Use Less

Rust Converter, Dishwasher Powder, DisinfectantWhether you’re a staunch believer in saving the planet or simply doing what you can to trim energy costs from your home or business, reducing the use of power in your home or business can help ease the strain on natural resources.

Lighting Decisions Can Save Money

For most people, simply getting rid of those old energy hogs known as incandescent lights, that burn through energy while providing little lighting in return, is the easiest way of reducing energy costs.

Switching to Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) can reduce energy consumption and since they do not generate nearly as much heat as incandescent bulbs, you can save a little on cooling costs as well.

Another option for lighting is light emitting diode lights, similar to those red, blue, green or other colour indicator lights on most of your electronic devices. Only the ones used for home or office lighting emit white light and can be used in most light fixtures, as well as working well with dimmer switches.

Appliances Demand More Power

In areas where energy costs are higher more people are looking into ways to cut costs and are turning to energy-saving appliances. In most homes, the refrigerator is the most energy-hungry appliance but many people don’t consider buying a new one until their old stops working. They look at the cost of replacement and see only one number…the price, and ignore the long-range savings potential. Many of the new Energy Star appliances cut energy use by 20 to 40 percent and the savings on electricity alone can help pay for the new appliance.

The Energy Rating Website, set up by the Australian Government is a valuable resource when seeking out new energy efficient appliances.[1] The site states that “improving the energy efficiency of appliances and products in all sectors – residential, commercial and industrial) has significant and environmental benefits for Australia and New Zealand. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy demand in both countries helps save consumers and business on running costs over the life of the products they choose.”[2]

The site also outlines relevant regulations, resources and has a comparison product guide that facilitates easier sourcing of efficient appliances for your needs.

Maintaining the Home’s Comfort Level

Heating and cooling is another area in the home that can cut deep into your energy budget.

Energy Star heating and cooling equipment can reduce energy use by 20 to 30 percent, making swapping out an older unit with a new one less expensive to operate while reducing the need for more energy production.

Newer geothermal heating systems can reduce energy consumption between 40 and 50 percent, depending on the home’s current energy source, and they are much more economical to maintain than traditional furnaces and air conditioners.

Learn about Reducing Energy Dependence

For too long people have simply used what they were used to using in terms of energy consumption. In order to understand how reducing energy demand can reduce not only your expenses but also the demand on world energy supplies, you activate change by educating yourself and your family about the real needs to conserve energy.

While a debate continues on the best methods of producing energy and why new modes of production are needed, you can determine which type of energy-saving efforts will save you money while helping to save the environment.

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