• Our product is made fresh to order. Please allow 1-3 days for production plus delivery time.
  • Once your order has been dispatched allow 1 – 7 days for Australian courier delivery, depending on the destination.
  • Envirosafe Solutions will email out a dispatch notice for all deliveries which will contain the delivery address, courier company and consignment note number.
  • Delivery is performed within the deadlines provided for direct delivery to the addressee or, if the addressee is absent, by a notice informing him/her of the availability of the parcel.
  • Delivery deadlines are indicated as accurately as possible. Envirosafe Solutions is not responsible for delivery delays following dispatch of your order. No damages or compensation will be due in the event of delivery deadlines being exceeded. However, if the product has not been delivered 14 days after the delivery date indicated and this is due for any reason other than force majeure, the sale may then be cancelled and the buyer may be refunded the price paid to the exclusion of any other damages or compensation. The following are considered as cases of force majeure which free the seller from the obligation to deliver the products: war, riots, acts of terror, fire, labour disputes, accidents and situations in which it is impossible to acquire stocks of items ordered.
  • The seller will keep the buyer informed in due time of the situations or events listed above. In any event, delivery within the deadline can only occur if the buyers obligations to the seller have been complied with in time.
Delivery Charges for Orders within Australia:
  • All charges are calculated manually – please provide the exact delivery address when requesting a quote. If you wish to choose a different method, please contact Envirosafe Solutions™ directly to discuss your options.
  • You can check the status of your order(s) by emailing us on and most interstate couriers these days have a tracking function on their website that you can check using the consignment note number we provide in the emailed dispatch notice. Note local couriers often do not provide a tracking number.
  • Tracking of Australian orders 
    Australian orders are delivered by courier, and all shipments are identified with a unique Tracking Number/Consignment number. If you have not received your order within the timeframe we have specified in our delivery email we send out when goods are dispatched, please notify the Envirosafe Solutions team and we will track your order.