Trucking operators have new environmental tool

Eco Friendly, Environmental Cleaning Products, Dishwashing LiquidTruck operators have a new online tool available to reduce environmental impacts. The Australian Trucking Association’s ‘environmental best practice’ website has strategies for reducing exhaust emissions and managing waste as well as a host of industry case studies. The initiative is an example of this sector’s commitment to the green revolution.

The Australian Trucking Association has developed a website to help operators improve their environmental credentials.

The site has strategies for reducing smoke pollution and waste management and provides a valuable tool for truck operators wishing to reduce their costs, improve their environmental performance and enhance their corporate image.

Small steps can make a big difference. Driver training, route selection and the use of environmental cleaning products in the workshop and depot are part of environmental best practice.

The website’s voluntary guidelines are designed to help improve business management.

“The trucking industry, like many important sectors in Australia, can feel burdened by rules and regulations. These can make it hard to concentrate on running a good business and looking after our people and customers. Road safety and environmental performance are the most important issues in our industry but good environmental management is crucial to our future.”

Reducing exhaust emissions

Smoke emissions add to greenhouse gases and air pollution as well as higher vehicle running and maintenance costs.

Recommendations for reducing smoke emissions include:

  • Good driver habits (go easy on the accelerator, use lower gears under load);
  • Proper vehicle maintenance (check air filters, fuel injectors);
  • Don’t tamper with the vehicle by raising fuel pump rates, changing injection timing or disabling systems.

Fuel treatments can help reduce fuel line and filter blockages and metal corrosion. Envirosafe Solutions’ Diesel Bug Killer and Fuel Conditioner are ideal eco-friendly industrial liquids for improving both fleet and environmental performance.

In diesel fuels they remove water, which prevents the growth of Diesel Bug and cleans and lubricates the fuel system, reducing wear and extending the life of engine parts.

Managing waste

Penalties apply to the incorrect storage and disposal of waste. Recommendations for safe waste management include:

  • Scrap metal should be taken to a metal recycler;
  • Freon gas needs to be carefully handled and recycled as it poses a serious environmental threat if released into the atmosphere;
  • Waste antifreeze, scrap tyres and wet cell batteries can all be sent to appropriate recyclers.

Workshop cleaning

One area often overlooked by business operators is the risk posed by chemicals. Toxic products pose a health risk to workers and contribute to soil and water contamination.

Nearly all traditional workplace cleaners can be replaced with environmentally friendly liquids and powders. From anti-bacterial hand wash to rust removers and radiator coolants, there green alternatives which give comparable – even superior – results without exposing staff and the environment to harsh chemicals.

Envirosafe Solutions is an Australian supplier of eco-friendly industrial liquids and its leading Extreme Green range can be relied on to offer outstanding results.

The Australian Trucking Association has developed a new website  ( ) for operators wanting to improve their green credentials. Switching to eco-friendly products in the workshop and depot is a simple step toward a cleaner, healthier workplace and environment. For more information contact Envirosafe Solutions on 1300 88 90 70 or email