Maximum Production, Maximum Waste

Porta-Loo TreatmentIn his book, Oak: The Frame of Civilization, William Bryant Logan discusses the differences between tree usage in the Stone Age and tree usage today. Today, everything is much more efficient. Automated processes allow thousands of trees to be processed in one day. Everything is much quicker and much easier. However, it is NOT less wasteful.

Automated processes have made tree cutting and processing one of the most wasteful things on the planet. There was a time when every part of the tree was used, or at least most of the productive parts of it were. Now, everything is fed through a sawmill, which does away with at least thirty percent, sometimes as much a sixty percent, of the usable wood in the tree in order to make the process more efficient and easier to feed.

Production these days is often defined as getting the most done in the least amount of time. However, is that really production? Sometimes, it can be. Other times, it is wasteful, extravagant, or just generally very costly. It is more important to have high quality results than to get it done in record time…most of the time. There are still industries in which this is not the case, but I think we can all agree that tree sawing and processing has reached an all time high level of waste.

Now, when it comes to chemical solutions, you can usually achieve the best of both worlds. Whereas, in the past, you had only harsh chemical residue and cleaning power or ineffective cleaning abilities and even more residue, today you have some really great options.

Envirosafe Solutions has made a business out of designing and distributing ultra high quality environmental cleaning products and other chemicals. Our eco friendly solutions include everything, from marine glass cleaner to porta-loo treatment, and from diesel bug killer to rust converter. All of our products are green and safe for the earth. You can even check out the product pages and learn about each individual product’s septic safety and biodegradability rating. They are all different!

For more information on how you can make our earth a better planet, check out the rest of our website and order from us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

New Stars Are Out Tonight

New Stars Are Out TonightDid you know that astronomers have seen galaxies and stars being born? Did you know that we are seeing new phenomena in the sky that has never been seen before? There are new stars out tonight.

A lot of people are worried or at least talkative about the possibility of life on other planets. After so many horror movies based upon alien invasions, there is no wonder that people have become concerned about life on other planet, rather than rejoicing over the idea. What about making new friends and learning about other species or culture? No, there must be some danger ahead. Instead, we sit and talk openly of all of the scientific progresses of which we know, but we keep it very hidden just how afraid we are.

New stars are out tonight. Doesn’t anybody care?

In order to maintain the world in which we live, we must make the most use of it, and that means letting nature do her efficient and abundant best. If our chemicals are the problem, then let us use planet friendly chemicals! If our businesses are the problem, then let our businesses use only green products!

Envirosafe Solutions brings you the best in solvent free degreaser, mineral deposit remover, and rust converter which are green and eco friendly. Of course, we provide many other chemical solutions, but when is it necessary to use eco friendly industrial liquid and the when should you use the regular kind? The truth is that if you can find chemicals which provide both the efficiency of regular harsh chemicals and the environmental protection of the green chemicals, then you should put purchase orders in place for the next four years. That is why you should use products from Envirosafe Solutions only. We have a marked difference in the quality of our products than you are used to from other companies. We are the latest and longest lasting star in the eco friendly community. Come see us and judge for yourself. You can enjoy the night sky a little more tonight after you have done your part to protect the earth. Call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Rabbit Infestations and Having Enough for Everyone

Insect & Tar RemoverAnyone who has ever studied or understood the rapidly replicating properties of chaos theory will tell you that nature is wildly abundant. For instance, one apple tree produces thousands and thousands of seeds throughout its lifetime. Those seeds may or may not end up in the form of trees, but all of that potential is still there. That is an amazing gift for new growth and new development on a wildly generous and abundant basis.

If, however, you think of rabbit infestations, it is hard to think of nature as having nearly enough to compensate for all of the rabbit feastings which keep going on all around you. So, in the end, is nature abundant or not?

The answer lies in a greater eco system than just plant based turnaround. When rabbits are safe and protected, it is easy for them to reproduce and need to feed their young whatever green things they can find. However, when predators (the larger circle of life) come around, rabbits must either keep on the move throughout their lifetimes, or they will at least not feel safe enough to flourish like wildfire.

The thing about gardens is that man-made creations often keep away predators, and so rabbits and other little furry pests may feel safe enough to set up camp, permanently. The answer lies in just how big your garden is, just how big the rabbit population is, and how much you need to change the ratio between the two in order to produce enough human food for everyone’s satisfaction.

Whatever you do in your garden, be sure and use eco friendly dust suppressor, our Soil Wetta, from Envirosafe Solutions. We know how important it is that your garden only have environmentally friendly liquids used on it. That means you should check out our industrial hand cleaner, our solvent free degreaser, and our mineral deposit remover, all things which may come in handy during your landscaping work, and all of which are eco friendly and planet safe. Envirosafe Solutions is here for you, and we are here for your garden, whether or not it has rabbit hopping freely through it. Call us today for more information: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Pilgrimages in the Middle East

Insect & Tar RemoverFor countless centuries, a pilgrimage has been defined as a long and arduous journey through many different locations, where the individual contemplates their role in this world and begins their life anew.

Pilgrimages are meant to be rites of passage, where each person is able to come to their own understanding of personal growth. However, in order to attain this clarity, people often find it to be important to get away from luxuries and eases of living so that they can fully concentrate on their personal growth.

Making long journeys through deserts and over harsh terrain (like the desert at night) can be one of the best ways to pull away life’s conveniences and make oneself ready for some inner realization. Pilgrimages under these conditions can be made especially powerful by the surrounding environment…or lack thereof.

Often, when we talk about sustainability on the planet, we are talking about maintaining green, permanent environments in order to stay desertification. However, even if we undo a lot of desertification in the world, we will still happily have some deserts left in which to search our inner souls. It is important to always remember that there really is a place and time for every type of environment under the sun. We just don’t want to make a habit out of creating desert environments around us. They are especially difficult to undo.

Envirosafe Solutions is contributing to the future of our planet in our own special way. We are a chemical solutions distributor, and we provide eco friendly versions of just about everything, from dishwasher rinse aid to dust converter, and from electrical insulator cleaner to disinfectant. The wide variety of environmentally friendly liquids we provide is meant to encourage other people to use them as well, especially when your employees get used to how effective and earth safe they are. Some things, like pilgrimages, are meant to be difficult. And, on the other hand, some things, like eco friendly chemical solutions, are meant to be easy. If you are interested in bringing green solutions to your own workplace, then please feel free to check out our individual product pages and our thirty day money back guarantee. You’ll be glad you did: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Personal Water Systems

Solvent-Free DegreaserWhen you set up plumbing in your own home or workshop, then you know how important it is to know where the pipes go, what they do, and any potential exposure they may have to the elements. You also know that it is very important to keep things on track when it comes to your water supply system. If, for example, you forget to pay for your water usage and it is temporarily cut off, then you find yourself in a position where your pipes are even more exposed to the elements than they were before. Why is this the case? The answer lies in how pipes are heated and cooled by the water flowing through them. In extreme cold weather conditions, if water is sitting in the pipes, it can freeze and when water freezes, it expands. This expansion can literally crack the pipes and cause you to have to turn off your water supply system and replace your pipes.

However, flowing water is warmer than frozen water and it keeps the pipes from freezing. Now, if you are looking at water disposal, such as your gray and black water pipes, then you are looking at proper water disposal methods. Many people put gray water back into their properties as water runoff into gardens and grass. Some people even try to have an eco friendly black water waste disposal system, though these can sometimes be really ineffective.

In your business, you will need to use chemical cleaning and maintenance solutions which reflect your green policies and eco friendly endeavors. This means using chemicals which bring a lot lesser toll on the environment, such as the environmentally friendly liquids produced and distributed by Envirosafe Solutions. We provide antibacterial hand wash, dishwasher rinse aid, disinfectant, and solvent free degreaser, among other eco friendly industrial liquids. Our whole purpose in life is to provide you with the chemical life’s blood of your company, but doing so in a way which protect the environment and reduces the amount of pollution that your business puts out every year. This is clean, green, and effective. If you’d like to order our products from us, then please feel free to visit our website or call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Freedom of Movement

We all remember our very first car; it was, for many of us, our first love. Finally, we felt allFreedom of Movement grown up: we had attained freedom of movement. Often, the first car is a second-hand or even a third-hand one. We pour our sweat and money on it, trying to make it a perfect vehicle. The truth, though, is that we can never make an old car new. And, despite our deep love for the car, it is an emission-emitting beast. Though we cannot make an old car new, there are steps that we can take to make it more eco-friendly.

Since a poorly performing engine is the prime source of environmental evil that is precisely what we need to focus on first. To begin with, we can change the spark plugs and have the engine tuned. We can immediately feel the difference. But there is more we can do without spending too much.

An important factor in controlling the engine emissions is a properly functioning radiator. A well functioning radiator can make a world of difference. By using a good radiator cleaner, we can remove the rust and scale, thus enhancing the heat transfer characteristics of the radiator. Further, by using a good radiator coolant, we can further improve the effectiveness of the radiator, and make our car more eco-friendly.

Unfortunately, radiator fluids have long been synonymous with poison. We certainly do not want to swap one demon for another. This is where we come in. At Envirosafe Solutions we have created two amazingly effective yet completely eco-friendly solutions for the radiator. Our Extreme Green Radiator Cleaner has a specially designed flushing agent, and as the name implies, it very effectively removes the rust and scale from the radiator. Despite its extreme effectiveness, the Extreme Green Radiator Cleaner is completely safe on the metallic parts of the radiator. In fact, metals treated with the Extreme Green Radiator Cleaner can be safely cut and welded without posing any hazard to the operator.

Our Extreme Green Radiator Coolant is an Organic Acid Technology (OAT) based. It is a specially formulated blend of organic acids that provide excellent protection to the metallic walls of the radiator. This very effective yet eco-friendly solution meets all the international performance specifications.

Then we come to the engine itself, where the combustion takes place. Of prime importance is the quality and the condition of the fuel. Our Extreme Green Fuel Conditioner is a revolutionary new multi-function fuel conditioner that works well on all types of fuels and in all types of vehicles. This product removes water from the fuel, resulting in reduced emissions and maintenance costs. It also cleans the internal parts of the engine cylinders, valves etc.

And last but not the least is our Extreme Green Truck Wash. Sure you can use it on your car, too, with magnificent results. The Extreme Green Truck wash is an extremely versatile machine cleaner. It very effectively cleans trucks, cars, 4wd’s, buses and farm machinery, and for that matter, anything that has ingrained dirt and grease.

Thanks to our Extreme Green highly effective and eco-friendly solutions, your car can give you all the joy and freedom that you deserve, while being gentle on the environment. At Envirosafe Solutions, we really, truly care for the environment. That is why every single one of our products is 100% eco-friendly, and we are constantly exploring new avenues to further add to our existing array of eco-friendly solutions. And, we donate 2% of all our sales to Carbon Neutral to ensure a safer and greener future for our children.

Trucking in Harmony with the Environment

Soil WettaThe invention of the internal combustion engine was a revolution that really set the wheels in motion. Today we cannot imagine life without our personal vehicle. Also, we take for granted the conveyance of goods through the arterial network of roads. But with the good comes also the not-so-good. Engine emissions have become a majorsource of environmental pollution. While we strive for greener alternative fuels, the least that we can do is to use green technology to mitigate the effect of emissions on our fragile eco-system.

To this end, we at Envirosafe Solutions have put together an array of products applicable to automobiles of all types. We have created Extreme Green cleaners, radiator fluids and fuel treatments. All the while our focus has been on extreme eco-friendliness.

Our Extreme Green Truck wash is an extremely versatile machine cleaner. It very effectively cleans trucks, cars, 4wd’s, buses and farm machinery, and for that matter, anything that has ingrained dirt and grease. This highly concentrated solution is up to the toughest of tasks. While quick acting, it also provides a pleasant finish without any after-clean smears, stains or smudges, even on painted surfaces. Truck Wash is easy to use and is fully biodegradable.

Another important factor in controlling engine emissions is the proper functioning of the radiator. The radiator has a single but vital task: to keep the engine cool. An improperly functioning radiator has a cascading effect and your maintenance cost will likely spiral out of control.

Radiator fluids have long been synonymous with poison, so it is one of the first areas that demands a safe and green alternative. Envirosafe Solutions has produced two revolutionary green alternatives: the radiator cleaner and the radiator coolant. Of course, both products are completely biodegradable. The Extreme Green Radiator Cleaner has a specially designed flushing agent. It is a heavy duty natural acid, fast acting and highly effective. It removes rust and scale while being inert to metal. In fact, metals treated with the Extreme Green Radiator Cleaner can be safely cut and welded without posing any hazard to the operator.

The Extreme Green Radiator Coolant is an Organic Acid Technology (OAT) based. It is a specially formulated blend of organic acids that provide excellent protection to the metallic walls of the radiator. This very effective yet eco-friendly solution meets all the internationalperformance specifications.

In the engine itself where the combustion takes place, the fuel quality is of prime importance. A clean fuel reduces emissions and the maintenance cost. Envirosafe Solutions offers targeted fuel treatment options for the optimal performance and long-lasting protection of the engine. The Extreme Green Diesel Bug cleaner completely absorbs the water thus eliminating the survival environment of the diesel bug. As a consequence, the diesel bug dies, gets dissolved in the fuel, and is harmlessly burnt in the combustion chamber.

Finally, our Extreme Green Fuel Conditioner is a revolutionary new multi-function fuel conditioner that works well on all types of fuels and in all types of vehicles. This product removes water from the fuel, resulting in reduced emissions and maintenance costs. It also cleans the internal parts of the engine cylinders, valves etc.

At Envirosafe Solutions, we are always on the lookout for creating revolutionary new green but extremely efficient solutions. In fact, that is our mission: complete eco-friendliness without sacrificing efficacy. We are 100% Australian owned and operated, and proudly so. And, we donate 2% of all our sales to Carbon Neutral to ensure a safer and greener future for our children.

Eco Friendly Ways to Make Your Chemicals Last

Eco Friendly Ways to Make Your Chemicals LastChemicals, like everything else on this earth, can degrade and fall apart. We all know what a flat beer can be like, and old food left out undergoes a similar process of degradation. While commercially made chemicals are much more stable than your average pear, there is still a process of decay which can occur with any type of chemical. That is why the environmentally friendly liquids that Envirosafe Solutions produces are so valuable. We have developed chemical solutions which are both eco friendly and industrial strength. We want our products, like our mould rid and porta-loo treatment, to last and we want you to be able to use them over a long period of time. If we could not make our chemicals potent over time, we would quickly go out of business.

What can you do for your chemicals which are NOT from Envirosafe Solutions?

Keep chemical in an insulated environment. Harsh temperature changes, or even regular household or daily temperature changes, can strongly affect chemicals and change their molecular composition. Ask anyone who has accidentally left their cologne or perfume next to a heat source. Temperature changes can wreak havoc on a chemical compound that is meant to be “stored in a cool, dark place.”

Keep chemical in dry, cool environment. Many chemicals are designed to be stored in warehouses until need for their use arises, or in storage facilities, both of which are cool and dark. Storage places are designed for leaving your chemicals in for long periods of time, so they tend to be dark, and they tend to have very little airflow. Chemical manufacturers know this, and design their products accordingly.

Keep chemical pure. Unless expressly and specifically directed by the manufacturer, abstain from mixing your chemicals with other chemicals. Normal household products can be combined to create mustard gas, for instance, and few people know these convenient little facts. Always keep your chemicals in their original form, and do not mix them with any other chemicals unless specifically directed by your manufacturer. If you have ANY questions or concerns about this process, call the manufacturer and ask very direct and explicit questions. It is better to be safe than sorry.

For more information about our eco friendly extreme green line of products, like our radiator cleaner, call Envirosafe Solutions today:(+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Rehabilitation of Local Eco Systems in Japan

Environmental Cleaning ProductsJapan is cleaning up their tsunami-ravage land, and part of this process is moving heavy materials and replanting the soil underneath. While many projects are supported by massive moving equipment which is pulled in to remove debris and clear the landscape from the piles of displaced wood and metal and homes and vehicles, other groups are doing this by hand. Unfortunately moving equipment is so heavy that it tends to tear up the ground and the result is soil displacement. After everything has been moved, it becomes necessary to rebuild the soil, which may take years to finish before local citizens are able to plant and make a living off of this soil and grow their own food. Either process takes a great deal of time, but in the long run, it may actually take longer to move the material with heavy equipment rather than by hand because of the long-term damage this does to the land and the long-term land reconstruction which is then required.

What about moving this material and debris more quickly? As with any human effort, the more willing helpers the faster the massive amounts of material will be moved and the land planted and seeded by hand and the soil restored to its former glory. This is only possible through huge efforts on the part of volunteers, and it will require more man hours and more human energy than otherwise. A solution may be to divide the land into dwelling places and agricultural areas, clearing away the habitable city ground with this highly effective and faster moving equipment, and then clearing potential farmland by hand so as to preserve as much of the quality and substance in the soil as possible before plants take root in it and hold it firmly to the ground.

Envirosafe Solutions supports all efforts rebuild our planet naturally, and we attempt to live this philosophy in the high quality of our products. Envirosafe Solutions offers eco friendly and renewable chemical solutions which solve your industrial and workplace needs. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Rebuilding Over-Consumed Land

Dust Suppressor, Extreme GreenLand stewardship means preserving local eco systems and water and nutrient sources while also leveraging the land’s resources for human benefit and for continued sustainability in the future. When land has been over consumed or over worked, then it becomes stale and stagnant, and loses its nutrients. When this occurs, grass roots and plant roots tend to become dislodged and easily washed or blown away. This is why crop rotation is so important. The land must be allowed to lie fallow periodically in order to regain some of those lost nutrients which crops take up. Even dirt needs to be fed and replenished on a regular basis. This goes to show that even inanimate, non-living things are actively a part of the life cycle.

When rebuilding over-consumed land, it becomes necessary to study why and how the land became so consumed in the first, and to realize what nutrients have been absent and for how long. This is a situation in which you have to steadily, over time, replenish plant growth, and replenish wildlife habitation, both of which are necessary in order to rebuild over consumed land. While this is taking place, things like spraying the ground with nutrients, rainfall, planting new native plants, and seeding the ground are all ways in which this rebuilding process can be hastened along. It is also necessary to move wildlife into the area, since their natural fertilization of the ground and stimulation of plant growth always rebuilds land and speeds up this process. It is necessary to keep an open mind when cultivating barren soil, since different ideas can sometimes be the one link that is missing from the process. Experimentation with sectioned off pieces of land is a good idea, along with thorough documentation of all the steps which were put into the soil preparation. However, just as important, one must document how the different sections of land vary inherently, by soil temperature, sunlight acquisition, pH balance, and so on.

Envirosafe Solutions commits to bringing soil regeneration and preparation into modern times through the use of eco friendly dust suppressant and our highly effective Soil Wetta product. Call us today for more information about our steps in creating and preserving an eco friendly earth: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Power and Pride

Glue Remover, Rust ConverterThere are times when being eco friendly has its down side. For one thing, not everyone supports a “green” lifestyle, and the followers thereof may be seen as picky, fussy, political, snobbish, or even weird. Even children who grew up in eco friendly families have sampled other lifestyles and have returned to it by choice, and not necessarily because of ease of living. Individuals who ride bicycles to work to save on petrol and pollution experience the best of both worlds. On one side, it is terribly inconvenient to do this and there is very little storage space for belongings, not to mention the fact that one cannot wear riding gear to work and therefore must change after arriving at work. On the other hand, one does not have to be concerned about auto insurance, petrol, traffic, clogged up highways, cars breaking down, and many other costs.

The yin and yang of power and pride is often exchanged between the ecological and non-ecological worlds. The subjects often turn political, and there are many prejudiced parties on both sides of the issue. The growth in eco friendly technology and endeavors helps to sway some, while at the same time it alienates others. This is not something which is likely to become less controversial within the next decade. At any point in time, humans are easily divided, supporting either side of an issue quite forcefully. Debates can occur in any pub, any living room and at any event over why someone’s opinion is right or wrong. So what does one do in these situations?

The truth is, environmentally friendly practices really do have a powerfully positive effect upon the earth and thousands of eco systems. Views which oppose this stem from desire for convenience, perception of convenience, or perception of authenticity. Putting others down for their beliefs is not authentic, but showing respect for their opinion and listening to them all the way through is very authentic and classy.

Eco friendly behavior begins with individual choices. That is why Envirosafe Solutions seeks to create as many earth friendly choices as possible, when we offer our line of fuel treatments, degreasers, and problem removers. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Panasonic Turns Green

Multi Purpose LubricantPanasonic, a commercial electronics company, has started to thrust forward with its new green initiatives, seeking to become the leader in eco friendly electronics by the year 2018. Their goal is to spring forward, plan ahead for the growing eco movement, and to implement ecological incentives which are available commercially throughout North America. Their goals also seem to comprise of making an entirely sustainable circuit or life cycle of their products, so that from material acquisition to customer purchase, the entire process is sustainable and renewable. This is, in theory, a wonderful idea, because it would make them a mean predator in the commercial market, due to being able to lower their prices and make higher quality electronics available to the thrifty consumer.

Are other electronics companies turning green? As a matter of fact, yes, they are, but this occurs to varying degrees. For instance, some companies merely want the reputation, whereas Panasonic is sinking a large financial investment into their eco operations. Some electronics companies simply looking to reduce waste and save money, and happen to enjoy the advertising benefit of their responsible behavior while they are at it. Panasonic is sinking a large amount of money into training highly qualified green teams to plan and implement a complete cycle of ecological development to emerge from the company. In other words, they appear to be taking their current capital, as a business, and sinking it into a much larger, more global, and more eco friendly idea. In a sense, they are one company which seems to be transforming themselves into a much larger and entirely different company altogether. It may be interesting to watch their new production develop over the next decade. Any company which is this committed to our environment should definitely be watched.

Envirosafe Solutions is just as committed to producing 100% eco friendly chemical solutions. Our industrial strength lubricants, degreasers and disinfectants are all top of the line, and our eco friendly glass cleaner and rust remover are both green and effective. Call us today for more information about cleaning and problem solving using ecological solutions: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Minimalism and Why It Exists

Fabric Conditioner, Laundry Powder, Dust SuppressorMinimalism has existed to streamline design concepts and to bring clarity to decorating, design and engineering. Minimalist ideas can be some of the most powerful design concepts on earth, and they can convey strong messages. Minimalism is characterized by open planes, minimally broken or completely unbroken lines, small detail, few objects of interest, reduce furniture, and clean shapes and forms. Color can be creatively use in minimalism, but is strongest with only one accent color, two at the most, within a palette of grayscale or monochromatic neutrals.

Ecologically speaking, minimalism inspires and encourages a responsible, clear-cut, earth-friendly lifestyle, and it can be use quite powerfully to show appreciation for all the our beloved earth has to offer us. Eco friendly features of minimalism include renewable materials, minimalist décor which is in itself conservative and uses fewer resources, and art inspiration from thousands of ecological inspirations, including the ocean, living green things, and even animals and owner-pet affection.

In our efforts to bring eco friendly behavior to our whole earth, minimalism has been used extensively in corporate redecorating, green initiatives, and to signify a cleaner, more renewable company to potential clientele. Even private offices and cubicles are being decorated with minimal styling and are a great deal more tasteful for it. Home makers often find that too busy of a style within their home will actually lead to clutter and more unclean habits, and minimalism actually helps deter this behavior. Minimalism has served many purposes over the decades, and as an art form, it continues to set a fine example today for clean, clutter-free, drama-free lifestyles. While many individuals enjoy the warmer tones and styles of more traditional artwork and design, minimalism cools down the energy of a specified area and helps to reduce over-thinking and obsessive mental traits. Minimalist artwork tends to be abstract and suggests forms and ideas through line and basic shapes. Apartments can be decorated in true minimalist by reducing furniture, clearing open floor space and open counter space, using lines and small curves to finish the artwork and using monochromatic color schemes.

Eco friendly design is not just reserved to the art world. Envirosafe Solutions has used eco friendly design to create safe, earth friendly products, like laundry solutions, radiator liquids, and absorbent spill kits. Call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Earth and Ocean

Dishwasher Rinse Aid, Fabric ConditionerThe lost city of Atlantis is said to be real and is said to be fictional. People have claimed that it is a real sunken city, and others have claimed that it is a mythical city where humans were actually able to interact with the ocean world and were perhaps able to breathe underwater and so on. Unfortunately, the majority of humanity today is only aware of the ability to live on the earth, and this means that we have to preserve what resources we have available to us. Interestingly, the ocean is a large part of how we are able to acquire our resources, but we often take it for granted because we do not in fact live there.

Oceanography has been studying extensive data on how things like global warming and carbon emissions have been affecting the temperatures of the ocean and therefore all of the living creatures and plants in the ocean. Sedimentary erosions and developments, which have to do with the movement of earth and rock both above and below the water, affect the PH levels of the water in certain areas of the ocean, creating certain current patterns in the water.

However, humans have always had an outside impact on large portions of the ocean waters. Accidental oil spills, coral transportation based upon offshore metal structures, absence and presence of algae and living organisms which attract fish and then are gone and deprive the fish of needed oxygen, and living creatures being affected by pharmaceuticals being dumped in the oceans and causing morphing of certain genes and also causing the inability to reproduce, which in turn causes the death of many eco systems and endangered species. This is obviously a large problem, and much of it is ignored because, in essence, Atlantis does not exist and it is extremely difficult to understand how this is affecting humans directly without being much closer to the problem. Fortunately, environmental awareness groups are doing their best to bring this to our attention and make it more personal.

Envirosafe Solutions is steadfastly working day and night to do our part for the greater good of the earth by offering completely eco friendly and often septic safe products for your home and industrial use. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.

Compare Costs Between Building and Buying

Dishwasher Rinse Aid, Fabric ConditionerWhether you are opening a store front, opening new locations for your company, or you are simply buying a new home for you and your family, it is always worth it to compare the cost between building a new structure or buying a new structure that is already made. This decision has financial and ecological repercussions, and therefore must be studied very carefully.

Often building costs exceed projected cost, since more labor and materials and time are often required. This means that, when building a structure, you are very likely to exceed your set budget and exceed the amount of time set by you and your contractor to finish the project. This is normal and should be reflected in your personal financial documentation, not to mention ways of preventing this from happening as much as possible.

Buying may take a long time if the owner cannot be contacted regularly or if closing on a house or building requires extensive rebuilding or innovation in order to bring it up to code. Although building a structure is considered to take a great deal more time, buying one may also take up time which you had not planned on, so it is a good idea to give yourself some leeway there, especially if this is a residence.

Building with a reliable contractor can save you money in the end, for it can reduce annual heating, cooling and electrical costs which will add up over time. This is a good reason to go with a steady reliable contractor who has a reputation for finishing the job on time and under budget, and who also is experienced with installing eco friendly and cost reducing barriers, insulation, openings, and heat circulation systems. This will not only be healthy for the planet, but it will make you more self sufficient in the long run.

Clearly, your impact upon the earth when buying or building is also affected by what sort of materials you use (reclaimed, sustainable, etc.), how everything is installed, and how you make long-term plans for your structure. Envirosafe Solutions also offers sustainable solutions, because we are committed to helping you maintain whatever structure you obtain with earth friendly renewable products. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.