Huge Iceberg headed toward Shipping Lanes in the Ocean

Eco Friendly Liquid ProductsThe iceberg known as B31 broke off of an Antarctic glacier in November of 2013. Naturally, scientists from NASA and several international agencies have been keeping a close eye on it, even going so far as to drop quite a few GPS tracking devices onto it so that we can keep a better eye on it. You would think that something of this size would be easy to track, but many icebergs are difficult to tracking during the winter months, in the dark, and other various additional conditions.

B-31 is now getting closer to shipping lanes, which have been more prevalent in recent years due to increased traffic in the southern seas, which in turn is due to more advanced technology allowing us to travel further and further out into once unfamiliar territory. Scientists are particularly watchful of this area of the Antarctic, since glaciers and icebergs seem to be melting much faster here than in other areas. They are concerned that this may be one of the biggest contributing factors to sea levels rising.

Naturally, everyone wants to make a difference when it comes to global warming, but too many people think that they are just not able to make a big enough impact to make any difference to the temperature of planet Earth. However, it is the combined use of many little changes which can, in the end, make the most difference. That is why using eco friendly chemical solutions in your regular business care and maintenance can make all of the difference in the world someday.

Envirosafe Solutions provides environmental cleaning products which are safe for the planet and which you can use to help with your part in the fight against global warming. We provide rust converter, toilet bowl cleaner, rubber remover, industrial hand cleaner and many other products. All of our chemicals are eco friendly and we provide you with a thirty day money back guarantee, so that you can try out our products and make sure that they live up to our hype. If you are looking for your own way to join the fight against global warming, then look for products from Envirosafe Solutions: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Agriculture and Its Carbon Footprint

marine glass cleanerIf you have been keeping up with reading all of your National Geographic and Smithsonian magazines, you know how important it is that the agricultural industry reduces its own carbon footprint and that it finds better, more sustainable ways of continuing, particularly since the global need for food may double by 3050 due to the population increase worldwide and the fact that developing nations are able to sustain themselves better and therefore have a higher quality preference for food.

Agriculture is one of the heaviest polluters on the earth, and you would think this wouldn’t be the case since it is growing stuff! However, agriculture, with the farm equipment, need for fuel, and the fact that many different plants contribute to the petroleum industry’s headway into modern society, is one of the biggest polluters in the world, and it must be brought down a bit on the emissions scale.

Even corn is used to produce ethanol, and many plant based chemicals are combined with petroleum products or are used to refine petroleum products. Agriculture itself is a big problem, but as our educational magazines tell us, it can be made far better than it is right now. One of the ways this can happen is through using some of the planet protecting techniques employed in small farms in developing countries and combining that with modern technology and innovation.

If we could combine the strengths from developing nations and modern systems, without either of their weaknesses, then we might have a solution to agriculture on our hands. Of course, we would need to implement whatever approach we took for long enough that we would know how to it would affect soil conditions over time, but that is just a matter of research.

If you would like to find out your personal carbon footprint, try this link:

Now, products like the kind you can get from Envirosafe Solutions are really high quality, and they are all eco friendly. They include diesel bug killer, rust converter, and ice break. But, they also have our cool thirty day money back guarantee with them. Your containers can be returned empty, and we will refund them if you need us to. Call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Clean Environment, Clean Working Problems

Extreme GreenYou know that, every day, your company encounters small to large problems, and distributes small to large solutions for each of these problems when and where it should. You know that problems are just a part of the daily running and operating of a business in the first place. You also know that, if it wasn’t for these many problems, you’d probably have a lot of discontented employees, because part of work is the challenge of overcoming obstacles. The easier it is on people, the more dissatisfied they become when they have ease in their workday.

There is something purposeful and growth inducing about overcoming challenges for monetary return. It is a direct exchange of energy, and it is putting your own personal growth and development up for bid. It is really highly effective in making people better, more productive, and higher quality employees.

By the same token, the environment of a workplace really says something about the company which operates it. If it is clean, well maintained, and all of the equipment and/or machinery is in good working order, then it shows how your business has self respect, a work ethic, and values what it brings to the marketplace. Not only that, but a clean and well maintained worksite helps your employees do their jobs, as well.

There is something which strengthens the soul when a person is surrounded by cleanliness and order. It is good for a person, it is good for the inside of a person.

Therefore, as long as you are going to have a lot of chemicals to maintain, clean, and refurbish your workplace, you might as well have the best, and they might as well protect the earth by being eco friendly.

Eco friendly liquid products can be found through Envirosafe Solutions. We provide a wide selection of chemical solutions, such as our rust converter, mineral deposit remover, disinfectant, and industrial hand cleaner, although we also have many more. If you are looking for high quality environmentally friendly liquids, then you have come to the right place. Visit our website, browse through our products, and call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

4 Steps to Eco Chemical Use

Glue RemoverAlright, let’s say that you are attempting to switch out your current chemicals used in your business for the eco friendly industrial liquid sold by Envirosafe Solutions. Well, you will need some sort of plan to affect the change, and that means understanding what you have and where you would like to go. Here are some helpful tips on moving from your current position to the position of only using eco friendly liquid products in the care and maintenance of your business.

First, establish how much of your old chemicals you have left. It would be wasteful to simply throw out old products just because you have decided to use the newer, fresher, greener eco friendly variety. So make an inventory of what you have so that you know approximately how long it will take for each of your old individual chemicals to run out before you can start using the new ones full time.

Second, decide which products will be changed out the soonest and start planning on establishing full time use of the new chemical solutions by a specific date. Ask your janitorial staff or all of your cleanup crew approximately how fast they go through a certain amount of chemical when they clean, de-rust, maintain, etc.

Third, stick to the schedule you have created for your company workers. You may have to move deadlines around a little bit if you run out of old product sooner or later than you expected, but keep tabs on the progress. Also, consider implementing the new chemicals once a week or twice a month so that your employees can get used to working with it.

Fourth, make sure all of the environmentally friendly liquids you have acquired from Envirosafe Solutions are living up to their job. Test them, push against them, use them in various ways, and make sure they are evaluated in every way. If one of your staff members has an opinion about the new products, make a note of it.

Okay, so what kind of products does Envirosafe Solutions provide? We have disinfectant, industrial hand cleaner, graffiti remover, glass cleaner, and solvent free degreaser, and many more chemicals for your eco friendly solutions. Call Envirosafe Solutions right now: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Paupers and Princes

Toilet Bowl CleanerWhen paupers and princes meet, there is a great divide in perspective and opinions. Of course, many people believe that when the elite and the poverty classes do not mix, it is because of the snobbery of the elite. However, the answer is far more scientific than this. For instance, the more you develop yourself, the more you leave your old ways behind you. As you grow as a person, and your business grows as a company, your perspective on the world around you is less small and mean, and ends up being larger and more generous.

Of course, this all depends upon someone needing exactly what you have to offer, and what could be more beneficial than implementing eco friendly techniques within your company? We can help you with your business, no matter what line of work you are in, because we sincerely value the green perspective and bringing our line of eco friendly industrial liquid to the workplace. Our products have been tested and researched and we are very proud of the result. We know that not everyone wants to engage in green practices, but that just enough of us wants to contribute a little more than we are already doing.

Simply use our chemicals, instead of the ones you are currently using for cleaning and maintaining your worksite. We know that you may not wish to overhaul your entire company in order to make things eco friendly for yourself, but that it would be simple to simply change your purchase orders from one company to another.

Furthermore, you can order small amounts of our marine glass cleaner, rubber remover, and multi-purpose lubricant, just to try them out. You will want to inspect them thoroughly.

The thing about paupers is that, if they continually grow and work on themselves, they eventually become princes. You can also place an order for our toilet bowl cleaner, dishwasher powder, or any of our other chemicals. You will like the difference it makes in pollution on your jobsite. For more information, visit our website or call us up to place an order with us. We would love to serve you: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Enthusiastically Running Your Business into the Ground: Oops!

Insect & Tar RemoverWe have all known business owner or entrepreneurs who keep trying to make and construct their own business, but they find that they cannot do this unless they have more money, more time, more resources, etc.

We have all known at least one perpetually failing entrepreneur. They are sure that this idea will build a million dollar business, but then they find that something is missing, and some of these entrepreneurs fail to see that they are enthusiastically running their businesses into the ground.


Good ideas and thinking outside of the box are only one part of the successful entrepreneur’s toolkit. They are an important part, but only one part out of the whole. When you are looking at what you see on this earth, this wild and beautiful world we live in, you can have some of the most fantastic and valuable ideas, but they are impossible to turn into a reality because you lack the rest of the entrepreneurial vision.

Green companies often do this. That is why there are carcasses of failed alternative energy and renewable resources businesses all over Australia and all over the rest of the world. They are everywhere.

The entrepreneurial spirit also includes thinking, planning, determination, follow through, and gut instinct. It is important to realize that the brilliance of the idea must be carried through to all of the other goals of the business, and not just the idea stage. It is also important to recognize that real and successful entrepreneurs get down and dirty in the trenches with their men when an idea fails, they wade through the mud and find a solution somewhere in the muck, and then implement it business-wide.

Good entrepreneurs only order quality products for their businesses to use throughout the year. For example, many good business owners use the environmentally friendly liquid products from Envirosafe Solutions, products like marine glass cleaner, rubber remover, laundry powder, and industrial hand cleaner. There are so many reasons why these products are good for you and your company, the main one being our devotion to and care for the planet around us. If you are looking for eco friendly solutions, look no further than Envirosafe Solutions: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Making Light of Shadow

Extreme GreenIf you have ever tried to order seeds from a catalogue or online, you will see how dominant “full sun” plants are in the marketplace. Shade plants are available, of course, but they are definitely in the minority of total number of overall plants. Why is this the case? Are there not plenty of forest environments where a wide variety of plants grow?

Actually, forest environments come in two types. First, you have the forest with really tall trees which form a towering canopy overhead and you can easily walk between the trees in any direction because the path is clear in every direction. Second, you have the forest where a whole bunch of dense foliage grows in many different layers and which provide plenty of cover for many different kinds of animals and critters to forage and live in their little woodsy homes.

In the latter example, you will hardly see any orchids or full sun flowers, and much of the foliage will just be green. While there are many different kinds of flowers which grow in the shade, most of these can grow in partial sun, too, and often catalogues list them as “full sun” because they wish to assure homeowners that their flowers will be able to withstand direct sunlight.

The shade from trees, bushes, and other plants makes us able to create environments of eco friendly sustainability, both warmth in winter and cooled down temperatures in summer. Shade is, for this reason, one of the more valuable assets to own in your business landscape. If you are looking for an eco friendly way to be more sustainable, consider leveraging the power of shade on behalf of your business.

Meanwhile, you can leverage the power of eco friendly chemical solutions on behalf of your business. Envirosafe Solutions is one of the leading eco friendly product providers in Australia. We distribute environmentally friendly liquids all over the nation and to select countries, solutions like our dishwasher powder, radiator coolant, multi-purpose lubricant, and our diesel bug killer. Take a look through our catalogue of products on our website, and see what you think would work best on your own jobsite. Every customer has specific needs: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Is There Another Way In?

Extreme GreenLet’s count the many times in which you may have attempted to make your business more eco friendly. Putting more insulation in the walls involved a greater cost than your company could afford. Installing more efficient heating and cooling systems was way overpriced. Going completely green in a cost-effective way involved all of your employees riding donkeys to work. That wouldn’t do, either.

Is there another way in?

Yes, actually there is. The chemical solutions provided by Envirosafe Solutions are an easy and effective way to implement pro-earth strategies all throughout your business. If you can implement them together, then you are really looking at reducing your business chemical pollution output. Eco friendly chemicals get the same job, and for nearly the same price, but with the added benefit of being good for the world around you.

Yes, there is another way in. Envirosafe Solutions has eco friendly liquid products for you to choose from.

We have a long list of chemicals available for the Australian businesses we serve, as well as select countries to which we ship. Our marine glass cleaner, sanitiser, electrical insulator cleaner, and fuel conditioner are just a few examples of the wide variety of chemicals we keep in storage and ready to ship to you. Our business is to bring the best available environmental cleaning products and other chemical solutions to your business. Our goal is to help you achieve your daily maintenance goals, without having to worry about the effect your company is having upon the environment.

The result is Envirosafe Solutions and our business model looks after you. This is the way in. This is the path to enlightenment (Okay, maybe we’re getting a little carried away). But, we really believe in our products and we want you to believe in them just as much as we do. Therefore, we provide you with a safe, thirty day money back guarantee. How can you refuse such an offer? If you don’t like our products, then you can return the empty containers to us! It’s as simple as that: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Progress in the Long Term

Eco Friendly Liquid ProductsIf you invest in MFTA life insurance, then you will notice that for the first few years, you are merely funding the investment, but that it will not be growing for some time afterward. Then, when it is fully funded and allowed to take off, your investment will begin coming right back to you over the long run. This is because long term planning and understanding of the market economy helps people to not be afraid of fluctuations in businesses and the stock market, but to look in the far distance, out where fluctuations are barely perceptible in the long run.

The same principles apply to eco friendly liquid products, like the like produced and distributed by Envirosafe Solutions. Our chemicals do not actively put oxygen into the atmosphere and suck carbon dioxide out of the air. No, instead, they serve a purpose in the long term plan to save our planet.

Envirosafe Solutions is part of a global movement to combine business with eco friendly incentives and initiatives. First, all of our products are safe for the planet, whether or not they are biodegradable or high on the septic safety monitor. Secondly, our eco friendly liquid products have individual product pages on our website which describe how each chemical interacts with the world around it, how biodegradable it may be, and what its level of septic safety is. Third, our products are part of investing in the long term. If we all ignore our earth’s need to be safe and kept from harmful and dangerous chemicals, then eventually this truth will catch up to us, and we won’t like it when it does. However, by using products from Envirosafe Solutions today, you are investing in the long term progress of our planet. This will pay off tomorrow, next year, in five years, and even in ten years. All of the numbers and the care taken will add up effectively over time.

To invest in progress in the long term and to actively use eco friendly products in your business, check out our site, make a list of chemical solutions you actually need, and then gives us a ring to order our chemicals. We would be proud and honored to serve you and your business: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Politics and Know-How

Eco Friendly Industrial LiquidPolitics, in the governmental sense, are basically major business transactions taking place on a national or a global basis. The idea of politics can be negative or positive, strong or weak, or comforting or scary. The idea that other people govern how our world is to be brought into the future can, indeed, feel very scary, but the truth is that many people really don’t always feel the long arm of the government, so to speak. And that is okay, but it must be pointed out that not everyone believes in the power of government to make their lives better.

Know-how is similar to politics in that it involves familiarity with a lot of different issues, how these issues affect different people, and why you should or should not speak to someone about it. Know-how is often known as “street smarts” but in fact it involves an uncanny ability to read people and what they want out of their world, and then to deliver the goods in a timely and efficient manner.

When setting up a business which distributes environmental cleaning products to people and companies all over Australia, we knew that we needed BOTH politics and know-how. With politics, we could advertise our high quality eco friendly liquid products to businesses and worksites which might need them, and with know-how, we knew that we could bring such a plan into action and actually set up a company which helps other people function well while also being good to mother earth.

Naturally, our strengths lie in our ability to see what is directly in front of us. When people believe in their own abilities to create peace and understanding, they often do create this. We happen to believe in our own abilities to make the entire world safer for the ecology of the planet. This we bring to our eco friendly liquid products, like our glue remover, disinfectant, dust suppressor, and mineral deposit remover. This we deliver every time we ship an order off to a happy customer. Together, we can make the world a much better place, and, in so doing, we stand to gain a great deal back from the environment: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Personal Experiences

Insect & Tar RemoverWhat personal experience do you have with being eco friendly? Did you grow up in a consciously green household, or were your parents anti eco movement? Do you understand the concept of what is recyclable and what is not? Do you have personal experience either running or walking for the movement, passing out flyers, helping with an event, or spreading awareness?

The truth is that we are all affected by the environmental movement much more than we think. We may have grown up around conflicting viewpoints or around very strong opinions, but in the end, it matters what we have done with the information given to us in our own lifetimes. It matters what happens to us and it matters what we do with what happens to us.

Are you inherently against the eco movement? Are you secretly for it? Whatever your opinion, you may agree that chemical pollution on both humans and the environment is a lot more harmful than it should be. That is why Envirosafe Solutions has our line of eco friendly industrial liquid available. We have mineral deposit remover, lubricant, diesel bug killer, and porta-loo treatment. We have many other kinds of environmentally friendly liquids. We know that we want the same thing as you do, to bring our personal experiences into the building of a green, sustainable world. It is with great expectation that we announce the arrival of some of our latest products, including our bath and tile cleaner, our graffiti remover, our ice break, and our electrical insulator cleaner. We have many, many more to show you, though, such as our solvent free degreaser and our radiator cleaner.

Personal experiences are part of our world. Our entire earth is made up of them. Who can get along without them? In short, it is because we have experienced everything on such a personal level that products such as our eco friendly liquid products even exist in the first place. If you would like to place an order with Envirosafe Solutions, then please visit our website or give us a call today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

The Amazon Rainforest Resources

Eco Friendly Industrial LiquidWe have all heard about the Amazon rainforest, probably since childhood. This rainforest has been harvested for wood, hunted for exotic animals, preyed upon by land developers and strip mall owners, and generally stripped of its natural beauty and splendor over the past sixty years.

The resources of the Amazon rainforest are not unlimited, however. You see, we need to be able to either replenish it or stop stripping it, either one, so that it may retain its majestic mysteries within it.

People who have had private tours through this area have commented on how huge the exotic animals are, from snakes to insects to tigers to lions. They have gloried in how large everything is and how much they enjoyed the dark, mysterious abyss of the rainforest ahead of them, particularly at night.

These resources must not be squandered, however. It is really important to always have enough to go around, and that means enough exotic monkeys and eucalyptus trees. Yes, we said it.

When you are looking to improve your world, remember the Amazon rainforest and think about ways to really make all of your resources perform double duty for you and your business. That is why it is a really good idea to look at the chemical solutions that we put out. Our environmental cleaning products, like our toilet bowl cleaner, radiator cleaner, and glass cleaner, are all eco friendly and safe for the environment. All of us are really hoping to bring these environmentally friendly liquids to all parts of the world, but for now we provide them to Australia and select countries. If your business is going green, then think about ways in which you can become a part of this movement by looking through our website and viewing the information on the individual product pages. That is the most important thing: educating yourself on what a difference these solutions will make in your business. Now that you’ve decided to make the most of your resources, call up Envirosafe Solutions today and place your order: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Resilient Aussie Sea Turtles

Extreme GreenIt’s nice to take pride in a local or national animal, and sea turtles are doing Australia justice, at the moment. Of course, Australia is doing more than many other nations to preserve sea turtles and their hatchlings in our national parks. In fact, our sea turtles and egg hatching is considered to be a tourist attraction, and can bring as many as 30,000 tourists to these areas where our Aussie sea turtles are busy reproducing and increasing the numbers of an endangered species.

Wild weather took away a lot of sea turtles from Queensland and egg hatches last year, being washed away by cyclones and floods. These wild conditions worried researchers when up to sixty percent of the egg hatches were washed out to sea. However, this year the turtles have returned strong, and have laid many hundreds of more sea turtle eggs for the eight week incubation period before they will hatch and increase the endangered turtle population even more. Scientists are delighted by this wonderful increase in and return of the hatchery, because it was speculated that the loss of eggs would produce far fewer opportunities for advancement this year. However, everything is returning back to normal, is on schedule, and is doggedly moving forward.

By preserving endangered species, Australia is contributing to national and global welfare of the earth. With more diversity in animals, and with more eco systems in place and being preserved, then natural systems are able to bounce back quickly after natural or manmade disasters such as last year’s wild stormy weather and other accidents, like spillages or leaks.

When you are purchasing eco friendly liquid products from Envirosafe Solutions, think about how much more resilient creatures of all types can be now that you are using environmentally friendly liquids. Our environmental cleaning products are made for regular, everyday use, in your business, your office, your dirty jobsite, and anywhere else that you naturally use cleaning chemicals. Mineral deposit remover, ice break, electrical insulator cleaner, and bath and tile cleaner are just some of the eco friendly industrial liquids which we produce and distribute to companies all over Australia.

We want to do well for you, too. If you would like to buy chemical solutions from us, call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.


Pompeii Again: China Dinosaurs and Volcanic Ash

Environmentally Friendly LiquidsHow do you perfectly preserve a species, a land, a culture, and a people after it has been wiped out by a volcano? Well, the answer lies in volcanic ash. You see, if toxic gas and fine ash suffocate the animals first, the n their dead bodies can be easily transported into lake beds and into conditions where oxygen cannot reach them.

The prehistoric plethora of animals found in China reveals many of them to be in superb condition and to be perfectly preserved, even preserving parts of animals which are usually the first to decay, such as skin, feathers, and other important identifying features. These paleontologists are very lucky, indeed.

What sorts of animals were uncovered? It has revealed pterosaurs, dinosaurs, and early birds and mammals. Some of the links of evolution, cross species breeding, and separation of species into unique categories and separate species can be revealed by these findings. This is truly one of the best finds in the world right now. Archeologists and scientists will be able to construct massive amounts of details and timelines and data from these perfectly preserved bodies. In fact, in addition these good events, scientists will be able to test former theories about some of these dinosaurs and early mammals and birds in order to determine if they were correct in their logical reasoning which was based, sometimes, entirely upon the bone structure and what those animals would have been using as body coverings and skin or hide.

In today’s day and age, Envirosafe Solutions recognizes the importance of these scientific discoveries in preparing for the future. What if something similar happened to today’s humans? What if we were put into a position where this historical data would be instrumental in developing future solutions to problems with the environment and global warming? Friends, we have already planned for the future, chemically speaking. We have designed a widely varied selection of environmental cleaning products, such as antibacterial hand wash, radiator cleaner, glass cleaner, and hard water laundry liquid. We have prepared for this moment in time. We have planned for the future of our species. When your business is about to send out another purchase order for chemical solutions, then choose Envirosafe Solutions. Choose wisely: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.


Pilgrimages in the Middle East

Insect & Tar RemoverFor countless centuries, a pilgrimage has been defined as a long and arduous journey through many different locations, where the individual contemplates their role in this world and begins their life anew.

Pilgrimages are meant to be rites of passage, where each person is able to come to their own understanding of personal growth. However, in order to attain this clarity, people often find it to be important to get away from luxuries and eases of living so that they can fully concentrate on their personal growth.

Making long journeys through deserts and over harsh terrain (like the desert at night) can be one of the best ways to pull away life’s conveniences and make oneself ready for some inner realization. Pilgrimages under these conditions can be made especially powerful by the surrounding environment…or lack thereof.

Often, when we talk about sustainability on the planet, we are talking about maintaining green, permanent environments in order to stay desertification. However, even if we undo a lot of desertification in the world, we will still happily have some deserts left in which to search our inner souls. It is important to always remember that there really is a place and time for every type of environment under the sun. We just don’t want to make a habit out of creating desert environments around us. They are especially difficult to undo.

Envirosafe Solutions is contributing to the future of our planet in our own special way. We are a chemical solutions distributor, and we provide eco friendly versions of just about everything, from dishwasher rinse aid to dust converter, and from electrical insulator cleaner to disinfectant. The wide variety of environmentally friendly liquids we provide is meant to encourage other people to use them as well, especially when your employees get used to how effective and earth safe they are. Some things, like pilgrimages, are meant to be difficult. And, on the other hand, some things, like eco friendly chemical solutions, are meant to be easy. If you are interested in bringing green solutions to your own workplace, then please feel free to check out our individual product pages and our thirty day money back guarantee. You’ll be glad you did: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.