Total Beerline Cleaner is an advanced formula to
ensure your beer lines are thoroughly cleaned.


Total Beer Line Cleaner is a heavy duty, 2 part beer line cleaner with sanitiser that rinses freely from all cleaned surfaces. Total Beer Line Cleaner will not affect the head of drawn beer as it is non-tainting, thus it will not leave any trace of odour to contaminate beer.

For extended equipment life, Total Beer Line Cleaner is non-corrosive when used at recommended dilution rates. Total Beer Line Cleaner is designed to remove impurities, beer stone and bacteria from lines, leaving your equipment sparkling clean and healthy.

As an added bonus, Total Beer Line Cleaner is low in phosphates, better for you, better for the environment.


  • Cleaning beerlines.


  • Heavy Duty Cleaner
  • Removes Impurities
  • Non Tainting
  • Free Rinsing
  • Sanitizes

Point of Difference:

  • Highly effective
  • Low in Phosphates
  • Very economical
  • Non corrosive at recommended dilution rates


Special instructions – Do not mix Part A and Part B together in their concentrated form. Always add water to Keg/Bucket first and then add required amount of Total Beer Line Cleaner.

  1. Rinse lines with cool clean water
  2. Fill Keg / Container with sufficient amount of cool clean water to fill lines.
  3. Add to water 12ml of Part A and 12ml of Part B per litre of water
  4. Allow solution to flow freely through beer taps to ensure lines are properly filled and leave for 30 minutes (preferably overnight)
  5. Flush lines with cool clean water to remove residue and drain well

Shelf Life:

  • 6-12 months when stored in a cool, dry, well ventilated location away from direct sunlight.


  • 5 litres (Please note: Now supplied in 4 x 5 ltrs of Part A & 4 x 5 ltrs of Part B = 40 ltr minimum order)

Envirosafe Rating

Septic/Greywater Rating

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