Friendships in Eco Friendly Endeavors

Solvent Free DegreaserFriendships carry a lot of weight with people. Our friendship help define who we are as people and who we will become in the future. When you are looking to make things a little better for yourself, then an easy solution is to look at your friendships. If you value them, then look at how you can do your part to maintain them well, and if you do not value them, then learn how to make them functional at an acquaintance level, rather than putting the same energy into them as you would put into friendships.

When your business is beginning to turn green or is continuing its green goals, remember that other businesses, even rival businesses, will be more than happy to reveal what their eco friendly practices are (especially since its free advertising for them) and so in this way, you can learn from what worked for other companies similar to yours and therefore what would be most likely to work for yours. Also, in this way, friendships between businesses are formed, and everyone is able to live in a more cooperative society.

When it comes to making the earth a better, safer place, it is more important to look at things objectively and to look at your business competition as a tool (in a good way) which can be leveraged on behalf of your own knowledge and experience. In many different types of businesses, Envirosafe Solutions has made tracks, just in providing eco friendly chemical solutions, like our insect and tar remover, mould rid, radiator cleaner, and hard water laundry liquid. All of these things are meant to make your company look and feel better, not just to everyone who enters it or works in it, but to the earth itself. It’s a real and valuable way you can improve the functionality of your company while also protecting the environment by using safer chemical solutions. If you are looking for such a business as this, then look no further than Envirosafe Solutions. We believe in being proud of our world, and in keeping it safe: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Local Knowledge, International Green Investing

Solvent Free DegreaserWhen you have a thorough knowledge of local conditions and processes, then you are able to make informed decisions about the buying and selling of local commodities. If you are an international commodities investor, then you are probably fully aware of the fact that many people believe in moving large amounts of money around without actually checking, in depth, the state of the local economy.

When you know something about the market in which you are working, you can tell when things are not quite as they should be, and your gut instinct will always lead you right when it comes to building bridges which won’t fall and putting down companies which you know are going down anyway. The result of intense and highly developed local knowledge is that you can really make a difference in the lives of the local people who depend upon that economy. You can invest in such a way that in improves both your life and the lives of those around you.

When we set up selling our environmentally friendly liquids, we knew that they must be adaptable to all types of environments and that many different kinds of businesses would be investing in our chemical solutions. Our toilet bowl cleaner, fabric conditioner, rust remover, and radiator coolant are just a few examples of what we have created for ourselves in our business. We firmly believe in our ability to make anything happen through environmental cleaning products like ours. When your business invests in green processes, products, and services, remember that our company can actually be functional in whatever you do for a living, and we can service clients all over Australia. We know our business well, and we believe firmly in the power of eco friendly sanitiser and soil wetta. We know that our local knowledge of chemical solutions, combined with your interest in investing in green products, will make us a both a team which can really make a difference in this world.

To find out more about what your business can do for the world or to place a purchase order with us, be sure and check us out online or give us a call: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Making Light of Shadow

Extreme GreenIf you have ever tried to order seeds from a catalogue or online, you will see how dominant “full sun” plants are in the marketplace. Shade plants are available, of course, but they are definitely in the minority of total number of overall plants. Why is this the case? Are there not plenty of forest environments where a wide variety of plants grow?

Actually, forest environments come in two types. First, you have the forest with really tall trees which form a towering canopy overhead and you can easily walk between the trees in any direction because the path is clear in every direction. Second, you have the forest where a whole bunch of dense foliage grows in many different layers and which provide plenty of cover for many different kinds of animals and critters to forage and live in their little woodsy homes.

In the latter example, you will hardly see any orchids or full sun flowers, and much of the foliage will just be green. While there are many different kinds of flowers which grow in the shade, most of these can grow in partial sun, too, and often catalogues list them as “full sun” because they wish to assure homeowners that their flowers will be able to withstand direct sunlight.

The shade from trees, bushes, and other plants makes us able to create environments of eco friendly sustainability, both warmth in winter and cooled down temperatures in summer. Shade is, for this reason, one of the more valuable assets to own in your business landscape. If you are looking for an eco friendly way to be more sustainable, consider leveraging the power of shade on behalf of your business.

Meanwhile, you can leverage the power of eco friendly chemical solutions on behalf of your business. Envirosafe Solutions is one of the leading eco friendly product providers in Australia. We distribute environmentally friendly liquids all over the nation and to select countries, solutions like our dishwasher powder, radiator coolant, multi-purpose lubricant, and our diesel bug killer. Take a look through our catalogue of products on our website, and see what you think would work best on your own jobsite. Every customer has specific needs: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Ten Jumps Ahead

Solvent Free DegreaserOkay, when you play chess, you know that you have to plan ahead all of the different moves you will make, depending upon what the other player plays. Now, this can be even more helpful than you think. Planning ahead not only takes you out of the defensive mode of operating, but it puts you into the offensive mode of operation.

Staying ten moves ahead, or in this case ten jumps ahead, allows you to be able to plan your future and the future of your business without living hand-to-mouth and without being super affected by every little thing which occurs in your company.

Not everything is easy, and every day, we have more and more problems to fix, and as we grow as people, we have higher and higher quality problems to fix. However, no matter what, if we plan ten moves ahead, we are able to exercise planning and control over our lives, and we are able to make things work for good and for the benefit of ourselves and those we love.

If you already have talents which you don’t use very often, what would happen if you were able to leverage those talents in a more effective way? You would probably use them all the time, and since they involve a natural skill set of yours, you would have a much greater advantage over other people than they would have over you.

With Envirosafe Solutions, we believe in planning ten moves ahead. We know that the earth needs us to plan ahead for it. What with global population growth and global warming, people are beginning to worry about resources, and that’s not an unreasonable worry. First of all, Envirosafe Solutions produces environmental cleaning products, like marine glass cleaner and radiator cleaner, which are safe for the planet. Moreover, these eco friendly industrial liquids especially for maintaining, degreasing, and cleaning are for your business. They are for your use. Use them! Leverage their abilities for the good of your company. Use up all of our chemicals and then order some more. Stay ten moves ahead, both in eco friendly behavior and in your business maintenance. Call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Stewardship and Hiring Tenants

Soil WettaStewardship involves the basic law of acquisition. In nature, whoever can make the most productive use of their resources are the creatures which end up on top of the food chain…or at least on top of their species. The law of acquisition states that, if you manage something well and completely, you will gain more of it over which to be a steward.

On this earth, we must be good stewards of our resources, and make the most of all of the equipment, chemicals, tools, and raw products which we have available. This is necessary because, without this stewardship, we can face mass problems with food shortages, material shortages, and homelessness.

Now, when you develop land, you must not only look after the land resources, but also the hiring and retaining of tenants. The same law of acquisition applies. In order to receive and retain good workers, you must be a good steward of people, too.

In the end, it is all in what you do with what you have and the time that you have to do it. It is all in how resourceful and inventive you are. And remember, it’s in the very word “resourceful.” In short, it means full of resources. You will become full of resources if you practice the law of acquisition and remain resourceful.

Now, when Envirosafe Solutions set up our business, we became extremely resourceful. We designed chemicals which are just as effective, if not more than, other non-eco friendly chemicals which are used on industrial worksites today. More than that, they are safe for the planet, too. Now, that is getting a lot of bang for your buck, as the Americans say. Envirosafe Solutions distributes our environmentally friendly liquids all over Australia, so that means that we can service your business today! Just browse through our selection of eco friendly industrial liquids, such as our radiator coolant or our mineral deposit remover, and pick out which items you already use on your jobsite. Then, make the decision to purchase the eco friendly alternative for the future! We are glad you chose us. For more information or to place an order, call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

New World Order and Eco Rumors

When petroleum products defined the superpowers of the world and crude oil reservoirs made overnight millionaires and billionaires, petroleum New World Order and Eco Rumorsdetermined the superpower nations. Today, the tides have turned. Now, whoever has the most eco friendly endeavors and sustainable energy is the new superpower of the world. Today, Australia has become one of the leading nations in eco friendly gains.

It is rumored that whoever has the most sustainable resources will end up ruling the next forty years of world economy. This rumor has some basis in fact. The fact is that the eco friendly movement has made great strides in the new world order, so to speak, and we will all be participating in the abundance that Australia is able to bring to the world economy.

Envirosafe Solutions is contributing to this national reputation through our environmentally friendly liquids. We have found ways to turn ordinary cleaning solutions into sustainable or semi-sustainable resources, because our products are safe for the planet, meaning that they can be produced and used and disposed of without hurting the eco system in any way. That…is a lot to say. We have hired researchers to find us the very best solutions possible, and our goal as a business is to produce and sell as many of these high quality chemical solutions as possible, including our diesel bug killer, our dishwasher rinse aid, our fabric conditioner, all not to mention our dust suppressor. We have so many products and such a wide variety of possible eco friendly industrial liquid that it will take a while to get through our website. We hope that you enjoy your journey through our product pages and that you take the time to see all of the various details we have posted about all of our products. We want you to enjoy the hard work we’ve put into these just as much as we do.

Join the new world order of eco friendly possibilities. Show your support for the green movement by purchasing your chemical and cleaning solutions from us rather than from a harsh, non-eco friendly supplier. Just make a simple switch. The working environment itself will take on a new air: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Earth Houses

Earth HousesOne of the most eco friendly sources of living is an earth house. Sometimes, earth ships are called earth houses, but earth ships are of a specific variety of earth house, made from stacking tires and dirt and packing it all around to create a structure. Typically, earth ships have three walls made out of this construction, and the fourth wall is of glass to let in light.

Earth houses can be very simple and they can be very ornate. One of the most common types of earth house is using a hill which exists, and then carving out a hole in it, using a supporting structure of beams and wood. Sometimes, the rock or hard clay of the walls will be showing, and sometimes that, too, is covered up with wood or clay or adobe. This is a really low cost way to live in a sheltered environment which is protected from the wind and rain and which can be a benefit in cold or hot weather, when topside wooden structures are susceptible to temperature changes. Some earth homes feature rammed earth and sit topside. Some are merely surrounded by soil when they are built.

The idea of earth homes is to be eco friendly and to save on energy costs at the same time. You can accomplish the same thing by using our environmentally friendly liquids. Our eco friendly rubber remover and glass cleaner are part of an eco friendly produced line of products produced by Envirosafe Solutions. Our goal is to bring simple chemical to an environmental standpoint, and to make them available for both household and industrial use. Our glue remover or our laundry powder are both examples of this. Both industrial cleaners and cleaning agents can be switched for our products, or everyday household products can be replaced by eco friendly solutions. No matter what kind of house you live in, Envirosafe Solutions can help you: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Burning Forests

Not many people realize this, but not all forest fires are bad. While some are accidental and cause vast amounts of destruction, there Eco Eco FriendlyFriendlyare quite a few which are started and dealt with on purpose. You see, there are times when forest rangers or other government officials in charge of forestry and preservation must clear away parts of forests which have become overgrown or detrimental to the environment around them.

In fact, many forest park service people keep tabs on what is going on around the area. There are various reasons why they may need to start a controlled fire and clear away part of the forest. Sometimes, it has to do with cyclical growth. Other times, it may involve a dangerous parasite which has entered the area from a traveling outsider. Maybe there really is overgrowth and the danger of too much vegetation dying off at the same time because of it. There are always really good reasons for controlling a purposely set fire in the vicinity and burning away something which needs to be cleared completely.

In addition to those reasons, people are quite talented at controlling and ending these purposely set fires if they have the right equipment and training. Forest fires, of course, spread very quickly, and it is in paramount to keep the actual size of the flames in a very limited direction. It is also paramount to keep plenty of water supply and water hosing equipment right on site the entire time of the fire. The area must be watched for a while afterward in order to make sure that no flying sparks may be smoldering in a nearby vicinity.

At Envirosafe Solutions, we pride ourselves on the control with which we design our products. Our environmental cleaning products may not be quite as effective as a well controlled forest fire, but they sure do clean up a worksite quickly, and they are eco friendly to boot. Dishwashing liquid, fuel conditioner and antibacterial hand wash are just a few of the high quality eco friendly liquid products we carry. Just like the rangers, we want to save our environment, not destroy it. Call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

High Quality Standards Expected Today

Environmentally Friendly LiquidsToday, management experience and people skills are as important, if not more important, than technical ability. With this in mind, people now understand that having emotional intelligence and high maturity can really be one of the highest job qualifications possible in the workforce today. Companies seek leaders who can make things happen and who can be innovative on their feet, all the while supporting and helping their subordinates as much as possible.

Managers often handle the functions of the company, while technicians handle the functions of specific activities. This is a situation where many standards can be let go if there is not an internal motivation to do right by the business for which you work. These days, with cloud computing and the global recession just ended, many people still feel as if their jobs are no longer safe, and expect to move on within a year or two, whether or not they actually are let go. This is a fear based mentality which encourages only external motivation. Individuals find that they do not do their best at work and that they are not the highest quality employees to be found. They do not sink as much effort into their performance, and only clock as many hours as they can possibly get under their belts for the money.

At EnviroSafe Solutions, we put as much as we can into our products. We provide eco friendly liquid products to our clients throughout Australia. Our products include Soil Wetta, insect and tar remover, mould rid, and rust converter. We distribute our chemical solutions to both homes and businesses, but we are mainly a business to business venture, which can provide chemicals in bulk amounts to industrial sites or wherever needed. In fact, we ship to other countries outside of Australia, because of how much our eco friendly industrial liquid is in demand.

Today, high quality standards are needed in order to combat the influence of this waning global recession. We have all of the resources needed to start an eco friendly lifestyle, while also going about your daily work activities. For more information, call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

The Absence of the Eco Social Science

When it comes to ecology, there is simply not enough good to go around. The foundations ofEnvironmental Cleaning Products great government movements are based upon social movements, but when it comes to both heavily appreciated and underappreciated eco friendly assets, people are good at talking about it, but rarely show up to do the actual work. Those who do the real work often do not spend a great deal of time talking about it. The whole mechanism is under achieved and unbalanced. With technology, everything works together. With corporate financial strategies, everything works together. With ecology, it can be a different matter.

Consider the awesome eco friendly liquid products at Envirosafe Solutions. We carry eco friendly industrial liquids and other environmentally friendly liquids, including but not limited to marine glass cleaner, solvent free degreaser, and mould rid. This is just another example of the absence of eco social science.

We use our products and, goodness, we are crazy about them and talk about them as much as we can. However, how often do you actually find something that you both use and talk about? On Facebook and other social media sites, you are readily able to see some cute eco-ism in your newsfeed and then hit “Share” and pass it on to others. Do you add it to your list of things to do? Well, at Envirosafe Solutions, frequently businesses order and use our products and pass on our eco friendly reputation to other companies by word of mouth. It is, after all, part of their green initiative. You can take credit for making the earth a friendly place, too. Order some of our products, complete with our 30 day money back guarantee, and see just how good this is. If you do not think that our chemical solutions live up to our hype, then send them back for a complete return on your investment. You see, we really want to bring you our eco-friendly multi-purpose lubricant and mineral deposit remover. And, wouldn’t it be nice to know that you’re doing something for the environment, too? Call us today:(+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Eco Friendly American Leader

President Barack Obama of the U.S. is attempting to increase eco friendly practices andEco Friendly Liquid Products alternative fuel usage within the next four years. After being recently reelected for four more terms in office, President Obama is still on his previous track of bringing about alternative fuel and energy attainability for the U.S. as a whole. Some people think that his initiatives are unrealistic, but he has laid out very definite plans for improving ecology in the U.S. in the near future.

What does this mean for Western countries which are striving to become more eco friendly?

The example set by a notoriously extravagant nation will certainly dispel any reservations which other countries may have about it not being possible to switch over to sustainable energy. However, if the U.S. is not able to pull through on these promises, there may be more difficulties in the future when technology becomes more advanced. Dreams and wishes are great, but unless they have real foundations, they may just be seen as high hopes and not something which can be realistically implemented in the near future.

In other words, the new kids on the block may yet retain their reputation as being the new kids on the block, as opposed to seasoned professionals. Technology develops and sells quickly in markets which the young control, such as advertising and social media and computer technology. Government programs and nationwide incentives are generally not controlled by the young, but by the experienced. Any time these two worlds are not touching, there can be a delay in implementing new and effective techniques, when the reputation is not there to back them up.

Chemical solutions are part of this new technology which mixes both green innovation and fulfilling requirements set down by Australia to keep moving toward a sustainable future. The spirit of our nation is moving toward new improvements and a post modern take on art and science working cohesively together all around us. That is why Envirosafe Solutions specializes in a wide variety of industrial liquids, such as our antibacterial hand wash, our rubber remover, and our multi-purpose lubricant. This is a way for our products, which are all eco friendly, to find a solid place in the world tomorrow. Call Envirosafe Solutions today to order other products, like our diesel bug killer and our sanitiser:(+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Maintenance is a Good Thing

“I don’t want to have to always be maintaining it. I want to just get it fixed and then be Maintenance is a Good Thingdone with it.” These are words which are often stated by people who feel overwhelmed by the maintenance and upkeep of a home, business, vehicle, office situation, and many other things, including themselves.

The truth is maintenance gives you more time than just putting something off. Let us take carpet cleaning. If you wait until the dirt shows, then it has become so settled in the carpet and so difficult to clean out that it will take you far more time to clean it out than if you had kept up with the maintenance. Professional cleaning services will tell you that vacuuming it and cleaning it before it starts to show is the best way to keep up with it and to remove loose dirt before it becomes packed dirt. The same thing applies to simple household tasks like dishes. Even if you have a huge mountain to do, if you do a load or two a day, then they reduce down to nothing and become easier and easier as time passes and as your proficiency increases.

Ecologically speaking, maintenance is necessary for everything from gardening to cleaning, and our planet is better served with grooming, tending and maintenance than it is with neglect and hurried overhauls. In fact, when it comes to plants, too much overhaul at one time can be dangerous or even deadly. If you prune a tree too much at one time, then there are not even enough branches to maintain normal growth, and the whole tree can die. If your overhaul your house all at one time, you can be so physically and emotionally drained that a little maintenance immediately afterward can seem overwhelming.

Maintenance is definitely the healthiest way to keep things up.

Toilet bowl cleaner and glue remover and GelCleansanitiser are all tools to keep maintenance really simple and easy. For vehicles, radiator coolant, radiator cleaner, truck wash, rust remover and fuel conditioner are especially helpful. And, you can get these things from an eco friendly source, right here at Envirosafe Solutions. We would love to show you how:(+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Efficient Eco Gardening

Efficient Eco GardeningWhen you are trying to save space in your garden while also growing the maximum number of fruits, vegetables and herbs, we at Envirosafe Solutions have a few suggestions.

First, save space by mixing root plants and vine plants together. These two types of vegetation draw water at different levels, and can coexist simultaneously. Carrots, potatoes and turnips can be paired with vine plants like watermelon, cantaloupe, and pumpkins.

Next, make use of poor soil areas by growing hardy plants there. Flax, wheat, and corn are especially durable, even in sandy, dry and malnourished soil. The miracle that is plant growth can draw up and create edible food from even the most desolate of places. This is how you can bring up a good crop in even bad soil conditions. Utilize the power of the root system.

Save time by planting marigold flowers and other types of hardcore pest deterrents in among your vegetables or in a two foot swath around your food. This will keep many insects and even some animal pests like rabbits and squirrels at bay.

In addition to the above suggestions, try using eco friendly landscaping and farming tools, such as our Soil Wetta, which is a high quality dust suppressor which is great for using during a dry season, in windy areas, and any time that you have recently planted but before plants have taken root so as to keep the soil down.

At Envirosafe Solutions, we want to make sure that you have access to a wide variety of really effective eco friendly industrial liquid. Our goals are to bring environmentally friendly liquids to the entire nation, and to sustain our everyday practices with our earth friendly products. When it comes to efficient eco gardening, you have to think about soil, depth, acidity, richness, sandiness, dryness, nutrients, and local pests. These are factors which you have to keep in mind when you are growing plants which are meant to be the most native origins of your landscape and therefore be able to retain the more hardiness over the years and decades. For more information about eco friendly liquid products, call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

The Wayward Wind

The Wayward WindWind energy has been continually increased over time to become an almost all-encompassing factor of energy budget expenses, at least on the federal level of many countries. An Aug. 18-19th edition of the Wall Street Journal for 2012 pointed out how federal spending from the American point of view is sinking $2.18 into oil per wattage hour, with a lot of production coming out of that, and over $700.00 into wind energy per wattage hour. There is clearly a large difference in investment and actual output of wind energy resources. One of the problems is that the wind is not sustainable as a source of measurement, since one cannot determine when the wind will blow or how much it will blow. There is a limit to how much nature will actually cooperate with our measuring devices and therefore a limit to how much we can expect to receive or accurately predict the amount of power we plan on receiving.

Alternative energy sources, such as wind energy and solar power, are becoming less obsolete, but remain a high cost of energy source. While fossil fuels are both damaging and depleting, alternative energy is both effective and expensive. Who would pay for this type of energy when they absolutely do not have to, just to make the earth a cleaner place? That is, indeed, an expensive bill. Fortunately for technology and innovation, as well as competition, costs should lower as the sector becomes even more privatized and more available to the communities which it supports. After all, if everyone is producing wind energy, then wouldn’t the cost lower, just like it does with electricity, computers, smart phones, and television sets?

Envirosafe Solutions commits itself to another sector of the green industry. Our eco friendly liquid products, including solvent free degreaser, mould rid, hard water laundry liquid, and multi purpose lubricant, are cutting edge, highly effective, and safe for our earth. It is important to always keep the effectiveness of our products in mind as we move forward into the new age of green competition and reforms for our earth. For more information on what you can do to change to eco friendly habits in your company, call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

The Rise and Fall of Eco Incentives

Eco incentives are all the rage now, and everything that can be done to gain The Rise and Fall of Eco Incentivesthese government and agency sponsored incentives is being done to businesses from coast to coast. However, as with any financial trend, the economics of eco incentives rise and wane. For instance, at point gaining as much support from the government as possible was the thing to do. Eventually, businesses found that simply installing any old technique into their company would not work, and so this trend soon passed. After a period of associating eco incentives with “greenwashing,” businesses, out of desire for more money, soon adopted federally funded incentives which were more custom tailored to their specific needs. They are doing this, rather than simply haphazardly adopting practices which would bring them more tax incentives and so forth, but which cost them more money in the end, since the techniques are not customized to their needs.

The fluctuation of eco incentives shows that there is, indeed, a market for them, but that one must consider all angles before investing in them. Just as with the housing market, simply adding so-called value for the sake of doing so can be very hazardous. For example, in certain neighborhoods, an addition to a house which the neighborhood and similar properties does not support can actually lower value, or at least not bring a return on the investment.

By the same token, Envirosafe Solutions has tailored our Extreme Green range of eco friendly liquid products to fit as many business trend fluctuations as possible. Our sanitiser and radiator cleaner and insect and tar remover are all high quality products which will always have a market in the company world. Fuel conditioner, rust remover, and mineral deposit remover will always be necessary for industrial needs. Machinery, equipment, and office maintenance will still need to be kept up, no matter what type of market or climate we happen to be in at this second. This is one of the reasons why Envirosafe Solutions’ environmentally friendly liquids are so popular, and so frequently used by hundreds of businesses across Australia. For more information, call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.