Take A Deep Breath and Plunge In

Diesel Bug KillerImagine the first time you jumped into the water. Either that, or imagine the first time you jumped into a lake or the ocean. You hold your breath, you close your eyes, and you are sure that the result will be terrible. You are so afraid. Everyone is watching. You have to do it.

You take a deep breath, and you plunge in.

The water hits you like a brick wall, in the beginning.

If you jumped into a lake or the ocean, the cold takes your breath away. Even if you are studiously holding your breath, the cold seems to knock whatever oxygen you have inside of your right out of your body. Suddenly, the cold is above you, keeping you from your air. You struggle, thrashing wildly not intelligently, and seem to come up to the surface far later than you should have.

Your lungs fill with that first deep gulp. The light blinds your eyes, and you are not sure which ways is up. Then, you quickly find where the shore is, and swim frantically toward it, until your feet touch the bottom, and you feel like you have contact with dry land again.

Have you ever thought that this must be what it feels like, if you were mother earth, to be polluted with toxic chemicals all of the time? It’s too much. It’s overwhelming.

Let Envirosafe Solutions bring you chemicals which are eco friendly. Let our environmentally friendly liquids help you maintain your business, from fuel conditioner to toilet bowl cleaner, and from mineral deposit remover to radiator coolant. Together, we can make mother earth feel better about our presence.

Rather than being dumped off a cliff into the ocean, we can nurture and protect the earth, by gradually walking our environmentally friendly behaviors into the warm tropical sea. Gradually, little by little, we are soothed by the warm, swirling ocean around us. That is the way to treat planet earth, not with harsh chemical treatments. Call Envirosafe Solutions if you want to share the soft, gentle protection of our world with our company. We provide high quality chemical solutions to business all over Australia and to select countries: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Let Dead Things Lie

Mineral Deposit RemoverWe often do not get to see an example of someone rejoicing over something dead, but many gardeners see the beauty and purpose behind dead things. Dead trees, rotting wood, compost, and mulch all have very real, very valuable and specific purposes. Dead trees provide homes for animals and insects which, in turn, fertilize and help spread the pollen of all of your plants. Rotting wood is used by both insects and soil to as compost and food. Compost is highly nutritious earth in which plants can grow easily and get all of the nutrition they need. Mulch is highly variable and very valuable in many different settings, used as ground cover in winter, and is also used for ground cover before plants come up.

As you can see, dead things have very real and very effective uses, which means that people should not be so eager to get rid of all of their dead things right away. Often, having a little variety in your landscape brings it character and, underneath what the eye can easily discern, also makes the land much hardier. This does not necessarily mean that you should neglect everything, all of the time, but it does mean that a large amount of neglect and working WITH nature, rather than against it, can make your business, gardens, and landscapes far more attractive, realistic looking rather than unnaturally tailored, and far more pleasing to the eye.

Let dead things lie. Unless they are attracting problem animals, make sure that all of your dead growth is being put to good use.

In the living world, we can at least make sure that the footprint we leave behind is green with healthy grass and good breathability. Eco friendly liquid products, chemical solutions, are distributed by Envirosafe Solutions, a company which has built itself a reputation for only selling the highest quality and least damaging environmental cleaning products. We provide rust converter, glue remover, insect and tar remover, as well as marine glass cleaner and electrical insulator cleaner. We know that you are working in the land of the living, and that you must preserve and care of your business, an entity which is very much alive: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Waste Management: What is Waste?

Mineral Deposit RemoverWaste or waste products can be…er…subjective. Who determines what waste is? Who makes the decision that waste products are, indeed, extraneous unwanted materials? Some people find more use in some things than in others. For example, a compost man may look at ordinary trash and see the biodegradability potential in it (even if it doesn’t seem to be there) and a woman can look at a piece of cloth on the street and see the potential for a beautiful gown if it is cleaned up and sewn properly. What exactly is waste?

There are so many ways to use and reuse what we have that it seems almost impossible to not take advantage of some of these things. Sometimes, home owners and businesses have their gray water (non-toilet waste water) feed their garden, landscaping, plants and animals. Sometimes, people regularly visit trash sites to find things to fix up, repair and sell or to use for their own personal use. A lot of people take standard issue items from the store and customize them to make something which is truly and uniquely theirs.

Waste management means making the most out of waste or wasted products from other people. True waste management means seeing everything as useful in some other process. Even if it is a decaying process, like compost, be sure and look at everything around, both good and bad, as something which when thrown away still contributes to the good of society.

How often does the above scenario happen with chemicals?

Do we not all enjoy using chemicals and then throwing them away, eagerly and quickly flushing them down our drains, hoping that there is not any residue left? Why is this? It is because we do not always use eco friendly industrial liquid like sanitiser, radiator cleaner, laundry powder, and liquid hand soap, among many others which are provided by Envirosafe Solutions. Here in Australia, we need to be able to think about our chemicals past the drains in our facilities. We need to be able to think about exactly how much environmental protection or responsibility we are giving the planet once we wash those chemicals away. To place your order, call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Living off the Grid

Rust ConverterIf you live off the grid or take it into your sweet little head to do so in the future, then you need to make sure that you understand the kind of responsibility this lifestyle is going to require from you. You will need to grow your own food, so you will need a dust suppressor until your plants take root. You will need to clean up your greasy messes, so you will need solvent free degreaser to get rid of them without using harsh chemicals.

There are many different ways of making a difference when you are on your own, off grid and taking care of yourself in a way that modern society would find scary, indeed. You will need to be your own quality control guy, so that means that you will have to keep all of your machinery in prime working condition with eco friendly radiator coolant, radiator cleaner, laundry powder, toilet bowl cleaner, diesel bug killer, antibacterial hand wash, rubber remover, and so on. You will need to see the importance of keeping everything in working condition and well cleaned and maintained. Not only does your survival depend upon it, but the efficacy of your money and your resources have to be used properly or you will be spending more and getting less when you do have to buy supplies from outside sources. It’s a matter of personal pride that a true wild man or woman takes extra special care of their equipment. It means that they know how much value their equipment has and that they should get a minimum number of years of use out of it and they are going to get all they can out of it. It means that there is a dedication to quality control and cleanliness and well maintained beauty.

Please understand that Envirosafe Solutions takes no part in supporting or denouncing in living off grid. But, we do carry the eco friendly liquid products which may be useful to you when setting up your own beautiful backwoods empire. Please look over all of our products and see if there are any which you are already using in non-eco form. Call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Decomposition and Refueling

Glue RemoverDecomposition is a natural process and many car and truck manufacturers are looking to find a way for engines to make use of the natural gas that comes from decomposition and to make the most of it when it comes to auto eco efficiency. There are a lot of factors to consider first, though.

First, depending upon the usage of the auto, decomposition may be further along between driving or not as far along between driving as the “average” readings would show. Some people only use their autos once every two weeks, while other people use them four times a day and cover long distances.

Secondly, the rate of decomposition will be affected by the age of the fuel in the engine, will it not? Such a process is likely to have an effect on the overall usability of the fuel between driving. Since most people like to have consistency in their auto’s dependability over time, this could be a deciding factor against the idea of using decomposition in hybrid or eco friendly vehicles.

Thirdly, decomposition, at some point, slows down or completes. At some point, in the end, there is nothing but the end product, and if this end product is not fuel ready itself, then it can be highly detrimental to the engine. There must be fuel readiness on every stage of the decomposition process if this is to be really used as a way in to the eco friendly fuel production

Envirosafe Solutions already has our foot in the door concerning eco friendly engines. We provide eco friendly chemical solutions, and that includes our environmentally sound radiator coolant, radiator cleaner, rust remover, mineral deposit remover, electrical insulator cleaner, and fuel conditioner. We have everything ready for your new or old auto, and it is in place so that you can order from us at any time and keep all of your business and personal vehicles well maintained with green sustainability and function. In order to learn more about eco friendly endeavors throughout the world and here at Envirosafe Solutions, please visit our blog regularly, and browse our website for our products: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Good Guys and Bad Guys

Rust ConverterOf course, we all love watching movies where the good guys win. There is a lot of emphasis in cinema of making the bad guys look cold and calculating and making the good guys look confident and strong. Is that always the case in real life?

No, it is not always the case.

In real life, everyone is looking to bring a competitive edge to their own business dealings. They will often stop at nothing to ensure their own income, and while this is a worthy goal, it often means that they use what are considered to be less than ethical business practices, such as advertising their products to be eco friendly, when they are not in fact that green or, if they are green, are not that effective as products for the consumer.

Who would want to do business with people like that?

Eco friendly liquid products are the type of chemical solutions we produce, but we know that our reputation must be flawless, and not like the “bad guys” who seek to deceive you for a price. Naturally, not everyone is bad all the way through, like it shows them to be in the movies, but it is still a matter who you would rather do business with: the good guys who are reliable or the bad guys who are competitive with their customers rather than themselves.

If your company is a public laundry, use our hard water laundry liquid. If you run an industrial worksite, then try our solvent free degreaser. If you have a lot of machinery and vehicles, then try out our radiator cleaner and radiator coolant. All of our products are eco friendly. All of our chemical solutions will bring you one step closer to the safety of and sustainability of our planet. What could be better?

Well, we are glad you asked. We can also provide you with a thirty day money back guarantee, even if you use up all of our chemical solutions and just send the empty containers back to us. We believe in quality control and in servicing our customers with high standards. For more information or to place an order, call: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

The Ten Million Dollar Question

Dust SuppressorWhen people think of saving the earth, they generally think of a process. It may involve planting more trees, dumping chemicals in appropriate waste disposal sites, buying organic food, or using reusable shopping bags. Whatever the case, a greener earth is wanted, but many people do not always appreciate the fact that we are moving toward the ten million dollar question:

What do we do after the earth has been saved and been restored to a state of continue eco sustainability in the future?

We are all moving toward one goal, yes. But, when this goal is achieved, not everyone is going to be on board with the idea of what to do next. Not everyone is going to agree that, now we have all of our resources preserved for future generations, we will have the best intentions working together toward the next step which would naturally be further eco sustainability and further stability of our achieved plan.

A whole new market will emerge, which will specifically target this new sustainability. It will not be like today, where most people will be able to elect one product or service or another. It will be mostly green, but there will be plenty of competition between green companies, like Envirosafe Solutions, which will be a major player by this time.

That is why you should invest in us. Older clients would have rates with us which newer clients may not have. Older clients would have a relationship with us that newer clients would not have. You would be able to continue ordering chemical solutions from us all through the transition period between then and now, even for years in the future.

Envirosafe Solutions is incredibly important for people who wish to use basic chemicals like sanitiser, solvent free degreaser, and diesel bug killer, while also maintaining a healthy respect for the environment. Envirosafe Solutions distributes all kinds of chemicals, from bath and tile cleaner to fuel conditioner. We know that your custom is of the greatest importance, not only to our company, but to the future of the earth, and the future of what we will do after we have achieved sustainability for the earth: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Icebergs Moving Fast!

Glue RemoverThe Jakobshavn Glacier in Greenland is contributing ice faster and faster to the sea, and this is causing many researchers to worry about sea levels rising, and the long term effects of global warming. This is not something which can easily be overlooked. There are many reasons why rising sea levels and quickly melting glaciers are bound to through entire eco systems out of whack, long before new eco systems can arise which can take their place, thus leading to a re-fueling of the global eco climate and a cooling down of the planet in general.

These icebergs are moving four times faster than they did in 1990, thus demonstrating how heat entropy and velocity can build over time, if left unchecked. When you are going about your daily activities, even the smallest change can have a widespread global effect on the earth. This means that there are many solutions for these problems, including recycling your bottles and other recyclable goods, getting equipment in your business which allows your company to recycle its own paper products and produce paper or reuse paper out of the kind of sheets that we tend to throw away, and using eco friendly industrial liquid in the care and maintenance of your company.

What do we mean by eco friendly liquid products? Well, we will tell you. Envirosafe Solutions brings planet friendly toilet bowl cleaner (which we all know has to be powerfully toxic and powerfully effective stuff), rubber remover, rust converter, mineral deposit remover, and bath and tile cleaner to the forefront the Australian marketplace. Our chemical solutions are safe and effective, all of which helps to contribute the overall global cooling which we are attempting to create. There is so much need for everything to be alright and back in its proper place and climate zone that Envirosafe Solutions felt that creating a line of eco friendly liquid products would be the best plan in light of recent research findings. Of course, our company has been around for a while now, but you may change your mind regarding what types of chemicals you invest in on a regular basis. To find out more, call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Can Safer Mines Bring More Profit?

There are plenty of stereotypes out there about mines being very unsafe places to work. Of course, the stereotype continues that the owners cutGlue Remover costs by denying workers the safety that they need. Naturally, some of this is true, and some of this is false. There are mines in the world where these practices do exist, but probably not nearly as many as people may believe.

However, let’s pose a question which we can answer: can safer mines bring more profit?

In theory, safer mines lead to higher productivity, less stress in the workers, and therefore better results from the mine. However, the theory that cutting costs really does give the owners more money can seem seductive…and possible.

Not only do all workplaces benefit in production when employees are safer, but the business as a whole becomes more efficient, thus naturally cutting its own costs, by behaving in an employee-centric manner. Where people love to work, they love to improve their company as well as their working conditions. The company is made up of people who love their jobs and feel safe in a normally hazardous industry.

What about the earth? Can the earth benefit from safer mining practices?

Envirosafe Solutions loves to provide chemical solutions, from cleaning to rust removing and a wide variety of other solutions, for all types of businesses, and we would always be privileged to work for a mining company. We know that people who make an effort to keep the world safer are also more likely to keep their employees safer. It is called social consciousness.

Inevitably, even business owners who wish to use eco friendly liquid products like the ones that Envirosafe Solutions provides may find themselves believing that others will not support their decisions. Taking responsibility for your work and your workplace is part of being an adult. It is part of being a man or a woman. It is part of running a good business.

Environmentally friendly products are out there, but we carry high quality rust converter, mineral deposit remover, and radiator cleaner. We have a lot of tools which would work perfectly in the mining environment. If you would like to learn more about using our effective chemical solutions, then give us a call today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Installing Eco Friendly Toilet Facilities

Toilet Bowl CleanerEnvirosafe Solutions is primarily a business-to-business chemical solutions provider. We specialize in eco friendly liquid products which are planet safe. They are effective and useful in any project in which you might use a similar product. We provide a wide range of chemical solutions, such as our toilet bowl cleaner, our glue remover, and our disinfectant.

Naturally, there is a need to bring this eco friendly behavior into the bathroom, as well. For example, your company may have installed low water toilets and environmentally friendly toilet fixtures so that your company uses up less water in its waste disposal system. In addition to that, you will probably want to take advantage of some eco friendly industrial liquid to keep those bathrooms clean.

We recommend our eco friendly liquid products, and the ones which apply to bathrooms include glass cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, bath and tile cleaner, disinfectant, sanitiser and antibacterial hand wash. Naturally, all of these are a part of a nice, clean set of toilet facilities, and they are also safe for the environment, which brings extra punch to your business’ interest in contributing back to the planet.

Being environmentally sound is not just a matter of good mechanics or planet friendly chemicals, but it requires a combination of these things in order to achieve the desired effect in the long run. It means stepping back and looking at the whole picture, the entire mural, to see where different facets of a system can be used multiple times and with multiple functions. Any system in a business, not just the toilet facilities, should be examined in this manner. There are plenty of examples of eco friendly behavior being found in some of the simplest solutions.

It is important to not over think problems when we look at how to fix them. Sometimes, it is just more efficient to go with a simple system of cleaning, maintaining and keeping things in working order. That is where Envirosafe Solutions comes in. We are a part of something bigger, something global, in nature, and we are proud to do business which contributes to the greater good of mother earth. Every system in your business can be aided by Envirosafe Solutions. To schedule a purchase order or to just talk to us, call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Bhurj Khalifa: Above the Clouds

Bigger, better, faster, and taller: we humans have been engaged in a continuous endeavourDishwasher Powder to create the super special. One such area in which we have progressed in leaps and bounds is the construction of super tall buildings such as the Bhurj Khalifa. At a staggering height of 828m above the ground, the towering structure is truly awe inspiring and a sight that drives out our breath. But beyond the sheer height, the Bhurj Khalifa is a striking example of sustainable green practices. When we examine the design, the building materials and the functionality, we become truly aware of the environmental friendly aspects of this wonder.

With 160+ floors and 280, 000 sq. m of residential and office space, and a Giorgio Armani hotel, the super tall structure is indeed massive. To get an idea of the sheer size and scale of this structure, consider the fact that the condensate collection system (from air conditioning) is about 15 million gallons of water, equal to about 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools. The building is so tall that the top of the building is actually above the clouds.

The Bhurj Khalifa is a township in itself, and it is ideally suited to green solutions. Not only is its structure eco-friendly in terms of construction material, but also in terms of its energy requirements, thanks largely in part to the thermal-inertia of concrete. Since it is a township in itself, a whole range of eco-friendly solutions are available for it from Envirosafe Solutions.

Absorbents and spill kits can easily and effectively contain any organic or inorganic toxic spill. Cleaners such as the all-purpose glass cleaner and the bath and tile cleaner can be gainfully employed both in the domestic and commercial premises. Corrosion treatment can lengthen the life of the entire building.

The kitchen lends itself to good use of the commercial kitchen degreasers, the dishwasher powder, the dishwasher liquid, the dishwater rinse aid and the dishwashing liquid. Not just the hotel but also the residential apartments can benefit greatly from the laundry powder, hardwater laundry liquid and the fabric conditioner. Problem removers such as the graffiti remover, the glue remover, the ice break, the insect and tar remover, the mould remover and the rubber remover can come in handy.

In the area of sanitation and hygiene, the disinfectants and sanitisers, drain and waste cleaners and deodorisers, and toilet treatments can lend a helping hand. And, all these fully green solutions are readily available at Envirosafe Solutions. Not only do all our Extreme Green products provide a safe and green solution, but also a fast-acting and result-oriented one.

We at Envirosafe Solutions back our products with lots of love and support. Whether yours is a small compact dwelling or a flamboyant complex, we have a green and friendly solution just right for you.


The Necessity of a Good Reputation

Multi Purpose LubricantWe can all smell a cheap, dollar-store product. It smells cheap, it tastes cheap, and it performs cheaply. We know which brands are sold at high end retailers, and which are sold at K-Mart. We know how well a piece of jewelry is crafted just by looking at it.

So, what can you do to make your business a higher quality operation? After all, what occurs on the inside definitely shows on the outside.

A good reputation means that you do not have to worry about job security. It means that you do not have to be concerned about your company going under during an economic recession. It means that you can acquire skill and grace in a particular art, without having to compromise time or quality.

Lowering costs depends upon innovation, not only of the product, but of the business system. Aside from those two facets, there is a very real need to keep products as high quality as possible, both in design and in distribution. In today’s world, there is a great deal of low cost mass distribution, which may or may not lower the standard of living of every customer targeted. This becomes important when dealing with the global economic demands of cost and value. If your estate or business cannot keep up with high standards while also lowering distribution costs and costs to the customer, then something must be adjusted.

Envirosafe Solutions specialises in just this type of arrangement, keeping our design and performance incredibly high, while keeping our costs reasonable and all of our products eco friendly. We have a responsibility toward our planet to treat it the same ways as we would treat our children or our company’s health and prosperity: With dignity and endurance and sustainability. This responsibility requires that our products be eco friendly liquid products, and that our Extreme Green line, as well as our disinfectant and rust remover, be top quality and be easily storable. You can feel safe about storing your eco friendly solvent free degreaser or your radiator coolant. Our products are safe for the earth and they are safe for you, too. For more information, call Envirosafe Solutions:(+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Preserve Your Individual World

Preserve Your Individual WorldThose who know how to live well whilst also using eco friendly methods will tell you that it is your own individual world which must be sustained. The task of taking on the entire safety of the earth is both overwhelming and unrealistic. However, the task of turning your own individual garden, home, worksite, and company into a sustainable product seems much more realistic and enjoyable. This is definitely something which you can accomplish and do a good job on. After all, that is your world that you are saving, and you have complete and total control over it.

Our first advice would be to determine how green you would like to go. After all, not everyone has the resources to build their own earth house and reduce their energy usage by eighty percent. And, furthermore, not everyone would like to live in such a manner. It is important to do your research, visit the homes of fellow eco friendly earth lovers, and make yourself familiar with the ideas of different levels of environmentally friendly living and lifestyles.

You want to live well, just not extravagantly.

Next, we would advise you to look around at little things you can change. Oh, these little things really add up, over time and just in terms of volume which you use on your home throughout the week, month or year. We suggest shopping for environmentally friendly liquids, such as our Extreme Green range of products. Envirosafe Solutions offers solvent free degreaser, insect and tar remover, not to mention our dishwashing liquid. These are important products which are as necessary as they are eco friendly. Throughout your daily living, if you feel any sort of guilt over how you treat the environment, these are very real little ways in which you can make a really big difference in your own personal life and in the life of your company. Plus, our antibacterial hand wash smells really great. So come on by our site and read about each product, keeping your industrial worksite needs and your company’s basics in mind. Going green is the sign of a modern and future-oriented company. Call us today:(+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Plan Your Green Activities During Peak Times

Plan Your Green Activities During Peak TimesIn a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, there was a researched description on how your body functions during the day, and how you can turn peak times for certain activities into your most efficient time management yet. For example, creative activities are best done during the evening and exercise is best done in the mid to late afternoon. You are in your best, most forgiving mood in the morning, and that is the best time to write an email, especially if it is a stressful email or a pain-filled reply. You must, after all, do something like that when you are least stressed.

In the article cited below, your body naturally attunes to the circadian rhythms throughout the day, and this gives it primed abilities to deal with certain activities or types of activities throughout the day. If you have ever been more than stressed out throughout your work day, or even in your weekend activities, then you may know of what we are talking. Many people force themselves to observe certain activities at certain times of the day, from morning until night, and this can have a dramatically negative impact on their health AND on their ability to get things done efficiently and on time. After all, how often do you ever get any of your work or to-do list done all the way each and every day without going over your scheduled time and without costing yourself sleep and peace of mind? Clearly, this is a problem which must be addressed.

According to the Wall Street Journal article, you can shave as much as thirty percent off of your workday and off of the amount of time it takes you to perform ordinary, everyday tasks. To most of us, a whopping thirty percent sounds like heaven in a basket. In the meantime, there are other ways which you can cut corners. At Envirosafe Solutions, we offer environmentally friendly liquids, which both serve and obey the earth. Try out our radiator cleaner, our mould rid, or our industrial hand cleaner, all of which are environmentally sound products. We would love to help you today:(+61)1300 88 90 70.

The Wayward Wind

The Wayward WindWind energy has been continually increased over time to become an almost all-encompassing factor of energy budget expenses, at least on the federal level of many countries. An Aug. 18-19th edition of the Wall Street Journal for 2012 pointed out how federal spending from the American point of view is sinking $2.18 into oil per wattage hour, with a lot of production coming out of that, and over $700.00 into wind energy per wattage hour. There is clearly a large difference in investment and actual output of wind energy resources. One of the problems is that the wind is not sustainable as a source of measurement, since one cannot determine when the wind will blow or how much it will blow. There is a limit to how much nature will actually cooperate with our measuring devices and therefore a limit to how much we can expect to receive or accurately predict the amount of power we plan on receiving.

Alternative energy sources, such as wind energy and solar power, are becoming less obsolete, but remain a high cost of energy source. While fossil fuels are both damaging and depleting, alternative energy is both effective and expensive. Who would pay for this type of energy when they absolutely do not have to, just to make the earth a cleaner place? That is, indeed, an expensive bill. Fortunately for technology and innovation, as well as competition, costs should lower as the sector becomes even more privatized and more available to the communities which it supports. After all, if everyone is producing wind energy, then wouldn’t the cost lower, just like it does with electricity, computers, smart phones, and television sets?

Envirosafe Solutions commits itself to another sector of the green industry. Our eco friendly liquid products, including solvent free degreaser, mould rid, hard water laundry liquid, and multi purpose lubricant, are cutting edge, highly effective, and safe for our earth. It is important to always keep the effectiveness of our products in mind as we move forward into the new age of green competition and reforms for our earth. For more information on what you can do to change to eco friendly habits in your company, call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.