Discipline in the Workplace

Laundry PowderHave you ever visited someone’s home and thought that they lacked discipline because they do not care for their home and possessions as well as you care for yours? Have you ever had a reciprocal thought about yourself compared with others? Often, discipline can be seen. Discipline is evident in how good of a shape someone’s body is in, how good of a shape their finances are in, and how well they clean and care for themselves and their home, vehicle, children, and other possessions.

Discipline in the workplace can be seen, as well.

If your jobsite has polished floor, scrubbed concrete, clean windows, and washed walls, you can see the difference. You can see how good it really is. You can show it to people and they will think that it must always be that clean.

That is the value that cleaning and maintenance chemical solutions bring to workplaces. They must be hard enough strength to make a very real difference in the dirt, grime, grease, etc. and they must be thorough enough to only need a little bit of it mixed with water to get the whole surface spotless. There are reasons why chemical companies spend billions every year coming out with the latest, newest, best quality chemical solutions. It is because people have higher and higher expectations for what those chemicals are able to do.

And now, Envirosafe Solutions has raised the bar even higher.

We have made a full array of very individualized and very high quality chemical solutions for both cleaning and maintenance, and they are all eco friendly. That is what quality in a chemical company looks like, my friends.

Our products include fuel conditioner, fabric conditioner, laundry powder, hard water laundry liquid, radiator coolant, and solvent free degreaser, including many other products. We here at Envirosafe Solutions are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality eco friendly chemical solutions so that your business and your domestic life can be planet friendly. We are so proud of the progress we have made into the Australian business marketplace. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

The Ten Thousand Reasons Why

Fabric ConditionerTen thousand reasons are needed by some people who are given the sermon about who they should support politically as far as green movements goes. These reasons will, in fact, answer all of their questions, and they may even come away convinced. However, what is needed are not all of the answers, but instead an attitude change.

When someone has the right attitude, they give themselves and everyone around them a break from all of the drama which necessarily follows in the wake of the “ten thousand reasons” why something should be a certain way. Is this getting confusing yet? Let’s look at an example.

If someone you know needs a lot of convincing in order to be sold on the eco friendly idea, then you may not be dealing with someone who is actually uninformed and is actually looking for more information. You may be dealing with a stubborn person who really does not wish to be convinced and who is using their attitudes about you to confirm their own notions about what to think.

If they already consider you a pushy person, then it would be helpful to them to see all people who are green as pushy people, and that helps confirm their notion that they should not, indeed, be eco friendly.

Of course, you don’t have to do any convincing at all. You can simply go quietly about your business and let your actions and purchases do your talking for you. When competitors come into your business, they will find Envirosafe Solutions under your bathroom storage shelves. They will see that your staff uses plenty of environmental cleaning products from Envirosafe Solutions, like our glass cleaner, bath and tile cleaner, and toilet bowl cleaner. Your competitors may even travel as far as your jobsite where they will see your use of solvent free degreaser and mineral deposit remover from Envirosafe Solutions. They will feel left behind in the competition. They will want to mimic you. They will want to be as earth conscious as you are. Now, that’s a good reason why: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Layers of Vegetation: Water Retention Methods

Dishwasher PowderNumerous texts on creating rain gardens list the various aspects of a rain garden which allow rain to soak back into the earth, rather than run off or evaporate. By preserving water in the earth, we are able to preserve entire landscapes and build whole new eco environments.

First, there is the layer of groundcover. This layer separates the soil from everything above it. It also protects the soil from being blown away or washed away. It prevents soil erosion. It also holds roots in place which make immediate use of the first rainfall.

Second, there is the layer of bushes. These shade the ground and provide deeper root systems which make use of the water which is by now soaking mostly into the soil. Bushes also help shape land curvatures over time, and so are very important when maintaining soil and hillsides and so on.

Third, we have the layer of trees. This layer does something quite special. The roots go the deepest into the ground and create cracks in the earth’s crust, very deep, in which water can gradually seep and form water deposit deep beneath the earth. Trees also provide more protection against the wind and rain, not to mention sponsoring many plant and animal eco systems.

Fourth, we have the layer of vines, which can run all over the ground, over the bushes, and up into the trees. Vines have a stabilizing effect upon the earth, and bring an added dimension to the three layers of vegetation which have been planted first.

Envirosafe Solutions brings stability to your business place and worksite. We carry eco friendly chemicals. And we really have a vested interest in helping your company be greener, as well. We know that sanitiser, mould rid, dishwashing liquid, and solvent free degreaser may not seem like green chemicals, but at Envirosafe Solutions, they really are very eco friendly. We also provide radiator coolant, antibacterial hand wash, toilet bowl cleaner, and mineral deposit remover. You may not have many layers of vegetation, but you probably have many layers of business work which needs to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Call us today to place your order: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Caution in Preserving Armenian Lake Sevan

Eco Friendly Liquid ProductsThe recovery of trout reserves and fish breeding is taking precedence in Lake Sevan in Armenia. Plans have been laid and activity is moving forward in order to make sure that the breeding of and sustainability of the fish population is in full recovery. Now, this recovery means that many people will be able to fish and use the lake in the future, if the lake becomes a local population growth source, which will be good for the local economy, and it will also establish a point of preservation techniques for other areas where pollution is high and the same problem exists.

It is said by many people that the increase of artificial foraging for the fish, which include nitrogen and phosphor, will make the problem worse by increasing the very pollutants which are causing the lake to have problems in the first place. This interesting back and forth analysis describes an interesting idea about the process. Some researchers are saying that the fish populations are trying to be revived without any cost or study being put into finding the best way to both increase the fish population and make the lake a more ecological and sustainable resource, as well.

Apparently, some action is being taken on behalf of the fish which may in some ways impede progress of a suitable lake environment to hold future populations of fish and other plants and animals which depend upon and work within these eco systems. For this reason, there is local doubt and concern about the progress of rehabilitating the fish population so soon, but there are a lot of proponents for these efforts, as well.

In the real world, we must reduce the amount of pollution which affects our lakes and rivers, no matter which country we live in. Australia has Envirosafe Solutions, an eco friendly chemical solutions company, which provides far less toxic versions of ordinary, everyday chemicals which businesses and jobsites use every day, including solvent free degreaser, diesel bug killer, dishwasher powder, industrial hand cleaner, and mould rid. Now, these environmentally friendly liquids are designed to create far less pollution than their non-eco counterparts. If you or your company is looking to green it up, then Envirosafe Solutions is the company to call in Australia: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

2014 Eco Wedding Dresses

Fabric ConditionerThe eco friendly wedding is not just a new fad. It is definitely here to stay. And out of all of the custom made eco friendly wedding dresses, patterns of the latest styles and customs are coming out. If you would like something like that, then read this article.

The long, draped Elvira look. This look is typically constructed of cream lace from head to toe, with a traditional normal waistline, cinched, and slightly shaped shoulders and long, close sleeves. It can easily be paired with gothic makeup for a beautiful gothic look, or it can be used in a harvest wedding.

The Bohemian Cotton Hippie look. This look involves a simplistic and gracefully shaped, but otherwise detail-less dress with straight lines of contour and no horizontal seams, even around the waist. These dresses typically have a boat neck or an off the shoulder princess look with a matching headband or scarf.

The short Cocktail Demure look. These dresses are made from cream silk or satin, not shiny but matte finish, are shaped in a bit of a 1960s dress look with an A-line skirt, and are great paired with dark brown high heels and dark brown makeup with gold accents in the hair. This dress goes great with a large cream rose bouquet.

The Long Shirt look. This dress is about as hippie as it gets, and only has a few side details, done American Indian style to add some sense of style to it. It is great for a large, flow-y look and paired with long hair kept down and leather and white headband of sorts. It is beautiful with bridesmaids dresses of pure white long shirt dresses, complementing the taupe wedding dress.

Of course, these are just the latest styles for 2014 eco friendly wedding dresses, and that’s saying a lot. There are many hundreds of choices to look at and decide from, but remember that at no point in this should the groom be allowed to drink the punch. Envirosafe Solutions offers eco friendly liquid products for your festivities cleanup and get-ready. Eco friendly fabric conditioner, hard water laundry liquid, and glass cleaner would all come in handy in these circumstances. Call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Combing Out the Spirit

Eco Friendly Liquid ProductsThe spirit of humans is a very tenacious one. We really cannot be stopped in anything we try to do. If we focus on something long and hard enough, we make it happen, no matter what it is. We have the ability to create and use our resources and bring up just about anything out of our conscious minds into the very earth reality of everyday life.

However, we all know that there is nothing quite like being in nature when it comes to combing out the spirit and getting it all nicely detangled again. Nature brings us in touch with ourselves, with our own primal energy, and with what is really important to us. Nature is one of the foundational energies of the world. In fact, the outdoors with all of its trees, shrubs, and flowers came about perhaps before humans came about. No wonder we commune so well with it. It reminds us of an earlier, simpler time. We’re just kidding, of course. Primordial human nature must have been very complex, indeed, to have formed into who and what we are today.

Being outside among the beauty and tactile offerings of nature is what combs out our spirits and makes us feel whole again. Therefore, it is pretty important to preserve this pristine wilderness and large, shady forests and enormous pasture plains. We need solutions which work with nature, not against her. For that, we will be using Envirosafe Solutions chemicals, and helping to protect our world a little better for future generations. Our toilet bowl cleaner, rubber remover, dishwashing liquid, and fuel conditioner are all examples of our eco friendly liquid products which allow you to clean, maintain, and repair your homes, businesses, and equipment without all of the damage to the environment.

Yes, the human spirit needs a bit of detangling, and our beloved Mother Nature is great at handing us the comb. However, to be truly green, we must act rather than just sit and wish. This is where purchasing your company chemicals from Envirosafe Solutions comes in. We are truly happy with the result of our business, and we believe that you will be, too: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Beliefs of a Very Great Man

Laundry PowderWhen Ghandi began preaching peace, he realized that it was a process which would have to be given to humans in bite-size proportions. People are easily able to swallow things if they have them in small enough bites. However, when it comes to peace and war, people often bite off way more than they can chew. This is something which Ghandi knew and used to his advantage. For example, when he began speaking of taking back their homeland through peace, and not through war, he knew that laying out the whole plan may be overwhelming for people, at first.

It’s not that they wouldn’t receive it, and it’s not that they were too stupid to understand. It’s more along the lines of the solution being too far in the future or too far away from their own reality to really be believable to many people, even if they wanted badly to believe it.

The same principle applies to eco friendly solutions. You have to be willing to introduce it to people in small, bite-size chunks, in order for you to have any hope of them coming out of the darkness and into the light. If you stand and talk about the end of the world or global warming, the problem seems too big and too unfathomable to newcomers for them to really be motivated to do anything about it, unless they do something in a panic because they are frightened, and that’s never a good way of going about accomplishing anything.

When Envirosafe Solutions brought our eco friendly liquid products to the Australian business marketplace, we knew that they would probably be the most useful and useable at mines, transportation industries, hospitals, and industrial factories. However, a green company attempting to force its way into these hardcore industries was not a good idea. So we took our products, like our rust converter, marine glass cleaner, multi-purpose lubricant, and ice break, and we made a situation where people felt included in the eco world by using our products for little, everyday office and jobsite problems. Then, our name began to grow, and we have since taken off. Ghandi was right. Anything can be taken in if received in small enough proportions: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Before You’re A Beekeeper

Dust SuppressorBeing a beekeeper involves a lot of responsibility. First of all, you have to make sure yours bees are well fed and warm enough in the winter time. After that, you have to make sure that ants cannot get inside of the beehive and eat your bees. And then, you have to make sure that you budget for extra bee food in case they don’t make enough to support themselves during the winter. This is especially important if you have just got them, or if you have taken too much honey from their hive.

Bees are naturally pretty self sufficient, but they have predators in nature just like everything else. You, as the beekeeper, have to be prepared to tip the scales in their favor so that they don’t run out of options too soon.

In addition to setting up your bees and your hives for beekeeping, you may want to take advantage of the pollination of flowers in your garden…or get a garden to pollinate. Now, this is not a huge concern particularly out in the country, because bees can easily find food and travel long distances to get it. However, if you enjoy the great outdoors, and we assume that you do if you want to get into beekeeping, you might consider having a garden for them to locally thrive in.

In addition to the above requirements, you may have to think about possible making sure your hives are far enough away from any residents in your house who are allergic to bees. That would not be a very good way to start off your beekeeping duties, and people may protest if they feel threatened by it.

On top of all this, you will need to make sure that your hive is cleaned and maintained using eco friendly cleaning and maintenance agents, like those found at Envirosafe Solutions. Our eco friendly liquid products include solvent free degreaser, mineral deposit remover, antibacterial hand wash (particularly after you begin handling honey), and rust remover. May you and your bees be very happy in the future. For more information or to place an order for our chemical solutions, please feel free to contact Envirosafe Solutions at any time: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

High Plains in Texas

The author has lived for many years on the High Plains of Texas up in the Panhandle (the square at the top of Texas). These plains are so highGlue Remover above sea level that your ears pop when you leave them or arrive at them, just like they do when you are in an airplane. When we prepare for winter, we have to think about how high the wind will be across the vast flatness of the land. We also have to think about ways in which to make water sink into the soil rather than evaporate or run off the land when spring comes and it is raining all of the time.

There is so much need for regular planning on the Texas High Plains that it becomes rather impossible to not be eco friendly in this state. You have to have a good knowledge of what is sustainable when and where, and you have to make sure that you make the most of your resources, otherwise they will just blow away!

In fact, Texas, U.S.A. is home of the two biggest wind farms in the world. While the political leanings of the area are mostly conservative and right-wing, the capital city is hard-core left-wing and is highly ecologically aware and eco friendly.

If you live in Australia, however, there is company devoted to making “green” a common occurrence. We here at Envirosafe Solutions are hoping that you understand just how important using eco friendly chemicals are. It is with this in mind that we developed our sole line of environmentally friendly liquids, a wide variety of chemicals, all of which are effective, safe, and planet friendly. These products include office and household items like sanitiser and mould rid and glass cleaner and toilet bowl cleaner, as well as industrial worksite chemicals, such as solvent free degreaser, mineral deposit remover, and radiator coolant. If you would like to become a part of our world, then order from us and relive the dream that we get to live every day. This is the dream of working toward a greener future: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Ranching on Desert Land

Laundry PowderRanching on desert land is similar to the pasturing techniques which are now being employed worldwide to rebuild grasslands and to help the land reverse desertification. Ranching involves a fair amount of herding, but it also involves knowledge and use of high quality pasturing techniques. Even a ranch of several thousand acres can end up in a desert state if it is not tended carefully by the people who run it. There must be proper timing between the feeding of the animals, the fertilizing of the grass, and the moving on of the herd. Of course, in the wild, herds employ this technique quite efficiently. They must stay together to avoid predators, and they must also leave behind proper fertilization techniques, so that they can return to well fed grasses.

This is all a part of the circle of life, and it begins by observing the natural behavior of herd animals which roam in the wild. Their techniques are always the best techniques to use on grasslands and areas with desertification, even high desertification.

When you are looking to make your ranch even better, remember to also use eco friendly liquid products for your animal and equipment care. For example, Envirosafe Solutions provides mould rid, antibacterial hand wash, solvent free degreaser, and multi-purpose lubricant, all of which come in handy when owning and operating a high quality ranch. This is all a part of what it takes to give back to the land as much as, if not more than, you take from it. That is all a part of engaging and profiting from the cycle of life. Fuel conditioner and radiator coolant engage in this process as well, with your machinery and engines. There is so much to keep everything going, and it can all be safe for the environment, too. That is why ranchers and other industrial worksite owners use environmental cleaning products from Envirosafe Solutions. We treat our customers with care and our customers treat the planet earth with care. What more could you ask for in a life cycle? To learn more, visit our website, browse our product pages, and give us a call today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Paying It Forward with Green

Fuel ConditionerWhen you have a steady income that is based upon your own employment or some other work-based program, then you must work more if you want to earn more. Using those methods, be sure and remember to pay your costs and expenses forward quite a bit. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, then here is a short tutorial on the effectiveness of paying things forward, no matter what they are.

Financially speaking, paying it forward means that you are only using the income that you actually need, and that all excess money is put forward to the future of the company. This future is more and more guaranteed when you pay it forward more and more. Soon, the business will have so much saved up that it could run at a break even pace for the next ten years and still stay alive. It is important, at this point, to not make large expenditures which will then lead to less future value. If your business is to move forward, it must be able to make large expenditures every so often only after the future is still saved up for and available for the company.

Paying it forward applies in life when you build up a reserve of a resource, a relationship, a friendship, or a situation, long before you begin making withdrawals from it. It is these withdrawals which damage the future of your business, not make it larger or more stable. You must be able to grow and keep things in equilibrium at the beginning of the growth, at the same time.

Envirosafe Solutions chooses to pay things forward in more than one way. By distributing eco friendly liquid products, like our ice break and graffiti remover, as well as our fabric conditioner and radiator cleaner, we are paying it forward to the planet. We are participating in the security of the next four generations, at least. Pay it forward with us. Use our products, not the other guy’s, and purchase environmentally friendly liquids from us today. Visit our website, look at our thirty day money back guarantee, and feel free to ask us any questions you mayhave: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Investing in Futures

Fabric ConditionerInvesting in futures means that you predict that the market as a whole will go up or down, and you bet on that prediction. However, different futures markets really are widely varied, because they all have their basis in the commodities or products or companies they focus on, and these smaller, more individualized markets really are very different.

Investing in futures can be considered a risky investment, because it involves an unpredictable factor: the future. Naturally, we all like to think that we have the knack for pulling off such a feat, but unless you really understand every detail of what is out there, you probably will not be able to accurately do this, at least not every time.

When you invest, it is important to secure your assets in something which is reliable and steady. Of course, you don’t really want to invest in risky enterprises at all, but it can be tempting when the yields are so much higher than those of steadier investment.

When it comes to protecting our planet earth, we must remember that good investment means not being concerned about short term gains, but about overall long term stability and growth. That means that, no matter how hard you try to get a lot of revenue quickly from investment, it’s not going to happen. Of course, we must protect our earth without going to these short term extremes. Simply build a solid, steady plan for continued growth for the future and you will not want for anything in your old age. When you use business products, use eco friendly solutions like the environmental cleaning products and other eco friendly chemical products from us. We believe in our eco friendly solvent free degreaser, mould rid, and rust remover, as well as all of our other products. When you are looking for toilet bowl cleaner or glass cleaner, you’ve come to the right place.

Investing in futures is far more risky and far less rewarding than investing in the future of your world as a whole. If you build your company on abundance, abundance will come in increasing quantity to your company. To purchase any of our environmentally friendly liquids, call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Hong Kong Landfills and Hope for the Future Trash Disposal Needs

Fabric ConditionerIn Hong Kong, the area’s landfill needs are spreading, since it is projected that the current landfills will be full in five to six years. What does this mean for residents? For many years, Hong Kong has been trying to get municipalities to dispose of their own waste in their own areas, so as to reduce the city’s landfill problems. However, you can see that, whatever the case, the trash is overflowing, no matter where you put it.

In William Bryant Logan’s book, Dirt, he describes the Compost Man, a guy who has perfected the art of turning trash landfills into beautiful piles of compost. This means that anyone can do it, but it also means that you have to have the right knowledge and experience, and that comes from working hand-in-hand with the Compost Man and his team of workers. It may be a suitable alternative to Hong Kong’s filling trash problems.

In addition to that, Philadelphia, PA, in the U.S. has for many years used pigs (natural scavengers) in their landfills to help reduce the amount of waste that the city has to pile up year after year. And we all know that pigs eventually produce more….er, compost.

Of course, there are many ways around the problems of having to rezone and increase landfill area. Some of those problems are due to lack of information or lack of effective ways to bite off pieces of the problem, one piece at a time.

Fabric conditioner and marine glass cleaner are eco friendly liquid products provided by Envirosafe Solutions. In fact, we have a lot of situations in which we provide eco friendly chemicals to business throughout Australia. Our products are not edible or anything like that, but they contribute far less pollution than their harsh chemical counterparts on the market today, and they are just as effective as regular chemical solutions which you and your company use on a regular basis. Reduce your own waste by using eco friendly liquid products from Envirosafe Solutions. We believe in quality over quantity, but we always have plenty of quantity on hand, should you need it. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Home Style Spas and the Green Environment

Dishwasher Rinse AidIf you have hot springs bubbling out of the earth in your backyard, then you really shouldn’t be reading this at all.

You should be outside, enjoying the warm gushing water around you.

However, if you are like me, then you do not live right next to natural hot springs in the ground, and you will therefore need to think of other ways in order to bring eco friendly living to a home spa and your green environment.

You see, many people forget that one of the functions of their homes is to regenerate. Without that, it really doesn’t matter what else they do in life, as they will be too physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted to do anything about it.

Yes, you should be cleaning your home and office and jobsites using our Envirosafe Solution extreme green product line. However, if you are too wiped out to actually accomplish anything, then you shouldn’t be doing anything but regenerating first.

Eco friendly home spas are safe and effective, but they require some careful planning and forethought. First, you must think of how you want to treat yourself. This could be anything, such as soaking in water, swimming, exercising, running along a scenic route, resting on a fluffed down bed or futon, drinking alcohol, eating luxury food, being massaged, or any number of things. You see, if you have patience, you can create an oasis, a little haven, for your regeneration.

After you are done regenerating, then you can get busy cleaning with the eco friendly liquid products from Envirosafe Solutions. We carry toilet bowl cleaner, mould rid, solvent free degreaser, and insect and tar remover, as well as many other variety of eco friendly chemicals.

Our job is to make you feel safe in your planet and clean on your jobsite, no matter where it happens to be. We hope that you enjoy looking at our website, and that you try out a variety of chemicals from us, so that you know what you’d like to order in bulk in the future. Please visit our different product pages, and look around at all of the options you have available by ordering from us: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Famous One Liners and Ecology Today

Some of the more traditional one liners, such as, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” have taken a more esoteric meaning in today’s world, Fabric Conditioneramong cities where fire is likely of a problem and forests are a long ways away. In today’s world, that line applies to things like someone is showing up to work late and looking spaced out all of the time. These indications might mean that they have fallen into old self destructive habits.

In ecological terms, if a city is unable to properly dispose of its waste products, or an area is now restricted on water usage, then it means that resources are not being managed as well as they could be, and that someone should look into the matter fairly quickly.

“All’s well that ends well.” This one liner is a more daily line which was used on a fairly regular basis in order to state that it doesn’t matter how things are progressing for the short term, everything will be fine after all is said and done and the fight or problem is over.

Today, this one liner is so esoteric that it is barely used, but it makes an appearance after every major internal business crisis which has been successfully maneuvered. Since the eco friendly endeavors of planet earth are far from being over, this line would definitely not apply just yet.

In the end, mottos and sayings like these have their place, as long as they are used appropriately and not as a trite way to wrap up a conversation. We, as stewards of the earth, have a responsibility to buy and use things which are good for the earth and which contribute to the long term success of our need for sustainability and renewable resources.

That is why Envirosafe Solutions provides eco friendly dishwasher rinse aid, multi-purpose lubricant, porta-loo treatment, and mineral deposit remover to businesses all over Australia. Australia has a reputation for making good use of our resources to benefit the environment, and all of the chemical solutions we as a company provide are planet safe. We carry much more, including marine glass cleaner and antibacterial hand wash. Today, there may be a trend to through around phrases like “renewable resources,” but the long last effect on the environment will only come from buying and using proper materials where we find them. Envirosafe Solutions is part of that movement. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.