The Use of Animals

mineral deposit remover

mineral deposit removerBeing eco friendly in today’s world, a world of polluting innovation and efficient toxicity, can be an interesting process. For instance, if your business involves animals in any way, you may be said to be exploiting animals for your own benefit or you may be said to use animals in an eco friendly way to get work done.

Being sustainable is right, but hurting or harming animals is wrong. Where exactly do we draw the line?

What are the benefits to bringing animals into the worksite and job marketplace? The truth is that animals may be used for training employees, for pulling heavy loads, for carrying people and packages across large spaces, and for a wide variety of other purposes. Of course, if animals and people are so suited to work together, then you would think that many countries would want to replace their low cost, but high pollution transportation systems with slightly higher cost, but much lower pollution solutions which will aid you in your progress to make the world more ecologically sound.

Of course, there is a great deal of investment in the idea that, if you can get something done with less work, then it is automatically better. Well, in many ways, that is true. Efficiency, smoothness of operation, and efficacy make an operation far more revenue attracting than other, slower ways.

As long as we are using animals for eco friendly reasons, then we have to be able to care for them and clean up after them on a regular basis. Disinfectant, antibacterial hand wash, and mould rid are important parts of this process, and ours are all eco friendly in and of themselves. Naturally, you would wish to incorporate our products into your line of chemical solutions and perhaps to suggest their use to other animal caregivers and handlers.

When you use products from us, you are purposely and actively making the world better, and not just for you. Businesses which spread the word, either directly or indirectly, about eco friendly products to their employees are engaging their workers’ minds and allowing them to see the future possibilities. For more information, contact us: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Researching Business Eco Incentives

Antibacterial Hand WashWhen you are researching possible government contracts and business incentives for your company, be sure to hire whatever professional you may need to track down the most thorough ways in which to leverage eco friendly incentives for your company. You must try everything, do everything, and taste every experience to really know what works for your company, but it will be worth it when you are able to simultaneously save your planet and get government backed incentives for doing so. Our company is based upon a lot of research, but we researched chemicals which would be safe for the environment on every level.

Your main goal is to keep your company as eco friendly as possible, and to enjoy some of the benefits of this, while you are at it. One of the ways in which Envirosafe Solutions can help is to bring your janitorial and maintenance staff the best of eco friendly industrial liquid including, but not limited to, marine glass cleaner, radiator coolant, rust converter, and mineral deposit remover.

Your business deserves the very best that you can research for it. All of our products have a thirty day money back guarantee so that you can try out our eco friendly chemical solutions and decide if they are right for your specific company. We specialize in all chemicals eco friendly, and our aim is to replace the harsh, non-eco friendly chemicals you have already been using the daily and weekly maintenance and upkeep of your business. Unfortunately, not all business owners research the correct products for their business, and may end up purchasing chemicals which are ineffective or which are so harsh that their employees are affected by working with it all of the time. That is where Envirosafe Solutions comes in. That is where we show our worth.

You see, there is no guarantee that a company’s products, like ours, will do what they say they will do unless you try it out for yourself. In order to fully complete your research, you will have to have your workers use it for a week or so, and determine if it is really as good as advertised. Then, you can make executive decisions about the purchasing of more chemicals: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Representatives of Green Economics

glue removerAs children of the earth, we are representatives of green economics. We see the world around us and we want to preserve it and make it even better than it is. As representatives of the earth, we have to be aware of what we know and what we don’t know. No, really, this means that we examine exactly how much information we have on the subject and how much we do not.

It is easy for all of us to have opinions about things of which we know nothing. The truth is that it is much easier to not think than it is to think. Thinking is one of the primary things which distinguish us from animals and so on. It was the last thing to develop in humans, evolutionarily speaking. And even after several millennia, humans are still learning how to think properly and to develop their minds. And so, it is much easier to form quite bigoted opinions about things rather than actually do the research and find out for sure. You see, it is easy to not think. It is easy to not push your mind that far. The entire structured school system is meant to get through to your mind and get information into it, anyway, but we know that even that does not always work.

When it comes to eco friendly endeavors, we need to be informed agents or representatives which defend the earth, but at that point we need to know the difference between fact and fiction. Therefore, we really recommend that you have tried out the products you recommend and that includes the chemicals from Envirosafe Solutions. You see, we sell eco friendly liquid products for cleaning, care, and maintenance.

Yes, we offer a wide variety of eco friendly industrial liquids. Dishwasher rinse aid, graffiti remover, liquid hand soap, and bath and tile cleaner are all examples of the chemicals we provide. It’s necessary to look at them, inspect them, and try out our customer service. Try out everything for yourself. Question everything, including us. Make sure that you know your products well. If you would like more information, please contact Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Solar Powered Electronics

Rust ConverterSolar powered outlets which can be stuck to windows and solar powered charging stations for your phones, tablets, etc. all make the idea of solar powered electronics that much more tangible. For us, this may seem like something which has already happened, but for those of us who are older, we remember the solar powered calculators which have numbers which fade when not exposed to direct sunlight for long enough. To us, solar powered electronics may sound like a dubious proposal.

However, we should all keep in mind that technology is making leaps and bounds in the sustainable energy arena, and that we are all in a good position to have almost all if not all of our electronics attached to sustainable energy, even plant based energy. There is so much to take advantage of and love and destroy and take care of that we can pretty much expect to have solar based options on all of our electronics in the future. This is especially helpful because it denotes a period of time when we will all be able to leverage technology and merge it with the natural world, something which none of us really thought was possible twenty years ago. Technology and the natural world were just too different, then.

Now, we have options. We have sustainable, renewable, alternative options. And we would not have had these if we had not seen to it that technology kept developing and developing, at all cost, until it is where it is today, with beauty and function intermingled.

Solar powered electronics are what we have all been waiting for, particularly with the uses of our modern cell phones and tablet experiences.

Envirosafe Solutions provides something which we have had for some time now. We provide environmental cleaning products, like antibacterial hand wash and dishwashing liquid, and a wide variety of other eco friendly solutions, like rust converter and radiator cleaner. When it comes to industrial liquid solutions, Envirosafe Solutions has the one of the best track records in Australia. We are proud of our products and what they do for the environment and for the care and maintenance of your jobsite. Feel free to call us at any time: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Make Your Land Pay for Itself

Rust RemoverIf you or your company owns land, then it would be very beneficial to get your land to pay for itself. How do you go about doing this? Well, traditional farming, ranching or leasing simply won’t cut it at this point.

Rather, you need to be able to make your land produce the abundance of nature which will bring in regular income for minimal effort or human resource skills. It is the beauty of the old-time English estates. They had the plenty and bounty of every kind of plant and animal, which would reproduce and yield more plants and more animals. They had the beauty and function of the fact that nature is wildly over-generous.

This is one type of generosity of which you should DEFINITELY take advantage.

There are so many ways in which nature supplies overwhelmingly abundant excess, not “just enough” like is sometimes believed, and you should take advantage of this wild plenty.

Making your land pay for itself, whether it is an investment land owned by your company or it is live agriculture on your business’s landscape, you should be able to take advantage of the plenty which organically comes from nature.

While Envirosafe Solutions cannot claim to produce 50,000 times more than we are fed, like a blackberry bush or beech tree could, we would like to give as much as humanly possible to the green, eco friendly movement and to the regular care and maintenance of businesses out there. For this, we have created diesel bug killer, bath and tile cleaner, fuel conditioner, rubber remover, multi-purpose lubricant, and a lot of other different kinds of environmentally friendly liquids. The results are spectacular. You can keep your business in pristine condition, and you can do so in a happy, healthy way. Make your land pay for itself? Talk about making your chemical solutions pay for themselves. If you are looking for an eco friendly way to bring care and maintenance to your business office or worksite, then be sure and look up Envirosafe Solutions. Our chemical treatments are the best of the best in Australia and we would love to live up to our reputation! Call us today to place your order: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Working Out the Problems, Literally

Toilet Bowl CleanerAlright, so you have decided to use eco friendly liquid products from Envirosafe Solutions. You have received all of your wonderful, environmentally friendly liquids and they are sitting in your business right now, as you read this.

What do you do now? Should you make a complete switch between chemicals or gradually introduce our eco friendly variety until your old chemicals are either used up or phased out? Is there a difference and if so, what is it?

The problem with switching from one entire brand to another is that you may or may not be able to tell what all of the benefits are between all of the different chemicals. And, if you happen to be allergic or in some way affected by one of the chemicals, how do you know which one it is? Furthermore, if you begin using your chemical solutions right now, are you wasting any chemicals which you currently have in storage, and if so, is it worth the waste?

At this point, we would recommend that you organize your cleaning and maintenance chemicals, lining up our products behind ones you are already using. The only exception to this would be chemicals which you have been using which you know, for sure, are ineffective or dissatisfactory in some way. In those cases, make the switch right away, and be sure to dump your current chemicals in an appropriate waste disposal area. As you use up the chemical solutions you are already applying, you will switch over to our products in an uneven manner. And this is good, because then you will be able to tell how each one is different and exactly how much you like it.

Always use our products roughly and use them up thoroughly. Work through your dirt and grease problems, literally, by putting our chemicals to the test. Don’t worry about their strength or potency. All of our chemicals, including our antibacterial hand wash, dishwasher rinse aid, ice break, and graffiti remover, are up to the task. Put them through their paces. Make sure they work hard for you. Then, visit our website or get on the phone, and order some more: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Big Oil, Big Green

Rust ConverterBig oil is a big deal. So much of the world’s energy is provided by big oil, and so therefore whoever is controlling the oil is controlling a lot of the money in the world, to be perfectly honest. It also means that, even if green solutions are found for the energy crisis, mass production can be difficult and popularity just won’t be the same. It doesn’t matter how much you may like your green eco friendly movements, there is still a preference for the convenience and strength and reliability that big oil provides on a daily basis. The petroleum products we use, the clothing we wear, the processed snack foods, and don’t forget all of the petrol that we go through every day.

Big oil is highly influential, even deep in the heart of the green movement. Yes, alternative fuel is being researched and developed and autos are being built with plenty of alternative fuel options, but the thing is that we like being able to go to the petrol station and know exactly what we are getting. It is familiar to us. And familiarity really does help sell big oil to earth’s citizens. Big oil really does a fine job of making itself known and well understood to so many people that it kind of boggles the mind when you think about it.

What will happen to big oil when Big Green finally makes an appearance? Well, chances are, there will be a blending of available products and fuel sources for us to choose from, like it was when Microsoft finally lost the total computer monopoly to competition from Apple.

Today, you can make a big difference by changing out the chemicals you use on a daily basis. There’s a lot of validity in using eco friendly chemical solutions, because you are getting used to and helping everyone else get used to all chemicals being eco friendly. Envirosafe Solutions provides products like glue remover, antibacterial hand wash, porta-loo treatment, fuel conditioner, and dishwashing liquid. All of these environmentally friendly liquids are meant to protect the environment and be useful in your day to day maintenance. We provide bulk quantities for business use: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Coca-Cola and Carbon Free Actions: The Red Company is Turning Green

Dishwasher PowderAlright, folks, we have a mouthful of words for you. Repeat after us. “Hydro.” Very good. Now say, “Fluoro.” That was really well done. Now, go for “Hydrofluorocarbon-free cooler.”

We knew you could do it.

We’re very proud of you.

Coca-Cola, the red-and-white logo company of excellent soft drink quality (depending upon your favorite soft drink) is very active in turning green, and they have just announced the installation of their one-millionth…yes, you guessed it…hydrofluorocarbon-free cooler this year. This is will prevent 5.25 million metric tons of carbon dioxide over ten years.

Now, that’s a powerful policy to have.

No, no, this doesn’t mean that you have to switch to Coca-Cola if you prefer Dr. Pepper (oh wait, they own both soft drinks), but it does mean that you can be proud to provide Coca-Cola vending machines in your place of business and to make sure that everyone knows what this company is doing for the environment. Ecological? Yes. Economical? Yes.

What more could you ask for?

Now that Coca-Cola has taken such dramatic steps to reduce their own company carbon emissions and preserve the world for future drinkers of cola, they have set a huge example to other soft drink makers to follow in their footsteps and to become eco friendly and carbon-reducing themselves. This is not just good for one business, but for an entire industry of businesses. In five years, any company which is not following Coca-Cola’s worthwhile example will stick out like a sore thumb and be very noticeable to the press and the eco friendly community as a whole.

That is a lot of power and influence to wield, and we here at Envirosafe Solutions is glad that Coca-Cola is influencing companies to turn away from the dark side (sound the Star Wars theme) and to turn green, instead.

Envirosafe Solutions provides eco friendly radiator cleaner, laundry powder, dust suppressor, and mineral deposit remover, as well as many other environmentally friendly liquids, to businesses all over Australia. If you would like to join these ranks of powerful companies which choose eco friendly industrial liquid over hazardous, non-eco solutions, then call us up today to place your order: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.


Holding Water in the Ground

Eco Friendly Liquid ProductsThere are only a few books out there which discuss rain gardens, but you will still find a good deal of solid plans on what to do to bring rain water into your ground and keep it there. You see, when it comes to barren lands, such as grasslands or plains or even desert environments, the rain water runs off of the ground (rather than soaking into it) and leaves the land high and dry. If not that, the rain water sits on top of the ground (again, without soaking into it) and soon evaporates. This is especially true in dry, windy, arid regions.

Holding water in the ground involves forming deep cracks in the earth which can reach over forty feet down, and allowing water to simply build up reserves in these deep breaks in the earth. However, for that to happen, you need tree roots. If you read the current books on building and developing and caring for rain gardens, you will see the various layers of water conservation and understanding which are illustrated and carefully explained in each text.

Does this mean that you can turn a desert environment into a sparkling oasis? Not necessarily. And certainly not right away. What this DOES mean is that you can store rain water if and when it comes down, while still protecting the soil and the built up rain water in between rain showers, no matter how infrequently they may arrive. This makes your land more resilient and your plants better able to weather drought conditions or extreme weather conditions. This process makes arid regions much more hardy than they would be if simply left in these drought conditions.

Envirosafe Solutions brings a certain amount of safety to the earth because we implement eco friendly qualities into our chemical cleaning and maintenance solutions. Now, these cleaning solutions are all a part of how we are making the world a better and safer place, but you should know what we carry! We provide many different types of environmental cleaning products and maintenance solutions, including fuel conditioner, glue remover, disinfectant, and ice break. All of these products are meant to help keep the world as a whole a better place: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Have a Vision

Have a VisionHave you noticed that when you have a strong purpose in your life you really enjoy greeting the morning and staying up late at night working on your goals, dreams or projects? Have you also noticed that when you have nothing toward which to work, you feel a little bit let down, like you lost a chance to do something you really wanted to do? Having a vision is what makes tomorrow worthwhile. When you look at the dream you hold in front of your eyes, do you feel how much you need it?

When certain people go after environmentally friendly causes, there is a devotion to the project which far outweighs its measurable benefits. When you set something before to achieve, you feel the thrill of hope, of pushing against your comfort zone, expanding your boundaries, and literally forcing the ceiling of your spirit up higher so that it can move freely.

At Envirosafe Solutions, we are in the business of extremely practical things. Our chemical solutions, all of which are planet safe, perform ordinary business, worksite and household tasks. There can be nothing more practical than tools to aid the daily grind. However, in our hearts, we see the vision before us of replacing all of the harsh chemical solutions in the world with easy, highly effective eco friend liquid products. What could be better than attaining an achievable goal and bettering the state of the planet at the same time? Who could love their jobs more than we do? Yes, our products are very practical. We carry marine glass cleaner, mould rid, hard water laundry liquid, and solvent free degreaser. The spirit of a dreamer certainly does not seem to be in these products, but it is.

Your business is your vision. You get up early and stay up late honing your workplace processes, training your beloved employees, and cleaning your worksites. That is the vision you hold in front of you and toward which you are always moving. Envirosafe Solutions can help.

As part of your meticulously created company, examine to see how effective our cleaning chemicals are beside the ones you are already using. Then call us: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Burning the Candle At Both Ends

Dishwasher PowderBurning the candle at both ends is used to refer to people who are so accustomed to using up all of their available resources that they will soon burn out. Now, let’s think about this for a minute. Will someone actually burn out in this case, or does it depend upon context? Can you burn the candle at both ends on some occasions and then some more on other occasions?

What qualifies as burnout?

What actually happens when someone keeps burning the candle at both ends, metaphorically, in their lives?

Naturally, this discussion is a part of how we as people of the earth tend to burn the candle at both ends with regard to ecological sustainability. Survival of the fittest and random weather patterns necessitate the ability to plan ahead and plan for sustainability in the future. If you really want to be a part of the world, in the form of your great-great-grandchildren, then you must necessarily see this as an opportunity to grow and develop, to seize the day, and to begin to make note of the fact that what you do now…right now…is what will determine future generations and future sustainability. This is not something which can really be up for discussion as to its validity.

There is just too much at stake.

Burning the candle at both ends means being really free and happy with what you have, but using what you have down to the very last little bit of it. It means learning self sufficiency in both your personal and business habits, on a regular basis. Dust suppressor must be eco friendly. Ice break and liquid hand soap must be eco friendly. Everything you use, buy, or lend out must be environmentally friendly liquids, like our diesel bug killer or rubber remover from Envirosafe Solutions. There is just no way around this. The more you do today, the more security and efficacy you, your business, and your money will have tomorrow. Plan ahead and purchase the kind of eco friendly industrial liquid put out by Envirosafe Solutions. We know our business. We know our future. Let us help you with yours. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Burning Down the Extra Foliage

Dishwasher PowderAll over the world, fire is being used in a controlled way in order to accomplish a set, specific purpose. In the forests, fires are used to encourage new growth, to encourage growth from trees which only bloom after a fire, to wipe out dead waste, and to define reserved national park areas.

In the cities, controlled fire is used to safely and effectively demolish a structure which would ordinarily take many man hours and fuel usage of machines to tear it down, part by part. There is some natural concern about the burning of wood releasing carbon into the air, but these are usually for small projects, anyway. Forest fires and city fires are very carefully contained and maintained, in order to build a brighter future for tomorrow. They are set on purpose.

Then, there are areas which specialize in prevent fires from approaching houses, buildings, or land. In fact, in the prairie days of North and Central America, bur oaks were known for keeping away the fire because their tree sap simply doesn’t burn like other trees. Many people in North and Central America did not know this, but the ones who did were at an advantage when it came to the vast and easily wind-spread prairie fires. It became a matter of practicality to have some of these rules of North and Central America written down in books so that people could be further educated on the subject. More and more people learned how to prevent fires from spreading so much, and the whole situation became better over time.

In the world around us, we need to utilise this knowledge to bring further renewability to the earth. Envirosafe Solutions is doing it through our collection of environmentally friendly liquids, our eco friendly chemical solutions, like our diesel bug killer, our toilet bowl cleaner, our glue remover, and our radiator coolant. We know that your all important focus is your business, and that in addition to that, you are choosing to care about the earth. We commend your focus on sustainability: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

The Sound of Silence

Dishwasher PowderIn addition to the popular song by Simon and Garfunkel, the sounds of silence affect different people in different ways. For example, silence often affects political parties by making them nervous. If the public is silent about them, then it means that they do not notice them or consider them worthy of notice. It affects siblings by making them angry or upset at each other. There is nothing more effective than the silent treatment when you are giving it to a family member. Silence can be golden, but it can also be fraught with tension.

When people dismiss the sustainability of the earth, they are being silent about the matter. It is not worthy of their consideration. However, some people are so vocal about eco friendly practices that they are seen as intrusive.

The thing to do is to begin implement sustainable practices in small ways. It begins with using eco friendly liquid products rather than your currently used harsh, non-eco chemicals. It begins by budgeting for more eco friendly materials and chemicals for the future. It begins by taking a step back and evaluating your business objectively for the sustainability it is bringing to the world.

Well, we here at Envirosafe Solutions distribute environmental cleaning products all over Australia, to both businesses and individuals, and our policy is to make sure that everyone has enough Extreme Green products to make a noticeable difference to our carbon footprint and contribution to cleaner water and air.

For that reason, we urge you to try our insect and tar remover, disinfectant, rust remover, and laundry powder. Our goal is to bring our chemical solutions to every business in Australia and to continue to provide them with an easy way to break the silence about earth sustainability.

Yes, break the silence today concerning earth safety. Contribute your labor and money toward businesses like Envirosafe Solutions which in turn help your business to operate smoothly. To learn more, visit our product pages, send us a question, or call us up and ask us anything you like. It is our goal to break the sound of silence, and to eagerly spread the word about Envirosafe Solutions: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Out of the Ashes

Dishwasher PowderDuring the Dark Ages, men, women and children led peasant lives, with very little education or understanding. This included hygiene or any knowledge of parasites, and there was a great deal of superstition in order to make up for this lack of scientific understanding. However, there was a great deal of practical knowledge about chemical household tasks, such as making soap from the lye of ashes from the fire.

In essence, we can clean our bodies from the fire. Yes, that was just a joke.

Many civilizations around the world have understood the precept of creating lye from wood ash, and making soap from the lye. Now, the lye gets really hot, and it has been used to burn flesh off of live humans when poured from walls…and this has been done in hundreds of wars.

It is very interesting what comes out of the ashes: basic household and body cleaning, as well as highly effective war weapons.

Today, we have far more sophisticated chemical compounds, such as the eco friendly industrial liquids distributed by Envirosafe Solutions. We carry sanitiser, mould rid, and hard water laundry liquid. Our fuel conditioner and radiator coolant are safe for the planet. In fact, our whole line of products is free and clear of earth dangers. Now, that is what we call service to our business clients.

When your workers are pouring bulk quantities of solvent free degreaser on a particularly messy floor, remember that it is not only doing the job for them, but it is eco friendly. Do you see how just about anything can be created and destroyed and recreated again? Even wood ash, seemingly unusable, is collected and utilized for basic needs. Even the ashes from the fire still have function and ability to make our lives better than they were before. There is no such thing as the end of a life cycle. Life cycles continue, and they keep going long after our death. Now, we have chemical solutions which serve double duty for our daily maintenance. When you are looking to send off your next purchase order, remember that we are here for you. We are here to fulfill your eco friendly needs: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Innovations in Green Building and Construction

Dishwasher PowderToday, we are finding newer and better ways to make our homes and offices more energy efficient, energy saving, and eco friendly, not only in materials, but in function itself. Metallic paint and spray on insulation contribute to making reflecting sunlight outward and heat inward, as well as making sure that the home is more securely insulated, so that people are happier about their decisions to invest in eco friendly solutions.

Innovations in green building are a part of what makes people so eager to contribute to the future of the earth by monetary and labor investment in reducing carbon emissions and all kinds of other eco friendly sustainability and renewability.

When Envirosafe Solutions came on the scene a few years ago, we knew that the market was ripe for green chemical solutions. When you use our eco friendly liquid products, you are using our ability to find ways around all of the different dangerous chemical reactions which often permeate the industrial cleaning and maintenance markets.

You shouldn’t have to put up with that!

As long as your business is run in an eco friendly manner, you shouldn’t have to put up with sick, hazardous, ultra toxic non-eco friendly chemical solutions in your green building and construction sites. No, instead, you should have a way to deal with this in an effective manner, and that is through purchasing eco friendly liquid products from Envirosafe Solutions. Combine all of your green and sustainability efforts.

Don’t compromise.

Don’t waver in your faith in a better future for our earth.

Envirosafe Solutions is one of the many companies in Australia which specialize in replacing current hazardous market products with safe, environmentally friendly liquids. This is so important for your business. You will feel better about the mark you are leaving on the world, and so will your employees. This is a safe, effective way to take care of things. Now, if you would like to purchase chemical solutions from us, be sure and check out our website. We carry bath and tile cleaner, graffiti remover, marine glass cleaner, and fabric conditioner. There are many other products to check out if you would like to see them: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.