Extreme Green Soil Wetta is a
long lasting wetting agent which was designed
specifically for Australian conditions..


Extreme Green Soil Wetta is a long lasting wetting agent designed specifically for the agricultural industry and Australian conditions where problems associated with poor water absorption in soils negatively affects crops, costs time, money and wastes our precious water resources.

Soil wetting agents, also known as surfactants or hydrophilic agents, are substances used to improve the absorption and distribution of water in soil. There are many benefits and uses of soil wetting agents, and they are widely used in agriculture, horticulture, landscaping, and other related industries.


  1. Agriculture: Soil wetting agents are widely used in agriculture to improve crop growth and yields. They are particularly useful in areas with water-repellent soils, where water and nutrients are not able to penetrate to the roots of plants.
  2. Horticulture: Horticulturists also use soil wetting agents to improve the growth of plants, especially in areas with poor soil structure or water-repellent soils. This helps to reduce the need for frequent watering and improves the overall health and appearance of plants.
  3. Landscaping: Soil wetting agents are also used in landscaping to improve the growth of plants, shrubs, and trees. This helps to create healthier, more attractive landscapes that are better able to withstand environmental stress.
  4. Turf management: Soil wetting agents are widely used in turf management to improve the health and appearance of lawns. They help to reduce the amount of water needed for irrigation and improve the overall health of the grass, leading to a more attractive and sustainable lawn.

In conclusion, Extreme Green Soil Wetta has many benefits and uses in various industries. By improving water penetration, enhancing nutrient uptake, reducing water usage, and improving plant growth, soil wetting agents play an important role in ensuring healthy and sustainable plant growth.

Extreme Green Soil Wetta is extremely economical and is ideally suited to Farming/Shire applications where effectiveness and cost are major factors.

This is a very low impact product that can be used safely to increase your productivity and reduce cost. There are cheaper wetting agents out there, but none that are as effective as Extreme Green Soil Wetta. Try it, see the benefits and then calculate your total savings taking all factors into consideration.

  • Benefits:
  • Fast penetration of most soil types
    • Improving water penetration: Soil Wetta helps to improve the penetration of water into soil, especially in dense or compact soils, which can be water repellent. This allows water to reach the roots of plants, providing them with the necessary moisture they need to grow.
    • Enhancing nutrient uptake: Soil Wetta also help to enhance the uptake of essential nutrients and minerals by plants. By increasing the water content in the soil, plants are able to absorb more nutrients, leading to improved growth and overall health.
    • Reduced dust when working on dry soil
    • Less evaporation and less water run-off
    • Reducing water usage = Greater water savings
      • Soil Wetta allows for more efficient use of water, as they help to distribute water more evenly throughout the soil. This reduces the amount of water needed to maintain healthy plant growth, which is particularly important in areas that experience water scarcity.
      • Enables even spread of moisture in the soil
    • Easy to mix and use
    • Easier breaking of soil clods
    • Eliminates beading in bulldust to give good penetration
    • Improving plant growth: By improving water penetration and nutrient uptake, soil wetting agents can help to improve plant growth and overall health. This can lead to increased yields and better quality crops.

Point of Difference:

  • Extreme Green Soil Wetta is very cost effective.
  • Extreme Green Soil Wetta may be used with any type of water, including rainwater, bore water and salt water.
  • Tankers used to apply Extreme Green Soil Wetta may also be used to cart drinking water (unlike other acid-based products).


  • Road bases: dilute Extreme Green Soil Wetta at 1:2000 with water and apply via water tanker. If repeating, use product in every third tanker load. No residual is left in tank after flushing.
  • Long term agricultural soil wetting: use 100ml/100ltr of Extreme Green Soil Wetta per acre of land to be treated. The more water you can put with it the deeper the penetration.
  • Street Sweepers and Fire Fighting: dilute Extreme Green Soil Wetta at a rate of 1:2000 with water for improved efficiency.

Shelf Life:

  • Indefinite when stored in a cool, dry, well ventilated location away from direct sunlight.


  • 5 litres
  • 10 litres
  • 20 litres
  • 205 litres
  • 1000 litres

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