How Friendly is Eco Air Travel?

Costas Christ, writing for National Geographic, talks about how traveling has both positive and negative impacts for the environmentHow Friendly is Eco Air Travel? and for species which are on the endangered animals list. He discusses how air travel itself makes up a very small percentage of the global carbon emissions, but that this does not mean that air travel is not doing a great deal more harm than good due to the high amount of toxic spread which occurs in aviation. The benefits of traveling include the fact that tourism to exotic places accounts for many endangered animals now coming back from the brink of extinction. Air travel is one of the only ways in which people can reach these areas and do something to help the wildlife population, not to mention learning about how the rainforests and other wooded areas should be kept intact.

What to do? What to do?

On the one hand, air travel is causing a large carbon footprint (or sky print, as the case may be) and it is contributing to the total effect of global warming. The fact that it is contributing less toxicity than just about every other thing does not negate the fact that it is still a factor. It is important to remember that air travel, while one of the safest and Eco friendly ways to travel, can still contribute to pollution.

On the other hand, air travel is contributing to global transportation, vastly increasing the way in which individuals learn about endangered species, endangered forests, and local tribes and customs which are obviously worth preserving and studying. What can we do to make sure that our goals to learn about our earth do not interfere with saving and preserving our earth? The answer lies in Eco friendly air travel, in which airlines use bio fuel to travel. This new technology and innovation will change the way by which we are able to learn about our wonderful planet. Contributing to study of Eco and bio fuels can be the catalyst to traveling and learning about all other parts of the planet.

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