Mud Pies and Sand Castles

Antibacterial Hand WashDo you remember making mud pies as a kid? Or, perhaps, you were a master sand castle builder. Whatever your childhood vocation, do you recall how creative and energetic you felt while you were doing it? Mud is easy to play with. Sand forms perfectly beneath your hands. You don’t need to have skill. You don’t need to have tools, or even extra materials. It is easy to play with and it washes off when you’re done. It’s even better than modeling clay! It doesn’t dry up or anything.

Mud and sand are unlimited sources of creativity.

Why can’t running an eco friendly business be the same way? Why can’t you look at your company as it is, visualize different environmentally sound procedures to make it better, and then implement it? Of course, “best practices” within an industry dictate that you conform to a certain degree with the regulations or protocols of your industry. However, there is no law against thinking outside of the box and coming up with innovative approaches to those “best practices.”

When you want to use eco friendly chemical solutions, Envirosafe Solutions is here for you. However, there are many different ways to approach this. You can simply replace the chemicals used by your janitorial staff. You can run trial periods for many different versions of the same chemical product to find out which is best for your needs. You can use your new eco friendly chemical solutions for certain operations, like window washing or diesel bug killing, until you know for sure that they will work before trying out more chemical products from our company.

Envirosafe Solutions also carries many different kinds of other eco friendly chemical products, like solvent free degreaser, radiator cleaner, porta-loo treatment, and diesel bug killer. As you see, there is such large variety of eco friendly solutions available that you can easily start using in your company today. All of our products will conform to most, if not all, of your industry best practice standards, not to even mention the fact that they are safe for the planet. This is the kind of investment you have been looking for. To find out more, contact Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Care of Human Life

Marine Glass CleanerOne of the primary ways in which we think about global warming and preserving the earth is through the eyes of stewards and caretakers. We are dead set on preserving the world around us, without always thinking about the primary reason why we would want to: humans.

The care of human life is the only reason why we would care about the world in the first place. Preserving THAT can be a main incentive for getting everyone involved in green movements, as many as you can bring in. Tigers and dolphins are less personal, but human life is very personal. We know what we are like, and we know that we really want to preserve humanity.

For that reason, and sometimes for only that reason, people have taken to describing innovations in green technology in terms of what our children and grandchildren will be able to benefit from. It is this future thinking about just the humans which has brought many people who otherwise wouldn’t care about the earth into the fold of green innovation.

When you are ready for taking care of human life, pay attention to how your company invests in cleaning and maintenance chemicals. For instance, does your business spend a great deal of time with using more maintenance chemicals than necessary in order to get the job done? Does your business use environmentally sound chemical solutions?

That is one of the reasons why working with Envirosafe Solutions is such an honor for this author. We know how important it is for your company to practice what it preaches and to take part in the eco friendly movement. However, we also know that your business simply needs the ability to complete its day to day activities. For that reason, using our environmentally friendly liquids may be especially useful for your company. We provide a wide array of solutions, like our ice break, radiator coolant, dishwasher rinse aid, and electrical insulator cleaner. All of our chemical solutions are really effective and environmentally friendly. If you would like to browse our products, please feel free to do so on our website. We would be honored to provide you with a green solution to your ordinary cleaning problems. Call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Let There Be Light

Dishwashing LiquidWhat is the difference between light and dark, anyway? Is one just whiter than the other and one is blacker than the other? Is that all there is to it? Well, no, it isn’t. When you put a candle in the middle of a dark room, the light penetrates the darkness and turns it light, too. Can you think of anything which is the converse of that? Can you put something dark in a room which penetrates the light? No, you can’t. So, what is the significance of light, how is light used in science as opposed to darkness, and what can you do to use light in your own eco friendly endeavors? Is it really all that important?

First of all, the significance of light is that everything on earth needs it. Even bats, which are nocturnal, are signaled when to return to their cave when the sun begins to come up and are signaled to come out at night when the sun goes down. Even deep sea creatures create light so that they can warn off attackers or lure prey in. Therefore, even the plants and animals we think would not need light actually need it.

Secondly, light is used in science to study matter at the quantum level. That subject is far too deep for this article.

And lastly, you can use light in your own eco friendly endeavors to clearly display any changes you see in the environment around you. Do you only work on a jobsite, such as in construction or repair work? Then you already use light to see if your jobsite has been cleaned properly after all of the work has been completed. You will need light, too, to see if your eco friendly industrial liquids have cleaned up your worksite properly. After all, all of your porta-loo treatment, solvent free degreaser, and mineral deposit remover that you got from Envirosafe Solutions has to be used, and you must have light in order to see if you have cleaned and maintained the area thoroughly. Both light and darkness are necessary in order for all of the life on this earth to exist. Shine a light on our products today, and call Envirosafe Solutions: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Bee Pollination Recovery Finally Begins

Fortunately, declining bee populations haven’t yet affected Australia, but learning about the process of bMarine Glass Cleaneree reduction in pollination is one of the most global issues we can have. You see, without the pollinations which naturally comes from bees, plants, flowers, crops, and vegetables can deteriorate down into being scarce and unavailable when people need them.

Bee pollination is one of the primary environmental concerns when it comes to food production, permanent culturing, and developing a sense purpose of the movement forward in being eco friendly. Now, people who are concerned about the climate should be concerned about bee pollination, because without the cooling effects from ground cover and plants and without the intake of carbon dioxide and the output of oxygen, the global warming issue would be in crisis status right now, as we speak. As it is, it is an urgent matter which must be dealt with quickly, but bee pollination is primary to the success of that venture.

Eco friendly liquids products, while not actively breaking down harmful chemicals in the world, really do help to reduce the pollution on this earth, because they perform the jobs of regular chemicals without all of the danger and hazardous waste which necessarily comes with ordinary industrial chemicals. When Envirosafe Solutions put up our sign, so to speak, and went into the business of providing eco friendly industrial liquid to the world, we had no idea just how popular we would be. Today, you can buy anything from us, including rust converter, fabric conditioner, radiator coolant, dishwashing liquid, and a wide variety of other industrial strength environmentally friendly liquids from Envirosafe Solutions, and we are proud to carry this banner through to the other side of the global energy and warming crisis.

We know that people of the earth will rise up and stand up for sustainability and renewability. We know that this problem can and will be solved. At Envirosafe Solutions, we have designed a wide variety of environmental cleaning products and other planet friendly chemicals in order to become one of the best recognized companies in the world for eco friendly liquid products. Come join us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Creation working with Destruction

Eco Friendly Liquid ProductsYou have seen plenty of inspirational action movies which feature major compounds of good versus evil. Good themes and characters are always in favor of growth, organic methods, and freedom, while evil themes and characters are always veered toward destruction and chaos and controlling methods. Of course, anyone who has ever seen their favorite superhero battle their favorite villain can tell you that it is always good to have aspects of both.

The truth is that this applies in all aspects of life.

Being fired from your job can be seen as bad, unless you can see into the future and you know that it is because you will get a job with three times as much pay and only half the time spent on it. Many people would consider that to be the best option, but not very many people feel comfortable in leaving their current job unless they have the second job solidified. And since that is something which is not easily done in real life, getting fired from your job can be seen as a good thing, rather than some sort of huge catastrophe.

Of course, it is important to understand how human nature works. If you are comfortable with risk, it does not mean that you will stay comfortable if you push it to the point of recklessness.

If Batman and the Riddler had it out on your front porch, you may be cheering for the “good” guy to win, but if you like aspects of the Riddler, too, then wouldn’t it be better to have a single person with both sides of the equation?

Since destructive and “evil” energy is so misunderstood these days, it is important to remember that, in nature, winter is always a part of the seasonal change. Winter is always there, no matter what.

Envirosafe Solutions provides you with eco friendly industrial liquid which wipes out the problem of grease, dirt, stains, bugs, debris and film or crusting. All of our products are designed to help you successfully eradicate or destroy elements of maintenance you do not want on your equipment and worksite. On the other side of the spectrum, our chemicals also protect our green, growing earth. Call us today to order: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Self Care, Community Care

Self Care, Community CareSelf care is one of the most important things we can accomplish today. However, we are often told that self care is equivalent to selfishness. Selfishness involves putting your own needs and desires as the ONLY priority, rather than listing them along with priorities involving other people. Whether you put yourself first or not, combining your desires with the desires of others is not selfishness. Making your needs the only priority is.

Communities need people who both support the community and who take care of their own needs and their own responsibilities. There must be both aspects to people before they can really and truly contribute to their communities.

Ecological circles have found that they need both inspired and eager volunteers, as well as people who can focus on the job at hand and exercise some influence on their behalf. It is important to maintain both creativity and power.

Now, today, we look at eco friendly solutions to the average developed world lifestyle. It must apply all of the modern conveniences with a few luxuries, and do this within a system which is both safe for the planet and at least partially self sustainable.

Materials like marine glass cleaner and radiator cleaner and other chemical solutions require careful study and understanding of both the chemical and the environment at large. How else can you truly determine if something is really eco friendly? Fabric conditioner, antibacterial hand wash, and toilet bowl cleaner all fall into this category as well. Researchers must understand both the chemical composition and the environment which it will be influencing.

Fortunately, there is a lot of research data available for both of these scenarios. Scientists can really make larger and larger forward steps in their attempts to bring our modern lifestyles in line with organic, dirty composition of the sustainable natural world.

And if you are looking for some of these successful products, like mould rid or mineral deposit remover, look no further than our website, Envirosafe Solutions. Our company specializes in products that work. More than that, we specialize in products that work well: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

E-statement and E-bills Making All the Difference

E-statement and E-bills Making All the DifferenceSince the revolution concerning paper products and tearing down trees and how to save them, the advent of e-statements and e-bills are making all the difference. When it comes to being eco friendly, what says it better than utilising technology to reduce paper waste and paper usage?

In fact, no one seems to know just how much the internet has saved our beautiful trees. Some estimate the saved number in the millions, some in the billions. Whatever it adds up to, we cannot discount how much technology has been able to save the sustainable resources we hold most dear. Many forestry companies are able to retain the trees they cut by certain growing and cutting methods, but there is still a great deal of need for paper products. If trees can be saved by e-statements and e-bills, then it is a worthy goal to shoot for.

On the other side of the equation, many people would prefer natural products to be used for clothing and storage containers rather than petroleum based materials. All of this is very well and good, but unless you are planning on wearing hemp or bamboo, the line must be drawn somewhere. Cotton is a good resource to specialize in, as long as the clothing is appropriate for the season and types of weather. On the other hand, wooden chests and storage containers can last many times longer than their petroleum-based counterparts, thus reducing waste and carbon emissions, as well as preserving the used tree wood for longer posterity.

It is important to remember that not everyone agrees that trees should be used for certain things. Not everyone thinks of all the different dynamics in the eco system and economic output.

However, everyone can agree that eco friendly liquid products, such as our chemical solutions, really do carry a lot of the weight. Marine glass cleaner, sanitiser, and hard water laundry liquid all are available in a planet safe format, and we here at Envirosafe Solutions are proud to say that all of our products are eco friendly, in some way, whether they are safe for your septic drainage, or partially biodegradable, or even just non-toxic to plants and animals. Chemical film should be non-damaging. Call us today to order from us: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Solar Paneling and Aesthetic Roof Design

Solar panels are not the most attractive looking things in the world, and when you have an attractive, well built, smooth roof, you hardly want toSolar Paneling and Aesthetic Roof Design spoil the appearance with solar paneling, no matter how cost effective they may be.

There is, after all, something to be said for aesthetic appeal.

Today, solar paneling does not have to be ugly, but it may or may not work as well if it has aesthetic appeal. For those with unlimited budgets, solar paneling can do both very well, but it would have to be eco friendly, and not for saving money.

Roof design is a pretty major part of a house, and it really affects the way that the home appears on the street, how it influences the price of an average home in that neighborhood, and it really makes a difference to the owners. It makes their house look nice.

When choosing solar paneling, the purpose of getting it should be carefully examined. If it is strictly for eco friendly purposes, then buying for both curb appeal and effectiveness can be worth the cost. If, however, it is only to save money on your electricity bill, then just about the cheapest, most effective units you can buy will be your best option. All solar paneling is effective to some degree, but there is still not an inherent amount of aesthetic design in the super energy savers.

While we at Envirosafe Solutions believe in responsible spending and energy efficiency, we also see the merit of aesthetic design. Good design is good for the soul. Environmental cleaning products may not have curb appeal, but they help that curb stay squeaky clean. Green solutions in chemical cleaning solutions really are the hidden wave of the future, cloaked behind pure function.

The earth does not need more good intentions. It needs more action. Make your action count by using eco friendly liquid products, like our diesel bug killer, in your company on a regular basis. Try if for a while. Mix and match your selection. We also provide industrial hand cleaner and a variety of other products. Check out our website or phone us up today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Learning New Plant Habits

Learning New Plant HabitsEach species of plant is different, and generalists like to ignore this fact when growing and cultivating food or land. They really believe that it is best to find something that all of their plants can utilize and then just leave the growing alone.

Unfortunately, cultivation requires some actual thought, rather than a simple plant-then-abandon process. Each of your plants must be cared for differently across different species. This is not a job for someone who will end up abandoning immature plants and then say that they are growing an orchard or some such thing.

Learning new plant habits involves understanding where and under what conditions the native plants tend to grow. Unlike in highly specified areas, many plants will grow in any type of cultivation of land, and this means that you have a wide variety of options available, even if you are just looking to pick vegetation which is native to your property.

At Envirosafe Solutions, we understand the need to meet different requirements with different solutions, which is why we provide an enormous array of chemical solutions for just about every problem you could have. From our toilet bowl cleaner to our glue remover, we specialize in eco friendly liquid products. Our industrial hand cleaner is perfect for all types of uses, and we carry problem specific environmentally friendly liquids, such as mineral deposit remover.

All of our selection is meant to give you a wide variety of tools to use against dirt, grease, stiffness, pollutants, and streaks, not to mention malfunctioning parts. These environmental cleaning products are perfect for home use, as well as the office and the outdoor heavy duty worksite. There is really nothing you can’t apply our chemical solutions on.

In addition to learning new ways to cultivate and keep your shrubbery, Envirosafe Solutions also provides you with new ways of keeping our planet safe. There is nothing more important than regularly and effectively using eco friendly industrial liquid to handle your problems. Try our rubber remover today. For questions or to learn more, visit our website or call us today at: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Transient Weather

Weather is a fickle phenomenon, affecting our daily lives from the moment we rise in the morning, adjust our home thermostats and pick out whatTransient Weather clothing to wear to the evening, when we choose the appropriate coat or garment to wrap ourselves in before going out for entertainment or fellowship with our friends at night.

All throughout the day, the weather announcement service tells us what is going on around the world. We know what to expect and we know when to expect it. However, knowing it is not all there is to being able to do something about it. Today, we find ourselves wanting so badly to be able to control the weather. We want to prevent the tsunamis, to avoid the hurricanes, and we want to bring rain to our crops, and prevent damaging hail from destroying our farms and vehicles.

Today, we are all still helpless against the weather.

There is very little about it which we can control besides preparing for our own safety and warmth. We cannot even protect all that is ours, necessarily.

At Envirosafe Solutions, we seek to give you a little more control over your environment and the world directly around you. We know what it is like to seek management over something which cannot be managed. In the past, chemical solutions could only be obtained through petroleum based solutions and they were just about as damaging to the surface they were cleaning as they were to the grease and dirt. Today, we have perfected the art of our Extreme Green range of environmental cleaning products, like our solvent free degreaser and our mould rid. We know what we are doing, and we are really proud to bring you the best of what we have.

Weather is transient and cannot be controlled. How eco friendly you decide to be CAN be controlled by you. It starts with buying and using really easy products like our rust converter and our rust remover. It starts with tiny decisions which snowball into larger repercussions. Today, we have strong support for our eco friendly industrial liquid. Call us today to place your purchasing order: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Linen and Its Renewability

Linen and Its RenewabilityLinen is a material or cloth which is made from spun flax fiber. Flax is a seed grain, with long pale stalks, which bloom with small periwinkle blue flowers on a cool, bluish green background of stalks. When the stalks are dry and ready to harvest, they are gathered, and this is where the separation between the usable spinning fibers and non-usable course fibers begins.

When the fiber is carded and combed, which aligns all of the fiber threads in parallel positions, they are ready to be lopped together and spun. This makes linen. Flax is the only material on earth which makes linen, and the word linen comes from words for white and pale colors, which is part of the end process of bleaching the linen. Many handmade linen fabrics are left out in the sun, stretched out on the grass, until they are bleached lighter or whiter.

Linen is highly renewable, which makes it very sustainable and eco friendly. In fact, due to the nature of flax seed and growth, linen is more eco friendly than hemp clothing, but not quite as fast growing and renewable as bamboo.

Now that we’ve learned all about the growing process of linen, let’s look at linen care. Envirosafe Solutions is an Australia-based company which provides environmentally friendly liquids, like environmental cleaning products, to businesses and industries all over our great nation.

Among our sustainable chemicals, we have hard water laundry liquid, fabric conditioner, and laundry powder. These are all eco friendly liquid products which are especially suited to any linen, cotton, bamboo or hemp clothing which you may have. Not only are our chemicals highly effective, but they are safe for our growing and renewing planet. Many processes in nature are self renewing, but some of our chemical development leads to bad consequences when the waste is dumped into the ocean. You don’t have to worry about that with us. Our environmental cleaning products are both safe for the environment and effectively clean your renewable clothing. Help us to make our world a better place by ordering from us today and making your life easier with our chemical solutions. Call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

The Wayward Wind

The Wayward WindWind energy has been continually increased over time to become an almost all-encompassing factor of energy budget expenses, at least on the federal level of many countries. An Aug. 18-19th edition of the Wall Street Journal for 2012 pointed out how federal spending from the American point of view is sinking $2.18 into oil per wattage hour, with a lot of production coming out of that, and over $700.00 into wind energy per wattage hour. There is clearly a large difference in investment and actual output of wind energy resources. One of the problems is that the wind is not sustainable as a source of measurement, since one cannot determine when the wind will blow or how much it will blow. There is a limit to how much nature will actually cooperate with our measuring devices and therefore a limit to how much we can expect to receive or accurately predict the amount of power we plan on receiving.

Alternative energy sources, such as wind energy and solar power, are becoming less obsolete, but remain a high cost of energy source. While fossil fuels are both damaging and depleting, alternative energy is both effective and expensive. Who would pay for this type of energy when they absolutely do not have to, just to make the earth a cleaner place? That is, indeed, an expensive bill. Fortunately for technology and innovation, as well as competition, costs should lower as the sector becomes even more privatized and more available to the communities which it supports. After all, if everyone is producing wind energy, then wouldn’t the cost lower, just like it does with electricity, computers, smart phones, and television sets?

Envirosafe Solutions commits itself to another sector of the green industry. Our eco friendly liquid products, including solvent free degreaser, mould rid, hard water laundry liquid, and multi purpose lubricant, are cutting edge, highly effective, and safe for our earth. It is important to always keep the effectiveness of our products in mind as we move forward into the new age of green competition and reforms for our earth. For more information on what you can do to change to eco friendly habits in your company, call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

The Rise and Fall of Eco Incentives

Eco incentives are all the rage now, and everything that can be done to gain The Rise and Fall of Eco Incentivesthese government and agency sponsored incentives is being done to businesses from coast to coast. However, as with any financial trend, the economics of eco incentives rise and wane. For instance, at point gaining as much support from the government as possible was the thing to do. Eventually, businesses found that simply installing any old technique into their company would not work, and so this trend soon passed. After a period of associating eco incentives with “greenwashing,” businesses, out of desire for more money, soon adopted federally funded incentives which were more custom tailored to their specific needs. They are doing this, rather than simply haphazardly adopting practices which would bring them more tax incentives and so forth, but which cost them more money in the end, since the techniques are not customized to their needs.

The fluctuation of eco incentives shows that there is, indeed, a market for them, but that one must consider all angles before investing in them. Just as with the housing market, simply adding so-called value for the sake of doing so can be very hazardous. For example, in certain neighborhoods, an addition to a house which the neighborhood and similar properties does not support can actually lower value, or at least not bring a return on the investment.

By the same token, Envirosafe Solutions has tailored our Extreme Green range of eco friendly liquid products to fit as many business trend fluctuations as possible. Our sanitiser and radiator cleaner and insect and tar remover are all high quality products which will always have a market in the company world. Fuel conditioner, rust remover, and mineral deposit remover will always be necessary for industrial needs. Machinery, equipment, and office maintenance will still need to be kept up, no matter what type of market or climate we happen to be in at this second. This is one of the reasons why Envirosafe Solutions’ environmentally friendly liquids are so popular, and so frequently used by hundreds of businesses across Australia. For more information, call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

The Emotions of Green Movements

The Emotions of Green MovementsEco friendly endeavors, unfortunately, carry a lot of negative emotion with all of the positive progress. This is mostly due to the bitterness that some individuals feel over the fact that they have to clean up the planet, while other people do not seem to care whatsoever. This lack of balance over energy and time and effort spent on these types of projects cause resentment in some people and irritation in others. After all, if you do not care as much as others, should you be forced to? On the other hand, if the planet can be saved, shouldn’t we all participate?

The argument has validity on both sides, and that is because it is human nature to demand both individual choice and community involvement, and taking care of the planet borders on survivalist modes of operations. When humans stop thinking about preferences and start having to survive, their survivalist mentality demands participation from everyone, not just the few who are really active.

While green movements are indeed necessary for the survival of our planet, we absolutely must not turn this into a survivalist movement. That type of thinking brings about coping mechanisms and unnatural behavior. Rather, we should engage the public with the beauty and energy efficiency and cost effectiveness of the green movement. In other words, we really have to sell this, so stop bargaining and start selling!

Envirosafe Solutions brings about this appeal through our environmental cleaning products. We carry a range of top quality products, like marine glass cleaner, radiator cleaner, and dishwashing liquid. Our insect and tar remover and solvent free degreaser are top of the line. We specialize in highly effective business-to-business sales of industrial cleaning products which are also good and safe for our environment. You can even take advantage of this fact by advertising the green solutions which your business is taking on, and by seeing if there are any tax right offs for improving the earth friendly aspects of your business. Environmentally friendly liquids, especially eco friendly industrial liquid which are solid industrial strength solutions, are just what you need to stay on track. Call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Research and Wisdom

Wisdom is hard to come by if you’re a fool, and it is hard to not be a fool inResearch and Wisdom the eco friendly buzz around new products and rising start up businesses. Every customer who wishes to buy eco friendly products or services must carefully research every part of the product or process in order to even keep from being screwed over. Research has become a necessary part of doing business with eco friendly companies. For example, our environmentally friendly liquids, including our hard water laundry liquid, our marine glass cleaner, and our toilet bowl cleaner, all come with our 30 day money back guarantee. If they did not, then you would have to pay to do your research into our products, and that would be foolish business for both us and you. We value and want to take care of our customers, just as our customers take care of us.

Wisdom requires research in order to breathe, and it must be a certain quality of research. You cannot simply go listening to any old person and taking the advice of everyone you meet. You must be discerning about who you listen to, a moniker that Kevin Trudeau often uses. After all, if you are not discerning, then you are like chaff before the wind, being driven to and fro with no real direction or goals or solutions.

We believe in solutions at our company. Our Extreme Green range of products is meant to achieve the maximum protection of the earth, while delivering maximum effectiveness for your needs. Eco friendly industrial liquids like our rust converter are studied and developed in our own labs, because we want to show you how much we value your business and we believe in our ability to find these solutions while also supporting our mother earth. We believe in having the best of both worlds, rather than deciding between the two. If you want research, try our products and send them back if they are not effective. You’ll get a full return on your money or a replacement product. Like we said, we like taking care of our customers, because you guys take care of us. Call Envirosafe Solutions today for more information: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.