84 Year Report on Icelandic Eco Village

Eco FriendlyThe Solheimar eco village in Iceland is only an hour outside of Reykjavik. It has only 120 residents, 40 of whom are special needs individuals. It has several small factories, a community geothermal pool, and many cool amenities which make it one of the friendliest, earthiest, and most eco friendly places which you could possibly find in Iceland, and that is saying a lot. Iceland is known for its eco friendly sustainability.

Although we would consider this to be an eco village today, it has existed for 84 years and is one of the oldest of such villages in Iceland. It was originally started as a special needs farm and home, but it has grown into the village which visitors would find completely wonderful.

Naturally, in order for a village such as this to be completely eco friendly, it has to use eco friendly cleaning solutions. This is the kind of situation for which you can use products from Envirosafe Solutions. We have many different products with many different uses, but they are all eco friendly industrial liquids, and we are so proud of the way that we are making a difference in the world today. Being eco friendly does not mean that you have to be backwoods or ultra-rich. It just means that you have to find chemical solutions, like the ones you find at Envirosafe Solutions, which are good for the environment and good for the care and maintenance you need. It is all very simple, but you have to make smart choices. That is why Envirosafe Solutions is even in business. We know that you need options.

The choices we provide you are, indeed, very smart. We provide businesses all over Australia and select countries with small and bulk amounts of solvent free degreaser, porta-loo treatment, mould rid, sanitiser, rubber remover, and laundry powder, as well as a variety of other chemical solutions which we know that you will find helpful. Help your business, office, or jobsite to become greener and safer for the environment. Only choose chemicals from Envirosafe Solutions. Take advantage of our thirty day money back guarantee and see what our products can really do: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.


Bring Your Good Qualities

Eco Friendly Liquid ProductsWhen setting up an eco friendly plan for your business, you must be very aware of what will work specifically for your company. For example, if you have a small business with a lot of land attached, then you can literally grow food, fruit trees, greens, etc. on your land so that you can contribute to your employees, to the community, and to the eco sustainability of your local town, not to mention anything about setting a fine example for everyone around you, including other businesses which may have land attached to their own building properties.

Another example would be if you had a company which was very industrialized and streamlined. You can use eco friendly cleaning solutions, like the kind you would get from Envirosafe Solutions, in order to make your streamlined process even better than it is and it will contribute to the eco friendliness of the world.

If you would like to know more about our products, then please feel free to browse our website and to see all of the environmentally friendly liquids, like our mineral deposit remover, dishwasher rinse aid, and fabric conditioner, which we provide to businesses just like yours. If you think that you would find it helpful to use our products in our business, then remember to always bring your company’s needs to the table when you come to our website. Remember that it is your choice and your business which will be affected by any decision to go eco friendly. It is up to you, and up to your company structure and format, to make something work in these terms. Being eco friendly doesn’t mean borrowing a set pattern of behavior, but instead, making the most out of the resources and company structure that you already have in place.

Envirosafe Solutions could be something useful for you. You could probably make it by with the chemicals you already have, but it wouldn’t be the same. With our products, your business packs extra punch in the form of being environmentally friendly and less harsh on the human body, as well. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Environmental Practices in the Highest Realms

Eco Friendly Industrial LiquidWhen people who are middle class or below think of rich people, they may picture rich, bloated fat cats in mob-like business suits surrounded with literal piles of gold and at least eight bodyguards at any one time. However, the truth of the matter is that the rich contribute very meaningfully and in a very real way to the future of our beautiful planet.

You see, it’s not just a matter of having a lot of money. The rich have a really ultra high quality of personal energy, and this helps them to see solutions for every obstacle rather than being constantly worried or harangued by the slightest hiccup in their plans. Keep in mind that televisions shows depicting rich people are not made by rich people, so the perception is skewed and altered from what it is really like to be around them.

The rich are more likely to buy private jets which are partly, if not solely, fueled by alternative energy. The rich are more likely to tip the balance in disaster relief efforts not just because they have the funds to do so, but because they have the contacts and the resources with which to make very real contributions to the masses of injured and homeless people.

The rich are more likely to set up sustainable energy in individual cities which does two things: first, it shows how it can be done successfully and that it really can be done on a permanent long term basis, and secondly, it is fuel for the fire of entrepreneurs in other cities who want to copy or try to improve the system shown.

You can see how much benefit all of our societies have from the rich and super wealthy families in the world. There is no way around it, rich people can be some of the most planet friendly people on earth. They may even be more likely to buy eco friendly chemical solutions from placed like Envirosafe Solutions, which provides an assortment of environmentally friendly liquids like marine glass cleaner, mould rid, dishwasher rinse aid, and soil wetta. What more could you ask for? We carry bulk volumes for business and worksite use, as well as smaller quantities: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Brands of Eco Giants

Eco FriendlyEco giants, companies known and famous for being eco friendly, can be some of the biggest brands out there. However, some people think that these large companies are making a profit by conning people into thinking that they are earth friendly. This is a common misconception based upon the perception that the larger a company is, the more damaging it is for the environment.

Eco friendly companies carry a larger responsibility than those who refrain from claiming environmental interest. They have a reputation to uphold in both the green and non-green communities, and everyone is ready to pull them down if they do not follow this reputation solidly for the life of their business. It is this kind of failure in life which can bring a multinational company to its knees. That is the kind of responsibility that eco giants have to hold up within the workplace.

Is your company one of those influential and yet easily complained about businesses which strive so hard to make a difference in this world and have become quite good at it?

Well, look no further for a companion. Envirosafe Solutions brings you the eco friendly industrial liquid that you need to make sure that even the darkest crevices of your business are clean and well maintained through eco friendly chemical solutions. What more could you ask for? Even your cleaning products are green!

The brand names of eco giants are huge because they are powerful and effective. When your business is considering expanding its influence, you must first make sure that all of your ducks are in a row, all of the tiny little details are tended to which may make or break your reputation, and that all of your employees know and understand that you practice what you preach. That is why the antibacterial hand wash, mineral deposit remover, dishwasher rinse aid, and electrical insulator cleaner from Envirosafe Solutions are so much more effective for your business. They are environmentally friendly liquids, but they also get the job done that they say they will do. Our own reputation would be ruined if we were not able to products that worked. Make us your chemical supply provider. Call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

The Green Bug

Eco FriendlyWhen you catch a bug, it means that you have caught some sort of parasitic sickness. Of course, it is often used in colloquial speech to indicate catching the “fever” of doing something about which we are really passionate. Catching the green bug means that you have become totally enthralled with eco friendly sustainability and wish to make a large chunk of your life devoted to the care, protection and sustainability of our beautiful earth.

At Envirosafe Solutions, we have already caught the green bug. All of our chemical solutions are planet safe and eco friendly, and you can even verify the level of product ecology and septic safety by looking at the product pages on our website. We are really proud of what we have accomplished, and we know that it is no laughing matter when you devote yourself seriously to the study of ecology.

There was a time when eco friendly initiatives were not very popular. However, society as a whole caught the green bug and people became very aware of the safety of the planet, whether they wanted to or not! It all has to do with how information, trends, and shopping epidemics spread throughout the world. It is considered “cool” to be green, but that was not always the case. In fact, many people found it to be annoying and irksome to listen to the initial pioneers into this field of research. However, celebrities have adopted green practices and have made both themselves and eco friendly products that much more popular.

Everyone loves someone who cares, and celebrities have used this for self promotion but also to spread the green bug globally, not just in isolated areas.

When Envirosafe Solutions began our quest to bring environmental cleaning products to the world, catching the green bug was not quite as popular as it is today, but fortunately we knew that everyone would soon be very informed about the sustainability of the world. Toilet bowl cleaner, sanitiser, and porta-loo treatment are all available in eco friendly forms on our website. We highly recommend our solvent free degreaser and our Extreme Green line of products. For more information, call us at: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Combing Out the Spirit

Eco Friendly Liquid ProductsThe spirit of humans is a very tenacious one. We really cannot be stopped in anything we try to do. If we focus on something long and hard enough, we make it happen, no matter what it is. We have the ability to create and use our resources and bring up just about anything out of our conscious minds into the very earth reality of everyday life.

However, we all know that there is nothing quite like being in nature when it comes to combing out the spirit and getting it all nicely detangled again. Nature brings us in touch with ourselves, with our own primal energy, and with what is really important to us. Nature is one of the foundational energies of the world. In fact, the outdoors with all of its trees, shrubs, and flowers came about perhaps before humans came about. No wonder we commune so well with it. It reminds us of an earlier, simpler time. We’re just kidding, of course. Primordial human nature must have been very complex, indeed, to have formed into who and what we are today.

Being outside among the beauty and tactile offerings of nature is what combs out our spirits and makes us feel whole again. Therefore, it is pretty important to preserve this pristine wilderness and large, shady forests and enormous pasture plains. We need solutions which work with nature, not against her. For that, we will be using Envirosafe Solutions chemicals, and helping to protect our world a little better for future generations. Our toilet bowl cleaner, rubber remover, dishwashing liquid, and fuel conditioner are all examples of our eco friendly liquid products which allow you to clean, maintain, and repair your homes, businesses, and equipment without all of the damage to the environment.

Yes, the human spirit needs a bit of detangling, and our beloved Mother Nature is great at handing us the comb. However, to be truly green, we must act rather than just sit and wish. This is where purchasing your company chemicals from Envirosafe Solutions comes in. We are truly happy with the result of our business, and we believe that you will be, too: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Eco Mergers and the Risks of Both Parties

Eco FriendlyWhen two businesses set up a merger, they are agreeing to one of two situations: to become equal partners or for one to swallow up and own the other. Unfortunately, these mergers may not be as beneficial as would normally be expected, and either or both companies can suffer from it. The point can be made that partial mergers are better, but there we also have the situation which arises where one business is irresponsible and drags down the performance of the other business.

Eco friendly liquid products bring another aspect to this entirely. If both companies should be joined in a partial or complete merger in order to bring sustainability and eco friendly aspects to the world, then the possibility of failure is not just based upon financial gain but also upon how effective these eco friendly efforts really are.

Both parties risk the loss of a number of good employees. Both parties risk the creation of animosity and competitiveness between existing employees. Both parties risk the malfunction, dishonesty, or irresponsibility of the other company, which will bring the whole thing down. Risk is rampant in all business negotiations, but mergers carry a high price and the gain may or may not be worth the effort put into the matter.

Now, when Envirosafe Solutions began distributing eco friendly liquid products all over Australia, we knew that forming business-to-business relationships with companies would be very important. Our eco friendly industrial liquid would be most valuable on industrial jobsites, where our porta-loo treatment, our marine glass cleaner and our rust converter would all be really needed and valued by the workers and the cleaning staff. We knew that our mould rid, radiator coolant and fuel conditioner had to all perform at optimum condition. We knew that all of these things needed to be true, on top of our products being safe for the environment and easy to use and store.

We believe that we succeeded in our efforts and that all of our products meet these standards. We invite you to try them for yourself. Make sure that your employees put them through the wringer and really try them out to their fullest capabilities. Call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Bearing Burdens and Building New Muscles

Eco FriendlyThere are many religious, philosophical and political idealistic views which deal with the idea of bearing burdens and building muscles. In the pro-work regimes, it is listed that your soul and your sense of self is strengthened and made whole by work. In the anti-work movements, it is said that you must learn how to think smarter, not harder.

Well, which is it? Which method has the most value?

The author does not believe in “either/or” situations, but rather in “win/win” situations. People should be able to get the best of both worlds. We should be able to do what we love to do, and to be given as much freedom as we want to do it. That would encompass the best of both worlds. We would be able to use our minds and our bodies going full steam ahead with what we love.

What is wrong with that? Can it even be improved upon?

When we build new muscles, first the old muscles must be torn up, from top to bottom, with little tiny microscopic tears, in order for these to heal and then build into newer, better, stronger muscles. In other words, the only way that burdens can be born is through the initial pain, tearing up of and healing of old muscles in order to create new muscles which can carry these burdens.

Isn’t that a great analogy for our global efforts to improve the ecological safety of the world?

Envirosafe Solutions really pulls our own weight when it comes to providing Australian businesses with chemical products which are safe for the environment. Our environmentally friendly liquids are planet safe and include chemicals like mineral deposit remover, electrical insulator cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, solvent free degreaser, and fuel conditioner. When we develop our products, we make sure and research the amount of damage they are capable of inflicting upon planet earth, and the numbers are very low compared with name brand harsh chemicals. Envirosafe Solutions is here to make sure that your business is using chemical solutions which are planet friendly, and one of the ways you can do this is by making your next purchase order with us: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Machinations and Precious Metals

Even in building design and construction eco friendly needs are met. Reflective glass ceilings are integrated with solar paneling. The building isEco Friendly faced in a direction which reduces the need for heat in the winter and the need for cooling in the summer. The walls are made of durable, weatherproof material. The plans and systems involved are all designed to reduce the need for energy and to still make it aesthetically pleasing, both on the outside and the inside.

The same process occurs in a machinery plant or a factory with moving parts. There are so many machinations and these parts may need to be replaced on such a regular basis that they can’t be too expensive. However, they must be extremely durable in order to hold up under the daily grind of machinery and factory movement. Therefore, it must be a solid metal which can also be bought without too much cost.

These, indeed, would be precious metals.

Naturally, if your business needed such parts and materials, you would want to make them last as well and as long as possible. Therefore, Envirosafe Solutions would like to invite you to take a look at the chemical solutions we provide for both cleaning and maintenance on a regular, even daily, basis.

First, we have the grime removers. This includes rust remover, rust converter, and our special solvent free degreaser.

Next, we have the substance removers, such as the glue remover, our diesel bug killer, and our mineral deposit remover.

Lastly, we have standard cleaning equipment, such as our toilet bowl cleaner, our industrial hand cleaner, and our glass cleaner.

Necessarily, everything in your business must be a reflection of what your business is about, and that’s why we are sure that you will take a serious look at what we have available for your company, even for your worksite where the real mess is. We are confident in our abilities to bring everything under control with our line of eco friendly chemical solutions. We believe in a better world and a better working space. We know that you believe in it, too. For more information on our individual products, visit our website or ask us in person. For all other questions or to place an order, call us today at: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Avoiding Business Contract Scams

When you think of perhaps getting some government incentives for all of the eco friendly work you’ve done to your business lately, remember to Eco Friendlyalways make sure that it is a true government program or that it is correctly affiliated with a real government entity. You don’t want to be in the position of someone taking your money and running off with it without delivering the services they promised. It is therefore of primary importance to ascertain whom you are working with and who validates their credentials. There is always a local business bureau which can help ascertain the validity of entities like these.

When it comes to getting the proper incentives for all of the eco friendly and environmental work that your company does, it helps to talk to ecological legal counsel or to join a certified organization which can vouch for whatever program or information you receive about making your business more eco friendly and receiving benefits for it.

All of your hard work must not go to waste. Squeeze every last drop of value out of what you do by submitting every single act or purchase of eco friendly advantage when you document what your business does for the environment. Then, when it comes time to deliver this information, you will have a wealth of stored data at your fingertips. This is important because you don’t want to be scrounging around for old documentation when it comes time to report all of the good that your business does for its own emission controls and for the environment at large.

Eco friendly liquid products are part of these efforts to remain in the green, so to speak. For example, Envirosafe Solutions provides a wide range of environmental cleaning products, including hard water laundry liquid, antibacterial hand wash, and toilet bowl cleaner. Our business also serves many other functions through our chemical solutions, including our radiator coolant, our porta-loo treatment, and our rust converter. Just about every office, and most jobsites use all or some of these chemicals to accomplish their daily maintenance. For this reason, be sure to browse through our entire catalogue of eco friendly industrial liquid in order to know what all is available for your own business. To place an order or to talk to one of our friendly representatives, call Envirosafe Solutions right now: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Company Green: Overruling Business Policies

If you have just entered ownership of a company or if your control over the company has changed over time, you may find yourself wishing to doEco Friendly away with old or outdated practices and company policies. Of course, you should always check with your legal department before attempting to do anything like change your business policies. In addition to that, if you are looking to change things in favor of eco friendly situations, you may wish to hire some eco-knowledgeable lawyers to advise you on that, as well.

Moreover, if you find yourself becoming overwhelmed with the rewriting of company rules and regulations, then you might wish to find yourself an alternative system or to consult with someone who does that for a living.

Make sure that, no matter who you consult with, you have plenty of references to back up their case history and their experience in this matter. Always be thorough and extremely exacting in your standards and in the standards you expect from consultants you employ.

Now, there are some things which you will not need a change in company policy in order to implement. For example, your janitorial staff can begin purchasing environmental cleaning products, like those from Envirosafe Solutions, when they begin to order their next round of chemical solutions. Your cleaning staff can make sure that their glass cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, and disinfectant all come from Envirosafe Solutions and are therefore eco friendly and safe for the earth.

If your environmental attorneys can find a way to include these purchases under some sort of eco initiation performed by the government, then so much the better. Make sure that they have examined every way in which that can occur. Your money should be retained as much as possible.

In the meantime, don’t worry about the changes to the staff when you overrule former business policies. Many people can adapt to new things, as long as they don’t have to keep changing things every single week. Be consistent and dependable, and keep any eye out for the sustainability of our planet. That is, after all, the responsible thing to do. Call us today for more information: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Train Up A Child

Train Up A Child“Train up a child in the way that he should go, and he will not depart there from.” This is, of course, an old Biblical verse which many parents prescribe to. However, whether you are a Bible follower or not, there is a great deal of wisdom in this statement and you may find it to be valuable in things besides morality.

For instance, showing your children just how taking care of the earth should look like can be one of the foundational teachings you give them. There is nothing better than helping your offspring to understand just how much they can influence the world around them just by their presence and how much of their own behavior is reflected in the sustainability of the world. There is a lot to be desired in the way that many people take careless attention to their children and then complain that their offspring didn’t turn out right.

However, if your kid knows a lot about the way in which the earth can be made more sustainable, they are not only less likely to be neglected by you, because your whole family understands personal responsibility, but they are less likely to turn around and then neglect their own family and friends. This is one of the foundational principles in how the world is run and how everyone influences everyone else in the long run.

When you are purchasing chemicals from us, remember to take a few of them home from work with you and show them to your kids. Show them how using environmental cleaning products can get both cleaning done and can also slow down the leaking of harsh chemicals back into the environment. Show them how diesel bug killer, glue remover, and marine glass cleaner can all be used in regular daily maintenance, and how you can reduce the pollution that you leave behind when you are going about your daily activities. Bring them to work with you and show them how these same chemical solutions are used in bulk in the workplace environment. The use of eco friendly liquid products can absolutely be used in the training up of your children. And we are always here to help educate the next generation: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Happily Together

When individuals look for a soul mate, they generally look for people who share the same values as they do. Even if opposites attract, as long as there is not actual polarity in the opinions regarding moral issues, then the two people can pretty happily get along with each other.Happily Together

However, when such occasions arise when two people are on opposite sides of a very important view, then it helps to step back and assess the situation, together, from all sides. Now, we have been producing and distributing high quality eco friendly chemical solutions to businesses for some time now. Our environmental cleaning products are designed to eradicate dirt, grime, grease, and to lubricate and remove rust, all without being harmful to your septic system, the water supply systems, or the ocean, which will eventually be their end destination.

With all of the pharmaceuticals and other pollutants altering ocean life so much, it is especially important to be eco conscious of the fact that everyone must take responsibility for their own actions and for the chemical solutions they order from businesses like us. First, visit our website to make sure that our individual product pages have the information you need to make your decision. Then, when you are done with that, you can decide if our products really are eco friendly, if they really are non-pollutant, and if they really will satisfy the needs of your cleaning and maintenance crews. We even offer a thirty day money back guarantee to help with the process.

It is difficult to have an argument with your spouse about opposing viewpoints, but on our website, we think that we have delineated the facts of our eco friendly industrial liquid in a clear, non-judgmental manner, and we hope that you find it as illuminating as so many other people have found it. We provide many chemical solutions, including antibacterial hand wash, mineral deposit remover, and rust converter. Of course, our main objective is to produce a lot of chemicals which are safe for the planet, and in time, we think that we will achieve such a widespread distribution that eco friendly chemicals will be the only ones used in the marketplace: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Bad Attitudes and Eco Savings

Bad attitudes are everywhere. Someone has a bad day, their mood spreads to those immediately around thBad Attitudes and Eco Savingsem. Then, someone is tipped over the edge of their emotional baggage for the day and they snap or yell at someone they know. After this, everyone is in a bad way, and no one knows who really began the epidemic…though everyone is convinced that it was someone else.

Ecological savings in companies, households, and groups involve effective handling of your own emotional behavior. This means remaining emotionally stable in every situation, no matter what other people are doing. It also means that you must be careful to not bring too much of your own problematic issues onto the jobsite when you CANNOT maintain this emotional equilibrium.

Unfortunately, once someone becomes comfortable in their job, they tend to let themselves go, both at work and in their relational interactions with people. Their physical appearance is compromised, their emotional professionalism is heavily weighted down, and their internal strength becomes atrophied.

When you are looking to increase your monetary and ecological savings in your company, remember to search out the highest quality products and services, and to instruct your employees on how to use those eco friendly resources in the most effective way possible.

Sanitiser, mould rid, and marine glass cleaner are just some of the examples of products which are distributed by us. We know that your resources must be properly managed. We realize that you do know what you are doing and that all you need is a little lift in order to make everything fall into place. Our environmentally friendly liquids are part of this solution. Our eco friendly liquid products are all designed to make your life easier and to make your business well maintained, clean, and in good working order, all while being eco friendly.

Of course, a bad attitude or one single emotional problem can make everything to pot. Maintain your professionalism, order our eco friendly liquid products, and don’t worry about the future. Your eco savings are all a part of how your company will grow from here on out. For more information, call us at: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Marine Industries and Certain Precautions

When you have any piece of machinery which is constantly exposed to the ocean, you have a situation where the moisture in the air can cause aMarine Industries and Certain Precautions lot of water damage and where the sea salt can deposit in a lot of ways, too. That is why, when Envirosafe Solutions began distributing environmentally friendly liquids to the whole of Australia, we knew that we needed some marine glass cleaner in addition to our regular glass cleaner. We knew that we had to cover other contingencies, as well, so that is why we produced our mineral deposit remover.

Of course, we provide many other things which would be effective for machinery that is water based, such as our radiator cleaner, rust converter, and sanitiser.

When you are looking at your marine based operation, remember that all of your products must be tailored to the water and to the sea air. You must use products which are specifically tailored to your needs, to the climate, to the weather, to the salt and to the ocean. That is a lot of specifications, but Envirosafe Solutions has products, many of which will be perfect for your marine machinery, ships, buildings, etc. In fact, there is such a scarcity of truly eco friendly marine based chemical solutions that we urge you to browse our website several times over and make sure that you have received all of the options which apply to your situation.

Naturally, Envirosafe Solutions, in order to be ecologically sound, must provide eco friendly industrial liquid which is safe for the water and the air, not chemicals which will damage eco systems on land or at sea. Therefore, we have a large need for products which are not just generally environmentally sound, but very tailored for water non-pollution and air non-pollution. That gives you the freedom to wash as many of these as you like down the drain and into the ocean without a care or a thought as to how much damage it might be doing. That’s right, we have all bases covered. Now, whenever you use our chemical products, you can rest assured that you are having just as much impact on the eco system as the day you were born. Well, except that you’re breathing more oxygen: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.