid products to leverage the power of chemical solutions in the care, cleaning, and maintenance of your business and various jobsites. That is where Envirosafe Solutions comes in.

We have solvent free degreaser, radiator cleaner, dishwasher powder, and laundry powder, among many others. We know that you are looking for quality products which are disciplined for your use, which are made for your convenience. We want to make everything better for you and your business. Envirosafe Solutions has many different chemical solutions, including glue remover and mineral deposit remover. As for business discipline, we know that you have enough to pull it off. Call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Oh, To See Meat Again!

Porta-loo TreatmentIn the movie, Soylent Green, the earth is filled with cityscapes, and there are no more parks and there is no more nature. It is a complete and total dystopia. A man decides to investigate where people are sent when they die and he finds out that they are being turned into Soylent Green, a cracker which is supposed to be made of soy products. In the movie, a man has a small fridge in which he has stored some black market food, something other than the Soylent crackers which are distributed to the masses. In the small fridge there is a very wilted stalk of celery, and a pretty diseased looking piece of meat hanging from a hook.

The meat is the especially valuable piece. It is worth a LOT of money.

It is the only piece of meat known about. Even if it is partially diseased.

You can see how we as humans highly value that which is rare and which hard to pin down, find, obtain, get near, possess, or even look at. That is why exclusive boutique stores only have shops in Stockholm, Paris, London, or New York, rather than becoming mass distributed stores throughout the world. By making themselves difficult to reach, by pinpointing their location to just a few places, they have made themselves very valuable and worth a lot of money.

In the eco friendly marketplace, businesses are all about getting high quality alternative energy out to the masses. However, those in power, those who have a great deal of money, the influential ones, are already using alternative energy in their private jets, cars, and other forms of transportation. These are the ones who will set the newest, longest lasting trend among men and women of planet earth.

If you are a person of power and worth, you know that it is important to take care of and tend to the tiniest of details. In your business, make sure that you use environmentally friendly liquids, like the diesel bug killer, fabric conditioner, radiator coolant, or hard water laundry liquid which can be found at Envirosafe Solutions, among many others. This is the time to see great change in your company, down to the last chemical solution: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Friendships in Eco Friendly Endeavors

Solvent Free DegreaserFriendships carry a lot of weight with people. Our friendship help define who we are as people and who we will become in the future. When you are looking to make things a little better for yourself, then an easy solution is to look at your friendships. If you value them, then look at how you can do your part to maintain them well, and if you do not value them, then learn how to make them functional at an acquaintance level, rather than putting the same energy into them as you would put into friendships.

When your business is beginning to turn green or is continuing its green goals, remember that other businesses, even rival businesses, will be more than happy to reveal what their eco friendly practices are (especially since its free advertising for them) and so in this way, you can learn from what worked for other companies similar to yours and therefore what would be most likely to work for yours. Also, in this way, friendships between businesses are formed, and everyone is able to live in a more cooperative society.

When it comes to making the earth a better, safer place, it is more important to look at things objectively and to look at your business competition as a tool (in a good way) which can be leveraged on behalf of your own knowledge and experience. In many different types of businesses, Envirosafe Solutions has made tracks, just in providing eco friendly chemical solutions, like our insect and tar remover, mould rid, radiator cleaner, and hard water laundry liquid. All of these things are meant to make your company look and feel better, not just to everyone who enters it or works in it, but to the earth itself. It’s a real and valuable way you can improve the functionality of your company while also protecting the environment by using safer chemical solutions. If you are looking for such a business as this, then look no further than Envirosafe Solutions. We believe in being proud of our world, and in keeping it safe: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Clean Environment, Clean Working Problems

Extreme GreenYou know that, every day, your company encounters small to large problems, and distributes small to large solutions for each of these problems when and where it should. You know that problems are just a part of the daily running and operating of a business in the first place. You also know that, if it wasn’t for these many problems, you’d probably have a lot of discontented employees, because part of work is the challenge of overcoming obstacles. The easier it is on people, the more dissatisfied they become when they have ease in their workday.

There is something purposeful and growth inducing about overcoming challenges for monetary return. It is a direct exchange of energy, and it is putting your own personal growth and development up for bid. It is really highly effective in making people better, more productive, and higher quality employees.

By the same token, the environment of a workplace really says something about the company which operates it. If it is clean, well maintained, and all of the equipment and/or machinery is in good working order, then it shows how your business has self respect, a work ethic, and values what it brings to the marketplace. Not only that, but a clean and well maintained worksite helps your employees do their jobs, as well.

There is something which strengthens the soul when a person is surrounded by cleanliness and order. It is good for a person, it is good for the inside of a person.

Therefore, as long as you are going to have a lot of chemicals to maintain, clean, and refurbish your workplace, you might as well have the best, and they might as well protect the earth by being eco friendly.

Eco friendly liquid products can be found through Envirosafe Solutions. We provide a wide selection of chemical solutions, such as our rust converter, mineral deposit remover, disinfectant, and industrial hand cleaner, although we also have many more. If you are looking for high quality environmentally friendly liquids, then you have come to the right place. Visit our website, browse through our products, and call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Bring Your Good Qualities

Eco Friendly Liquid ProductsWhen setting up an eco friendly plan for your business, you must be very aware of what will work specifically for your company. For example, if you have a small business with a lot of land attached, then you can literally grow food, fruit trees, greens, etc. on your land so that you can contribute to your employees, to the community, and to the eco sustainability of your local town, not to mention anything about setting a fine example for everyone around you, including other businesses which may have land attached to their own building properties.

Another example would be if you had a company which was very industrialized and streamlined. You can use eco friendly cleaning solutions, like the kind you would get from Envirosafe Solutions, in order to make your streamlined process even better than it is and it will contribute to the eco friendliness of the world.

If you would like to know more about our products, then please feel free to browse our website and to see all of the environmentally friendly liquids, like our mineral deposit remover, dishwasher rinse aid, and fabric conditioner, which we provide to businesses just like yours. If you think that you would find it helpful to use our products in our business, then remember to always bring your company’s needs to the table when you come to our website. Remember that it is your choice and your business which will be affected by any decision to go eco friendly. It is up to you, and up to your company structure and format, to make something work in these terms. Being eco friendly doesn’t mean borrowing a set pattern of behavior, but instead, making the most out of the resources and company structure that you already have in place.

Envirosafe Solutions could be something useful for you. You could probably make it by with the chemicals you already have, but it wouldn’t be the same. With our products, your business packs extra punch in the form of being environmentally friendly and less harsh on the human body, as well. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.