What is the Efficiency Standard Edition and the Equipment Energy Efficiency Program (E3)?

Glue Remover, Rust Converter, Dishwasher PowderToday Envirosafe Solutions, producers of eco friendly liquid products brings you news about the Efficiency Standard Edition and the Equipment Energy Efficiency Program– a quarterly publication that brings you up to date news on energy efficiency and the need for sourcing efficient whitegoods and electronic products.[1]

Appliances generate an enormous amount of greenhouses gases. This is now a proven fact. This actually means that all of us in the developed world contribute significantly to greenhouse gas issues and emissions and the way we live has a direct and dire affect on our planet and the future of the world.

A real and concerted approach to this fact – one that entails personal accountability and a willingness to change – is at the very heart of what is needed for ongoing change that can save the planet from dire environmental consequences.

The E3 Program

The E3 Program in Australia seeks to inform and implement requirements in relation to the MEPS or minimum energy efficiency requirements and mandatory energy rating labels that are now an inherent part of appliance purchase in Australia.

The program began in 1993 when it was realised that various activities in relation to power consumption by appliances needed a national and co-ordinated approach. Initially the program only referred to refrigerators and freezers which were viewed as the main offenders of CFC production.  Since then, the program has expanded its application to many appliances and has also been adopted by New Zealand as a meaningful strategy in the fight against greenhouse gas emissions.

The E3 now reports back to the Energy Efficiency Working Group and to the Ministerial Council on Energy. The basis for inclusion of new appliances depends on the community benefit that will arise if a particular appliance becomes part of the program.

Market intervention in the form of labelling

Most of you will be familiar with it. You walk into a major retail or appliance store and nearly every appliance is labelled in the corner with a large yellow star rated sticker that tells you how much energy the appliance uses. This system is actually viewed as “the world best regulatory target” and Australia needs to be extremely proud of this system.[2] It informs, educates and safeguards the environment against the possibility of excessive energy use when more energy efficient product alternatives may be available.

The Efficiency Standard Edition

This is a quarterly publication that offers you more detailed appliance information as it comes to light in the retail and government sectors. The kind of information outlined gives you a thorough insight into new products. For example, the last edition in 2010 took a comprehensive look at home entertainment systems which account for around 5% of household energy use in Australia.[3]

Envirosafe Solutions supports the government dissemination of information about energy use by appliances. Envirosafe Solutions also produces eco friendly liquid products for homes, business and industry. For more information phone (+61) 1300 88 90 70

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