Getting Your Green Team Involved

Getting Your Green Team InvolvedSome companies start new employees off on mail duty, no matter where they will be placed next or where they might end up. This is not a hazing technique, nor is it meant to be disrespectful to any employee. It is intended to show employees all divisions of the company, so that they can see where they might like to work and so that they appreciate what each division of the company does. Employees with foresight simply wait until their mail duties are over, knowing that they can accomplish anything they wish to in such an organization. Unfortunately, some employees may feel offended at being placed in such a seemingly subordinate position, when in fact they are being given insight into the rest of the company and are being given control over their futures there.

Such should be the case with your Eco friendly or “green” team. If you have implemented such operations in your company, then you will want to get the most benefit out of government financial incentives, construction and building techniques, electricity usage, and so on. You will want your Eco friendly solutions team to know everything about your company, and in many ways, you will want all divisions of your company to exploit what your green team has to offer. For example, if your accounting department is not fully informed on what the green team is bringing to the table, they may not take advantage of government funded tax incentives designed to encourage Eco friendly company behavior and waste disposal.

It is important to recognize that when different divisions of your company are exploiting each other’ s talents, the organization as a whole is operating with more synergy and far more efficiency. It is important to recognize that this will not split your company apart, but bring it closer together. It will also, to some extent, cut down on office politics, since your employees will be focused on working together rather than picking each other apart.

As far as efficiency goes, it is also important to implement green chemical solutions both for your office and for your industrial worksite. Call Envirosafe Solutions today: +61) 1300 88 90 70.

Getting the Best of Both Worlds

Let’s face it…humans hate compromise. I hate compromise. You hate compromise. We want to have the best of both worlds. There is a pervasiveGetting the Best of Both Worlds psychology among Eco friendly communities that, in order to save the earth, we must sacrifice, give up conveniences, have less polish…compromise. Many of us have a large heart for Eco friendly endeavors because we love our world and we really do want to make it better. However, being the uncompromising creatures that we are, we often find it difficult to sacrifice when it seems that surely we can have both earth sustainability and all of our modern luxuries.

Well, we can.

Envirosafe Solutions specializes in taking all of the modern luxuries and conveniences of our lives and the Eco friendly research and development of our top scientists and combining them for your lifestyle. Hardcore industrial strength cleaning solvents, gentle and very effective laundry products, squeaky clean glass cleaner, and every other chemical solution that you need or might possibly need in the future. We have it all. All of our products are developed to be earth safe and we even put septic safety and biodegradability marks on all of our chemicals, so that you can choose the right one for your jobsite.

Sustainability does not have to involve that much sacrifice.

We offer affordable products, complete with our 30 day money back guarantee, just in case. Our service is spectacular, it is easy to place orders, and most of our products come both in household and in industrial bulk quantities. Our scientists have worked so hard to find the best possible chemicals for you to use in place of ordinary, harsh, destructive chemical solutions, some of which even leave a toxic chemical residue behind, even after washing. It is important to treat yourself and your business with the best possible care, and to always seek out new and innovative ways to be both Eco friendly and conveniently modern at the same time.

It is time to try out and seek out the modern abilities of Envirosafe Solutions. Call us today: +61) 1300 88 90 70.

Gaining Global Perspective

Gaining Global PerspectiveGlobal perspective is a somewhat illusive concept, and it originates in the inherent interest that many people have to learn about new nations and cultures. Not all of us are employees of the United Nations and not all of us understand how different other cultures can be from our own, but it is in our best interest to try. Why is this? The reason why is based having good personal and business perspective in the marketplace as well as in your own emotional landscape. We are not saying that you have to adopt the characteristics of other cultures, but we are saying that it may bring a better perspective about our own and even about ourselves. When Eco friendly and environmentally protective initiatives are in place or are being considered, it is amazingly important to have some ability to understand how neighboring countries and regions may be affected by your initiatives. This is the same type of responsibility which must be considered by individuals and companies which are employing non-Eco friendly initiatives. How can our good intention possibly bring about a positive or negative impact on others?

So how does one go about gaining global perspective? The two main methods of large information acquisition are books and life experience. If you have the means or the desire to actually visit several other countries and get some life experience under your belt, then that is by far the most cost effective and time saving method of doing so. If, however, you do not wish to spend the resources or experience the potential jolt of jumping into a different culture, consider how highly effective books and materials are to learning about different countries, different nations, and ethnic minorities and majorities.

At Envirosafe Solutions, we pride ourselves in producing high quality chemical solutions for your industrial needs, such as heavy duty solvents and degreasers, as well as fuel treatments, radiator liquids, and glass cleaners. Check out our full array on our website today. We also pride ourselves on maintaining the movement for a better earth by only producing Eco friendly chemicals. We would love to hear your thoughts on our products. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Fear Propaganda about Eco Solutions

Fear Propaganda about Eco SolutionsAt Envirosafe Solutions, we believe in supporting efforts to keep our earth sustainable and environmentally adaptable for the near future and for many centuries to come. However, we also understand that some propaganda seeks to feed on fears by discussing nothing but climate changes, endangered species, global warming, melting icebergs, and so on and so forth, seeking to acquire donations and support based upon these fears. Unfortunately, too much of this can be depressing and, more importantly, can be discouraging to many people. Hope is what has made the difference between sticking with old petroleum based fuels and finding Eco friendly bio fuels to help leave little or no carbon footprint whatsoever. Without hope, people try less to seek and develop solutions, and the Eco movement crawls much more slowly than before. So, it is necessary to include BOTH realistic views of what is going on around us and inspiring information about successes in building a newer, better, and more sustainable tomorrow.

Fear propaganda can also be harmful for other reasons. It can seem manipulative and as if the government or environmental protective agencies are simply trying to pull one over on us. It can seem as if we are being pulled in several different directions by politicians who do not seem to be able to make up their minds about the next best strategy for tackling our sustainability issues. For those who do not really care about or understand environmental safety, it can just seem like more noise and more drama being pumped over the radio waves and the internet connections.

It is really important to mix both positive successes and harsh realities together in order to deliver an unbiased and passively informative discourse to the public. As writers and public announcers, we must be especially careful not to pump out false or misleading information, even if we personally feel very strongly about the subjects being discussed. At Envirosafe Solutions, we seek to provide Eco friendly chemical solutions, like glass cleaners and hand sanitizers and degreasers, in order to support the movement from the inside…and to stimulate the economy and make money. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Experiment with Green Technology

While many individuals are attempting the leverage the power and influence and cost benefits of green technology, most people do not understand thatExperiment with Green Technology green technology cannot and will not advance without a steady and continuously flowing stream of experimentation. Always be experimenting and trying new things and finding temporary or permanent or sporadically implemented solutions to little problems which may interfere with this experimentation. Eco friendly materials and techniques are only going to become more cost effective and more valuable if people like you and me will begin thinking outside of the box and then, here’s the clincher, actually DOING something outside the box.

Envirosafe Solutions has performed a great deal of this experimentation, which is why we are able to offer a wide variety of chemical solutions, including but not limited to radiator liquids, mineral deposit remover, and drains and waste odour control. We strive to become the best of the best, and in order to do this, we must constantly innovate and spend a great deal of our resources in research and development. Experimentation and steady and consistent application of the scientific method enables us and anyone else who wishes to continually develop better and better eco friendly products and methods of operation. These innovations cut down on waste and monetary expenditure, and increase efficiency and workflow and creative thinking. The more you step outside of the box, the more your horizons are broadened and you invest in innovative thinking, both for yourself and for our wonderful planet.

Eco friendly technology must be experimented with and must be manipulated in order to gain as many possible uses out of one method or technique as possible. It is unfortunate that our consumer society has so dictated the uses of various products that we are unable to think outside of the box very clearly with regard to other uses. Envirosafe Solutions brings these specific functions into our products and makes them versatile, not only for your industrial and household needs, but for the sustainability of our earth. Call us today: +61) 1300 88 90 70.

Eco Projects during Open Criticism

Eco Projects during Open CriticismOften, Eco friendly projects and initiatives are implemented in midst of open and public criticism and skepticism. Now, politicians are used to having their ideas both touted and rejected, but many citizens do not always have that mindset or understand the vehemence with which some individuals will support putting down of Eco initiatives. After all, it does not seem to cause any harm, so why should other people even care at all? Also, some individuals may simply not have the emotional wherewithal to handle being under such criticism without becoming upset or becoming emotional, too. It is unfortunate, but there is a way to handle all of the outside noise and differing public opinion.

First of all, avoid becoming emotional or defensive about it. It is likely that other people are not nearly as irrational as they seem to be at the moment and it is unlikely that their strong feelings are all that negative. It may have something to do with how taxes are spent and it may have something to do with new land renovations which would increase the income and quality of person in their community. They may have very good reasons for wanting the Eco initiatives to be replaced with something else.

Second of all, maintain communication with protestors and public dissonance. Make sure that you keep the line of communication open and that you understand their viewpoint. Even if you do not agree with it, allowing them to voice their perspective will keep their dissonance from overflowing into more dangerous methods of protest. Help them to feel heard, and be sincere about it.

Lastly, stand firm. Standing firm does NOT mean become obnoxious and in-your-face about your own success and your Eco friendly projects. It means being cool, quiet, discerning and calm…and standing firm with your project or initiative. Act with decorum and class, and you are far more likely to be treated with the same respect you show yourself.

Envirosafe Solutions provides high quality Eco friendly radiator liquids, glass cleaners, fuel treatments, and sanitizers. We believe in standing firm in our own operation and we support many Eco friendly habits. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Eco Friendly Summer Upgrades

Whether or not you are leaving summer or summer is approaching, summer upgrades can really help make your home more efficient energy-wise andEco Friendly Summer Upgrades more cost effective over the long run. Even if you did not feel like getting any of this stuff done during the intense summer heat, the same changes can be applied at the end of summer and be effective for wintertime, as well.

Home Insulation – Many people think of home insulation as being especially applicable during the winter, but it also reduce cooling costs in the summer. If heat can escape, it can also get in the same way, and insulation keeps your house a nice even temperature all year round.

Home Cleaning – It does not always seem clear why cleaning can actually improve cooling in the summer and warmth in the winter, but one of the reasons is believed to be the way in which cleaning highlights broken or missing floorboards, paneling, shingles, and so on, which would otherwise have gone unnoticed in a cluttered environment. Another reason is that it also requires you to take pride in your environment, which supports keeping your home well insulated and protected and repaired.

Varmint Resistance – During the warmer months, varmints like to hide under your house to escape the heat, and they like to live in your house during the winter months to escape the cold. Check your foundation, house skirting or exterior paneling, and any holes in which varmints can enter beneath your house and inside your house. Even pets can find ways underneath the house and can smell up the area by urinating or defecating where it is almost impossible to get to and nearly impossible to remove animals from.

Light Utilization – Having a plan for light utilization can keep warming sun rays out during the hottest part of the day, while making use of solar energy for both heating and cooling purpose all year round. Many people also make use of wind by determining from which direction the wind is coming and opening windows and doors at opposite ends of the house to increase air flow and cut down on cooling costs during the warmer months. Just about any source of natural energy can be exploited without having to buy costly equipment. Being creative and thinking outside of the box is the most effective way to save our planet and cut down on your heating and cooling costs.

Envirosafe Solutions offers Eco friendly fuel treatments, fabric softeners, and laundry liquids and powders. Our unique, innovative industrial hand cleaners and dust suppressants are just a few more solutions which we offer along the way. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Seeming Dissonance against Eco Friendly Techniques

Seeming Dissonance against Eco Friendly TechniquesDissonance about implementing (or sometimes even talking about) Eco friendly techniques may seem to come from everywhere, and from every group. However, this should never be taken to heart, because more than likely it is based upon a preconception, rather than actual interaction with “green” techniques and knowledge of how innovative and modern those implementations can be. On the contrary, it is best under that circumstance to recognize the difference between their knowledge and your life experience and to take a rather different approach. What should you do and what is the best way to approach this seeming dissidence against Eco friendly techniques?

First of all, never protest and never become overly eager to sell them on the idea. Your strong emotional reaction and intention to sway their opinion may only cause them to dig their heels in deeper and be even more stubborn about their viewpoint. Instead, approach the subject from the side, depending upon their personality construct. If they are highly independent, use the argument that you simply prefer a more self sufficient, off-the-grid way of living, and then talk about the techniques. On the other hand, if they enjoy fascist and semi-socialist government constructs and government dependencies, talk about it from a more political view and a perspective of city wide and region wide improvements for their citizens.

After you have avoided overbearing them and have approached this topic from the side, continue by asking them what their take on specific details are. Do not let them make the subject over generalized so that they can return to why they do not like certain Eco friendly initiatives. Instead, query them (as if their opinion has weight and carries a lot of influence with it) about specific details of a project of renovating a very specific area. Include specific, recognizable buildings if you need to.

Envirosafe Solutions provides Eco friendly and cost effective chemical solutions for your company, private use, and industrial needs. Check out our website and always feel free to leave us suggestions for new products when you are ordering. Call us today:(+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Rough Terrain and Self Guided Exercise

For all of you fitness fanatics and would-be fit people, an Eco friendly lifestyle holds more than one way to make your life better.Rough Terrain and Self Guided Exercise There is a different between a treadmill and walking through the woods, and there is a difference between a stationary exer-cycle and using a bicycle on rough terrain, or any terrain for that matter. It is a matter of balance, coordination, and using lots of little muscles to correct your movement that you would not have used otherwise. It is important to give yourself a safe, natural place outdoors to ride your bicycle to walk or climb or run, since you do not wish to associate aerobic fitness with adrenaline rushes for threats or danger. If you need to, find a nice nationally protected forest to hike or bike along a well known trail so that you do not have to worry about predators or hunters. Do whatever it takes to only concentrate on the rough terrain ahead of you, and be sure to bring plenty of water, especially in the sun.

Self guided exercise can benefit from a treadmill or a stationary bicycle if you are rehabilitating from an injury or from surgery. Otherwise, it is generally the best idea to use terrain outside, even relatively flat terrain, in order to use all of the little muscles in your body which correct for bumps and dip and different types of ground material. Be sure to breathe deeply in order to make the most of your fat burning enzymes which only feed on oxygen, and we repeat that you should have plenty of water or herbal tea or lemon water along with you to keep you hydrated and to maintain a healthy electrolyte balance.

Outdoor walking, running, jogging, climbing or bicycling is great because it allows you to build secondary and tertiary muscles in your body, and it gives you the opportunity to provide your own transport, instead of burning petroleum based fuels. It is a win-win situation. In addition to these healthy tips, Envirosafe Solutions offers household and industrial strength solvents, rust remover, rust converter, glass cleaner, and many other Eco friendly chemical solutions to maintain a healthy and effective green lifestyle. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Recycled Beauty and Home Decorating

Recycled Beauty and Home DecoratingMore and more, it is important to give a child an education in environmentally friendly behavior. To start this behavior though, kids needs some direct, hands on experience. This is a good time to get them involved in eco friendly craft projects at home. This is where the next generation learns about and impacts our environment. If you question whether or not your kids actually care about the earth, consider that their biggest influence is you, their parents. They are constantly looking to you to know what is best for their lives and what they should be doing (which is a scary thought for those of us who are prone to hypocritical behavior, for kids see right through that) and whatever you are sincerely engaged in they will sincerely be engaged in. This is part of how they see and interact with life itself. Without seeing clear and stable and predictable behavior from their parents, kids are unable to lead or even recognize or comprehend clear, stable and predictable lives. In the growing and ever morphing Taoism of today, kids need that stability and predictability to better understand where they fit in their vast universe. Teach them about eco friendly values through direct, hands-on projects, and they will see your interest in the principle itself more than they see the pretty colors of the craft glue.

Home decorating projects need to be functional, not just aesthetically pleasing though that is also very important, and so this is a good time to show your kids how to safely use knives, saw blades, otherwise dangerous electrical equipment, and it is a good way to show your kids how to responsibly use these tools, rather than only giving them the ever enticing “this is forbidden” phrase. If you use these high powered tools with your children, they will see how carefully you follow the rules in handling them, and will naturally understand that these are not to be handled lightly. By making your home decorating projects both useful and aesthetic, using clean lines and mastering your craft with skill, your children will be able to see the quality in working craftsmanship and in not taking shortcuts.

At Envirosafe Solutions, we perfect our own craft and we are always quite pleased with the results. Our array of chemical solutions for your office or industrial site is both eco friendly and highly effective. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Purchasing from Envirosafe Solutions

Purchasing from Envirosafe SolutionsThis article is intended for general readership and strives to discuss how ordinary purchase orders, bulk orders, household shipments, and answers to common questions can be derived from our website. Envirosafe Solutions offers a variety of chemical solutions, including but not limited to, cleaning solvents, rust problem solvers, fuel treatments, soil wetting agents, and many other compounds intended to serve industrial, cleaning, agricultural, and regular household use.

The first thing we offer is a 30 day money back guarantee, so as to safeguard your initial and subsequent monetary investment in our company. We understand that eco friendly products are not always as effective or designed as efficiently as they should be, and we strive to develop high quality and ongoing relationships with our customers. We would not wish such an unfortunate incident to happen to you.

We strongly urge you to try out the smallest available quantities of any products which you have an interest in testing out in your own workplace or home environment. We also encourage you to try out a variety of our products, since we have worked long and hard on developing just the correct solutions for each of your industrial needs. We are not a one-trick-wonder. We would like for you to have confidence in the company as a whole, rather than having any qualms about trying out our other products. Please test us out and run us through the ringer, so that we can serve you in the most efficient way possible. We want you to put us through our paces. Otherwise, how will we know to better serve your needs the next time we do business together?

If you are in charge of purchase orders and have never bought from us before, we urge you to use our industrial strength products with minimal effort and with high supervision, so that you can order from us in the future, having full confidence that we deliver materials and products which work and many of which are septic-safe. Check the product information on each product to see how we have evaluated the septic safety of each item. It will vary per item.

Call Envirosafe Solutions today and let us help you make your business simpler: +61) 1300 88 90 70.

Increasing Interest by Increasing Knowledge

Increasing Interest by Increasing KnowledgeAre you struggling to get your employees interested in the Eco friendly initiatives you are attempting to implement in your company? Are your subordinates simply not interested in environmental subjects and only begrudgingly contribute their time and effort to new Eco friendly plans initiated by your company? It is important to remember that your employees are not likely to be interested in new green initiatives if they feel that they will bring more work, more inconvenience, or if they do not understand much about the subject or about how each plan will benefit everyone working in the company. Now is the time for education…

First, if necessary, plan an outing with your employees where they will get dynamic interaction with the Eco friendly plan that you are setting up for them. Let them walk over the construction scene while someone explains the changes and how the changes will benefit the company. Let them run the numbers for the financial incentives to the company, and break the numbers down for them, so that they will see and understand how each change affects their individual paycheck. If new products are being tested and implemented, show them the research on products being reviewed, and then hold a brainstorming session with them, asking them what they think of the different products. Just by involving them in the process, and having them interact with it as much as you can, it will inform them of the new plans and any changes you wish to make, and it will help to win their support of the new changes.

Among the products to be tested or implemented in your company, remember the chemical solutions provided by Envirosafe Solutions, an Eco friendly company looking to improve the planet and to improve your industrial and household needs to the fullest extent possible. Whether you are looking for fuel treatment, rust converter, or glass cleaner, we specialize in the best. We would love to hear from you. Call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

How Friendly is Eco Air Travel?

Costas Christ, writing for National Geographic, talks about how traveling has both positive and negative impacts for the environmentHow Friendly is Eco Air Travel? and for species which are on the endangered animals list. He discusses how air travel itself makes up a very small percentage of the global carbon emissions, but that this does not mean that air travel is not doing a great deal more harm than good due to the high amount of toxic spread which occurs in aviation. The benefits of traveling include the fact that tourism to exotic places accounts for many endangered animals now coming back from the brink of extinction. Air travel is one of the only ways in which people can reach these areas and do something to help the wildlife population, not to mention learning about how the rainforests and other wooded areas should be kept intact.

What to do? What to do?

On the one hand, air travel is causing a large carbon footprint (or sky print, as the case may be) and it is contributing to the total effect of global warming. The fact that it is contributing less toxicity than just about every other thing does not negate the fact that it is still a factor. It is important to remember that air travel, while one of the safest and Eco friendly ways to travel, can still contribute to pollution.

On the other hand, air travel is contributing to global transportation, vastly increasing the way in which individuals learn about endangered species, endangered forests, and local tribes and customs which are obviously worth preserving and studying. What can we do to make sure that our goals to learn about our earth do not interfere with saving and preserving our earth? The answer lies in Eco friendly air travel, in which airlines use bio fuel to travel. This new technology and innovation will change the way by which we are able to learn about our wonderful planet. Contributing to study of Eco and bio fuels can be the catalyst to traveling and learning about all other parts of the planet.

As for Envirosafe Solutions, we would like to encourage you to be Eco friendly in all manner of industrial business and transportation, by using our Eco friendly chemical solutions. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.