Winter Months, Spring Prep

Antibacterial Hand WashNow that Australia is preparing to become winterized, it is definitely more important to regard the winter aspect of earth sustainability. We all have a great desire to make our own worlds more sustainable and renewable and therefore achieve great self sufficiency by preparing better in the winter, rather than only doing outside work in the springtime and summer.

The truth is, winter is a preparation for the following spring. In order for fruit trees to bear fruit, they must have achieved a minimum amount of freezing during the winter. If this is not possible, then the fruit tree cannot bear fruit the following spring and summer. The same thing applies to many fruits and vegetables which do better in the spring and summertime after a good, cold winter. If wintertime in Australia does not fall below freezing for a minimum number of days, then the plant will not achieve any potential, or at least not its full potential come warm weather.

That being said, there are certain vegetables which can be grown during the winter months, and many people who have land take advantage of this as an opportunity to make use of the need for continued food production throughout the winter months. In fact, many people have a lot of things to do in winter which you may not think would be applicable. Animals still need to be exercised, food still needs to be grown, and chemicals still need to be used for cleaning.

That is why Envirosafe Solutions produces the amount of eco friendly chemicals which we do. The vast array of chemicals that we offer are useful in a huge variety of situations, and include our mineral deposit remover, our electrical insulator cleaner, our bath and tile cleaner, and our rubber remover. In winter, our ice break would be especially useful. If you are looking for more ways in which to weather the winter months, then please feel free to browse our website and look at all of the different products which are available. Call us today after you’re done: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Knowledge and Learning and Requirements

Solvent Free DegreaserKnowledge is precious. It gives us everything we need to interact with the world around us. That is, except for those people skills which we may or may not be naturally efficient in using. No amount of knowledge can make up for a lack of those essential qualities. The requirements for running an effectively eco friendly business including, but are not limited to, leadership, work ethics, planning, strategy, foundation building, sympathy and heart, discernment, and experience.

Not all of the above mentioned leadership qualities can simply be learned through traditional methods of gaining knowledge. Requirements like these must be fed by personal experience, which is something more than just knowledge. It is a flair for being adaptable, engaging, pleasing, and strong. It is the ability to interact with your environment well and to bring out the best in other people.

Envirosafe Solutions seeks to constantly educate our clients on the benefits of using our products over those of our competitors and of less eco friendly chemical distributors. We know that our marine glass cleaner, sanitiser, and hard water laundry liquid are all planet safe. We know that our solvent free degreaser and all of our other environmentally friendly liquids are far less toxic, if at all, than their non-eco friendly equivalents. So, with this knowledge in hand, what do you think would be the best course of action?

If your managers randomly get chemical solutions for your daily company maintenance, then you might consider placing a standing order with Envirosafe Solutions, say, once a month or once every two months. If you already have a chemical supplier, then you may think about cancelling your next order with your current chemical supplier, and instead placing your next purchase order with Envirosafe Solutions. Really, it would be the most logical thing to do, since you would get all of the cleaning, degreasing, maintaining, and removing abilities of our chemical solutions without all of the hassle of worrying about the chemical residue you are washing out into the ocean and other water drainage areas. Envirosafe Solutions always distributes chemicals which are the best for your business to use. Armed with this knowledge, how could you go wrong? Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

The Sight of New Color

Solvent Free DegreaserHave you ever planted a new colored flower in your garden? Do you remember how different it made the whole garden look? Of course, environmentalists are trying to make the planet a better place, but many of us have not been alive long enough to remember what the planet really looked like in the early 1900’s. For that reason, we may know what we are fighting for, but we may really not understand what the end result is meant to look like.

The sight of new color is incredible. There is a new energy, a new spirit in it that makes your heart jump every time you see it. If you had always used reds and yellows before and you drive into a blue flowered home site from your next grocery shopping trip, you will see how different it makes the place look, and how good you feel when you notice the change. Of course, if you change your flowers every year, then you already know this feeling well.

When it comes to the planet, we are used to the vast stretches of desert and the high winds and the infrequent and too violent thunderstorms. We are used to not growing new things, particularly food items, in our yards, nor taking care of the green growing things we already possess on our land. We are used to watching numerous shows about how the planet is going to the devil, and we believe that it is, without really remembering how it used to be in the first place.

The sight of new color is amazing. And, when the planet becomes more eco friendly, it will be magical because it will redefine our current existence. We don’t remember how it used to be and the new layers of green in the future will delight us beyond all comparison.

Envirosafe Solutions has planned for the future by producing our Extreme Green liquid products, and all of our environmentally friendly liquids. We have everything, from fabric conditioner to electrical insulator cleaner, and we really are proud of our accomplishments in this year alone. Buy our graffiti remover and our bath and tile cleaner and remember that all of our eco friendly liquid products are investments in that greener world of our immediate future: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Mineral Paths

Antibacterial Hand WashIf you have ever taken a course in nutrition, you will have learned that you need vitamins which come from fruits and vegetables, and you also need minerals. Now, some people eat meat, and they get their minerals from the meat, since the edible animal has eaten dirt with their grass and therefore ingested minerals.

Minerals cannot be found in living plants, at least not to the degree which we need them. However, they can be found in stones and rocks and earth, which comes off in clumps in the grass and hay which animals eat. That is why meat can have enough minerals in it for the human body.

Isn’t it interesting that the stone paths throughout your garden could be part of completing the human diet?

Minerals are so valuable that they are sold in concentrated forms in vitamins and capsules in health food stores and vitamin stores. Minerals can only be found in rock, and if you are a vegetarian, then you probably are not getting all the minerals you need in your regular diet. Therefore, you might want to have a look in a vitamin store for supplemental minerals to add to your food every day.

That is only a suggestion, of course, and should in no way be construed as medical advice.

When harmful chemicals affect the earth and the ocean, they also affect the minerals. Chemically speaking, any compound can have an effect upon a mineral compound. Therefore, be sure and use eco friendly liquid products, such as marine glass cleaner, bath and tile cleaner, liquid hand soap, and fuel conditioner from Envirosafe Solutions.

We know that you are always looking for better ways to improve your world and your current lifestyle. However, you do not have to look very far to find us. Envirosafe Solutions wants you to be able to go about your daily business, in your company or at home, and to feel good while doing it. Know that the earth is a safe place by replacing your current chemicals with eco friendly liquid products from us. We are happy to spread the word about what works and what doesn’t. Our products work. It’s as simple as that: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Luxury versus Skimping

Antibacterial Hand WashLuxury items do something for the soul. Really, all forms of luxury living, from home to maid service to where we dine has to do with what is good for the soul. Luxury does not mean getting fat and pompous and stuffed on gluttony for the rest of your life. It means staying lean and trim due to the ultra high quality food and lifestyle you have created for yourself.

Luxury living is one of the single most soul enriching experiences in the world, second only to living outdoors or living at sea. While you are thinking about the luxury lifestyle, keep a couple of things in mind. For example, skimping is considered the opposite of luxury living and, really, starvation IS the opposite of luxury. However, being frugal and responsible with your money is part of the luxury lifestyle.

Now, we get to the definition of the lifestyle.

It has been scientifically proven, as well as witnessed by thousands of people who pay attention to how they feel after eating, that a small amount of high quality food is worth more to the stomach and give longer lasting energy than a large quantity of low quality food. Since the body doesn’t actually absorb any noticeable amounts of nutrition in the low quality food, eating large quantities of it can actually wear you out. This is because it takes more energy to digest food than to eat it, and if no nutrition is derived from it, then you can actually deplete your energy in the end.

Clearly, luxury is the way to go if you’re going to be good to yourself.

If you are looking for luxury eco friendly solutions, don’t forget Envirosafe Solutions. Our unique chemical formulas which are both environmentally friendly liquids and highly effective cleaning agents and other chemicals are exactly what you need to turn your current lifestyle into a high quality one. Sanitiser, mould rid, toilet bowl cleaner, and radiator coolant are all products we carry, as well as a great number and variety of other eco friendly industrial liquids. When you are looking for luxury, remember to treat yourself and the earth to something good. Give us a call to order today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Forensic Ecologist

Multi Purpose LubricantWhat would a forensic ecologist do? Really, what would that job actually entail? Of course, a forensic ecologist is not quite the correct term because forensic implies some sort of crime or people related incident, when in fact the job is just about examining ecology on many different levels and then documenting the results in a way that shows clear data patterns and clear places where information is either missing or previous information no longer exists.

In terms of helping our planet, a forensic ecologist can look at the various ways in which mankind has played a part in species creation, evolution, and extinction, and how nature and weather and disasters and various other factors have the same impacts on the environment, and how we might be able to better control and benefit our planet by engaging with it in different ways than the ways we have been.

A forensic ecologist would perhaps be called in when nations deal with disaster areas and try to coordinate disaster relief for the first few years of rehabilitation. It is a matter of understanding of the underlying natural factors which might help get a community back on its feet one hundred percent in six years, rather than sixteen years. A forensic ecologist would be worth several times their weight in gold if they could improve the situation to that extent and with their already highly developed knowledge.

In addition to all of this, by making forensic ecology an actual program of study throughout every university in the world, there would be so many people who would know so much their world that massive, wide scale sustainability on the earth would almost be inevitable. Does anybody have an interest in this field of study or would like to assist in developing it? It would make quite a hobby, that’s for sure.

In the meantime, you can use chemicals in your everyday business and maintenance crew’s lives by giving them high quality environmental cleaning products and other maintenance chemicals from Envirosafe Solutions, like mineral deposit remover, ice break, graffiti remover, and bath and tile cleaner. These are just a few of the products provided by Envirosafe Solutions and we are proud to contribute in our own way to the future of planet earth: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

If Only We Had A Little More Time

Antibacterial Hand WashSome people think that we have already run out of time to save the world from over consumption and total destruction. Well, to that we say, it’s not too late. We must all put our efforts into making the world a greener place, and this cannot be done by having futile attitudes about how we are all doomed to the end scene in Soylent Green.

If only we had a little more time? Are you kidding us? We have all of the time and the resources in the world. We simply have to make the most of the resources that each of us, individually, have at our disposal. And that goes for businesses, as well. The more you make use of the resources you have, the more resources you will have.

Yes, a little more time would not exactly be as helpful as you think it would. It would not necessarily make us more productive. It would not necessarily increase our desire or actual motivation to do anything about the green sustainability of our world. A little more time is not necessarily what we need. We need purpose, desire, drive, and function.

With Envirosafe Solutions, you will already have function. Our mould rid, our dishwashing liquid, and our multi-purpose lubricants are just some of the many eco friendly chemicals we specialize in distributing all over Australia, to every business which orders from us. You have plenty of time to save the world. You really do. All you have to do is start with the small stuff, like the products from Envirosafe Solutions, and move on to using most of our chemical products on a variety of your issues. There is a necessity to begin acting now. We know that you already have to use chemicals to keep your company as clean and well functioning as possible. Why not make these chemicals eco friendly? Just place your order with Envirosafe Solutions today, and we will send you anything you order from us, in the size that you want it, complete with a thirty day money back guarantee. Ahhh, if you only had a little more time to look over those chemicals on our site. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Japanese Rock Gardens

Toilet Bowl CleanerJapanese rock gardens can easily be arranged in a sand setting or in green garden settings. What is the point of having a rock garden? Well, the Japanese, as well as many other cultures, view rocks as being part of the earth and metal elements, and believe these elements to have the most positive impact upon the human spirit or soul when arranged in an aesthetically please design, according to balance and texture, not according to custom. Custom and tradition are for people who value the habits of humans, but the study of a rock garden is meant to invoke a deep set appreciation for balance, serenity, completion, and ideals. It is part of a way to smooth our souls out and make them feel better, much like our bodies feel better after a two hour massage.

Japanese rock gardens often do feature plants, especially plants of various shapes, sizes, colors, and textures which form together to make a pleasing whole, not only with each other, but with the rest of the rock garden, including the flat ground underneath. These plants must be tended to carefully, and they must come from some type of good environment to do well in their new home.

Part of this plant care involves not using toxic chemicals to keep the pieces in good health and naturally well developed. In order to achieve the same effect without these toxic chemicals, consider looking for eco friendly industrial liquid from Envirosafe Solutions. You may need to clean off the sidewalk or path beside the rock garden. You may need to keep the soil down and moistened so that it stays in place until new plants have been rooted there or until shoots have started coming up. To clean the sidewalk or path, you will need eco friendly mineral deposit remover from Envirosafe Solutions. For soil help, you will need the dust suppressor from Envirosafe Solutions. Be sure and look at all of our individual products pages in order to make sure that your chemicals are exactly right for the specific job you need them for. It is a matter of keeping Japanese rock gardens, and all gardens for that matter, clean, green and growing: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

There’s Something about Watering Bamboo

Antibacterial Hand WashThere is a certain type of bamboo plant in China which is grown by people who really understand how to grow and care for this bamboo. You see, not all bamboo plants are the same or behave the same during their growing cycle, just as not all cedar trees are the same or behave the same in their growing cycle.

This particular type of bamboo needs seven years of growth. No, this is not a story out of the Bible, but it sure can sound it to some people, it is so unusual. First, the bamboo is planted. Then, it is watered and fertilized, fertilized and watered, over and over again, for these seven years.

Now, the interesting characteristic of this particular type of bamboo is that it will barely grow at all for the first six years. Then, on the seventh year, it shoots up and towers above everything else. It achieves all of its growth in the seventh year, but it still needs to be watered and fertilized every year before that.

If, for one year, it was not watered or fertilized enough, it may not or will not grow on the seventh year…or ever. It is the steady and continuous supply of nutrients which makes the plant eventually spring up out of the ground and shoot toward the sky.

To miss one season is to risk seven years worth of investment and planning.

That is a lot of patience and understanding which is required in order to make this happen.

In the same way, using eco friendly industrial liquid from Envirosafe Solutions is ecologically responsible. All of our chemical solutions are safe for the planet and therefore a good investment in the future of our world.

Now, that doesn’t mean that every time you use our solutions you contribute more oxygen to the air or suck more carbon dioxide out of the air. It is a long term investment in the future of our planet, which avoids harsh chemicals which are unsafe for the earth and which severely affect eco systems on every level. Now, you have a decision to make, and we know that you’re smart. Envirosafe Solutions are the chemical solutions to buy. Call us today to place your order: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Living off the Land

Antibacterial Hand WashLiving off the land denotes living in a wilderness with naught but your knife in your teeth and your mad skills in living self sufficiently in the wild and among the animals.

Of course, this is not what living off the land actually means, but alright. We won’t argue with your perceptions at all.

In this article, Envirosafe Solutions would like to present some logical conclusions which we have drawn from people who can, indeed, pull off this feat.

First, humans are incredibly resilient and adaptable. We are very good at paying attention to what works and what doesn’t work. We are experts in systematic experimentation and if one method doesn’t work then we try another one.

That is precisely what we had to do when developing our eco friendly liquid products, like our hard water laundry liquid or our solvent free degreaser.

Secondly, humans are very good at improving and honing the skills they have already developed. By this high improvement, innovation is born, and the whole standard of living is raised a great deal higher.

At Envirosafe Solutions, we had to work very hard to improve our chemical products so that we came out with high quality, effective, eco friendly industrial liquid which safe for both you and the earth. We even put septic safety ratings on our products.

Lastly, here at Envirosafe Solutions, we understand that while none of us may be living in the wilderness at the moment, every single one of us is, in reality, living off the land. In order to dwell in our cities and go to the store and travel in jets, we must all have basic sustenance provided to us through the land. We get our car petrol from the land, and we get our edible corn from the land. Everything comes from the land and everything returns to it. “Dust into dust” and all that. So, we would like to invite you to try out our website and review our chemical solutions for yourself in the safe, quiet, civilized environment of your own home. And, once you have decided what you wish to order, be sure and give us a call: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

China-Australia Coal and Green Movements

Antibacterial Hand WashChina has devalued coal production in an effort to be more planet friendly and sustainable. This includes reducing their need for and dependence upon Australian coal mining operations and even coal fired power plants.

This presents a problem for Australian private and government owned mines and coal fueled plants across the nation. What if these areas turned into unused or valueless assets? China’s need for coal makes up half of the world’s distribution channels, so if this massive country is going green, then coal plant owners and investors may find it more economical to move their money and consequently their interests in a more eco friendly direction. Coal does, indeed, seem to be on the way out. Australia would not be the only country affected, but this would cause ramifications in many countries all over the world, especially developing countries which use coal as part of their major export business.

China-Australia relations and many other partnerships with China will be dramatically affected by China’s very active goals to move forward and become more ecologically independent. Sustainability and proper resource management are obviously important considerations for a country such as China.

Envirosafe Solutions, a distributor of environmental cleaning products and other eco friendly liquid products, is based in Perth, WA, and we find it necessary to always stay on top of the market and what is needed for our chemical products to be the most useful to businesses and individuals who come to us for their eco friendly solutions. We provide a wide array of Extreme Green liquid products, including glass cleaner and antibacterial hand wash. We also provide many other chemicals, like bath and tile cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, and mineral deposit remover. If you are looking to improve Australia’s own venture into the green movement, then kindly consider purchasing your regular chemical products from the eco friendly Envirosafe Solutions. We are proud of our green Australian heritage, and we are constantly looking for new and better ways to satisfy our business-to-business relations with other Australian companies. If you or your business is green-minded, then you may have interest in the chemical solutions Envirosafe Solutions produces. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Grocery Shopping, Seed Usage, and More Money in the Bank

Antibacterial Hand WashThe author grew up with a mother who would save watermelon seeds, cantaloupe and bell pepper seeds, and all kinds of other seeds, and use them to plant her garden. While some varieties of fruit or melon or vegetable are bred so that they won’t reproduce, many fruit and vegetable seeds found in grocery foods can still be used today in the garden.

This makes shopping so much easier.

While you are at the store, you can pick out the food which you are the hungriest for, and then you can take it home, try new foods, and plant the seeds of any fresh produce that you would like to reproduce. Does that sound too simplistic?

Often, the reason why produce cannot be used to make new plants is not because the food industry is seeking to cut down on private gardens. It is usually because, by using that particular breed or cross-breed of plant, growers are able to get more disease resistant and pest resistant produce, which in turn is able to grow larger and bring more profits, as well.

It is a good idea to find out exactly which items can be grown from produce seeds, and which cannot. That way, you can do what some people call “wild sowing,” where after saving up a lot of seed, you simply go out onto your land and cast the seed on the ground, letting the wind help you out. Of course, this is not as guaranteed of a system as implanting the seed directly into the soil, but it is how many people have grown a wilderness type of environment on their land when they prefer a less structured approach and a less structured appearance.

At the same time, using produce seeds can save you a lot of money in the spring time, no matter how you plant your seeds. This is because seed packages are often several dollars in price, whereas produce seed is only the cost of the edible food you just bought. If you intend to do a lot of planting, then this can give you more money in the bank.

While you are planting, be sure and keep the soil from flying away by using Soil Wetta, a dust suppressor made by Envirosafe Solutions. We provide all kinds of environmentally friendly liquids, such as antibacterial hand wash, diesel bug killer, and even dishwasher rinse aid. If you are looking for an eco friendly way of running your household, then look no further than Envirosafe Solutions: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Perseverance and the Lone Mountain Climber

Perseverance and the Lone Mountain ClimberIf you are, in reality, a lone mountain climber, we strongly recommend that you tell the park rangers of your whereabouts so that your body can be recovered if you fall to your death. We’re just kidding, of course, but informing people of where you are going is still the smart thing to do if you are unwilling to bring a traveling companion along with you.

The purpose of a companion is distraction more than anything else. If they are keeping your mind from the climb, then you will reach the top much sooner than you anticipated and you will really enjoy the fellowship along the way. However, if you are looking for some solitude, climbing a mountain alone is extremely soul enriching.

Perseverance helps people to set goals and to achieve them, even though it may take a long time and they may encounter many obstacles along the way. Of course, perseverance doesn’t take the work out of work, but it does mean that the work involved doesn’t mean as much and is not as important as your end goal. In life, we all strive to gain perseverance so that our workload is lightened by our end goal, but not all of us are wise enough to form end goals.

Envirosafe Solutions has an end goal of making our eco friendly industrial liquid a replacement for all of the harsh, non-eco chemical products out there today. We want to show the people of Australia how much we mean business. We value our eco friendly products, from our multi-purpose lubricant to our fuel conditioner, and we respect businesses which use our products as part of their daily operations. You might be interested in our solvent free degreaser or our fabric conditioner, but whatever your reasons for ordering from us, you are supporting a decrease in water pollution and an increase in septic safety. All of these little actions and purchases add up in the end to a more wholesome world. We are persevering to the finish line and our end goal is worthy. If you use any comparable chemical products, considering switching them out with one of ours. Call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Don’t Let the Little Stuff Get To You

When little stuff seems to be running your life rather than you running them, remember that all types of business owners seem to always be dealing with loads of littleDon’t Let the Little Stuff Get To You stuff getting out of hand. Many business owners, in fact, find it necessary to do the following exercise in order to clear their heads:

Step back and take a deep breath. View your company as a whole, rather than a collection of small pieces, all of which are somehow tied together in a mashed up bit of office space. Instead, think of your company as a whole, view it objectively, and understand where it is strong and where it needs strengthening or solidifying. It is really important to always have a bigger picture in your mind than everyone else has. Always be looking at the whole picture while you are also attending to the tiny, minute details which are sometimes necessary to become absorbed in.

Now, at Envirosafe Solutions, we first had to find researchers who would attend to all of these tiny minute details when helping us develop our products which would be so as eco friendly as possible while also being effective environmental cleaning products. Obviously, the chemicals had to do what they said they could do, or we’d be out of business!

It is really important to keep a deep perspective in cases like this. Our antibacterial hand wash or fuel conditioner would not have been the same without some good marketing approaches to spread the word about them. Our rust converter and mould rid would likewise not be up to snuff if we couldn’t run a business effectively. It’s okay to get lost in the details, as long as details are not all that you think about. Our eco friendly liquid products are available and effective because we were able to keep some perspective over time. We are proud of the progress we’ve made in the business community. We are even more proud of the progress we’ve made in the green movement, through selling our eco friendly industrial liquid. There is truly nothing quite like it. Call Envirosafe Solutions today to order or to find out more: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Fighting Back by using High Quality Standards

When conducting business, obviously eco solutions are part of your strategy. It is Eco Friendly Liquid Productsirresponsible these days to even consider leaving out such an important part of your company. However, you may believe that it will be difficult or time consuming, and this does not have to be the case. You can implement eco friendly solutions in your business right away. You can draw upon many sources to achieve simple, cost effective and cost reducing results. You can save so much money by replacing typical office and worksite chemical solutions with environmentally friendly liquids. At Envirosafe Solutions, we specialize in reducing the amount of money that you have to spend on making your company eco friendly. For instance, our marine glass cleaner and our radiator coolant are both highly effective chemical solutions, while also being friendly to the earth.

And, all you had to do was switch out your regularly used, everyday products.

This is a functional way to set your standards higher without getting into more complex systems or pricey solutions. In humans, believing in and only making room for higher standards is sometimes viewed under the guise of intolerance. However, intolerance can be a functional human attribute, and it does not have to have the negative connotation which is sometimes given to the characteristic. Intolerance sets high standards and ends up achieving high precedents.

That is how you fight back in business. That is how you truly compete with other companies.

So, this insider secret about a simple switching of your regularly used chemicals to our eco friendly industrial liquid will give you an edge. We have housekeeping supplies, such as toilet bowl cleaner and mineral deposit remover, and we have industrial site liquids, such as our industrial hand cleaner and our fuel conditioner. We can do so much more with your resources than what you are already doing with them. We can make them eco friendly and safer.

In business, you will desire a company like Envirosafe Solutions to help you with your competitive edge. We keep our standards high and our business cutting edge. We know what it is like to succeed, and we can help you accomplish the same thing. Call us today:(+61) 1300 88 90 70.