Hospitals/Clinics & Aged/Child Care

The duty of care faced by hospital and nursing home carers is a complex one. Not only do you have the immediate well-being of your patients to consider, you must also be aware of long term risks that arise from your industrial practices.

Hospital and aged care environments have an intensive demand for industrial liquids – cleaners, sanitisers, disinfectants and so on. You can guarantee an extra degree of safety and comfort for your patients, simply by ensuring that your liquids are low toxicity, low odour and non-irritating.

Envirosafe Solutions stocks everything you need for a clean, safe and healthy care environment. Discover what you can achieve – and what you can prevent – with the Extreme Green range for Hospitals, Clinics and Care Homes.

All Envirosafe Solutions products are highly effective, 100% biodegradable and proudly engineered in Australia. To save you time, we’ve put together a list of Extreme Green products that are specifically targeted to your industry. These liquids can replace many of the products you currently use, greatly reducing your environmental impact.

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