Reducing fuel consumption and emissions part of the perfect flight

Rust Converter, Dishwasher Powder, Disinfectant, Rust RemoverAchieving the ‘perfect flight’ could help airlines dramatically reduce their fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. A trial program operated in Australia recently has highlighted the importance of best-practice air traffic procedures and, together with other extreme green measures (such as using eco-friendly industrial liquids) shows the way forward.

A program aimed at reducing aviation emissions has highlighted how the ‘perfect flight’ can produce significant environmental savings.

In mid-July two international Emirates flights through Australian airspace were afforded ‘perfect flight’ conditions. This was part of the Indian Ocean Strategic Partnership to Reduce Emissions (INSPIRE) program.

Achieving the perfect flight includesreducing ground delays, taking the shortest taxi route to take-off and having gradual climb and descent paths. It also involves flying the most direct routes based on existing weather and airspace conditions.

The results were impressive. According to air traffic controllers Airservices, results from the flights showed a combined total saving of more than 6250 litres of fuel and 16 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

“Based on the airline’s 63 weekly flights to and from Australia, the annual savings from INSPIRE would be in the order of 2.47 million litres of fuel and save approximately 6850 tonnes of carbon dioxide. This is the equivalent to around 49,000 tanks of fuel for an average sized car or the volume of one Olympic-sized swimming pool.”

Sustainable aviation

A sustainable aviation industry relies on new technologies including biofuels and programs such as INSPIRE that aim to reduce emissions through best-practice flights.

Just as shaving minutes off flight times can significantly reduce fuel consumption, choosing eco-friendly industrial liquids both in flight and on ground can reduce air and soil contamination.

Choosing cleaning products that are safe for the environment and for aircraft is critical – over time any corrosive cleaners can damage the plane’s bodywork creating serious safety risks.

Envirosafe Solutions is a leading supplier of environmental cleaning products for the aviation industry. The Perth-based company has a range of eco-friendly liquid products including its insect and tar remover and marine glass cleaner suitable for use on aircraft.

Its kitchen range is perfect for use at airports – the Extreme Green Dishwasher Liquid has a caustic-free and non-foaming formula which makes it suitable for septics. It is also fully biodegradable and phosphate-free, making it a better choice for healthy waterways.

For the difficult task of cleaning dirt and scum stains in showers, toilets and refuse areas Extreme Green GelClean Sanitiser is an environmentally friendly liquid alternative.

Its high viscosity allows it to stick to walls and penetrate and rinses quickly to leave impressive results. Free of petro-solvents and harsh acids, this non-toxic environmental cleaning product is safe to use on most hard surfaces.

Creating the perfect flight can save fuel, money and reduce emissions. It is just another step in the direction of better environmental management for the aviation industry. For more environmental solutions contact Envirosafe Solutions’ on 1300 88 90 70 or email