Summer Fun in the Sun

In the summertime, when all is green and warm and pleasant, one does notEco Friendly, Eco Friendly Liquid Products, Environmental Cleaning Products, Eco Friendly Industrial Liquid, Extreme Green, Environmentally Friendly Liquidsalways wish to consider saving the earth when there are other things to do, such as hang out with the hot bikini babes and the cool surfer dudes at the beach. Now, when you are planning your summer fun, remember that you can actually kill two birds with one stone. There are such things as eco friendly bikinis and swimwear, and there are plenty of eco friendly activities which involve skimpy garments being worn by the opposite sex. What are some of these tantalizing activities?

Volunteer vacations in warmer climates are always fun. You can travel to another country to vacation, and that can include volunteer work, so that you can have a nice foreign getaway in a new culture while also helping to save the environment.

Car washes and bike washes. This is a great way to save on industrial car washes which can use a lot of water, while also fundraising for your local community or shelter. This is a great way to meet other locals who enjoy eco friendly endeavors as well, not to mention the fact that everyone will be wearing swimwear and getting wet.

Building tree houses and earth houses are both fun and exciting. You can take part in creating a winding staircase or putting in the support for an underground (or partially underground) earth house. Earth houses are not sunk into the ground, unless they are on the side of a hill, hobbit-style. They typically are man-made hills, created out of dirt and lined on the inside with wood paneling and thick wooden ceiling supports. They always look really cool, above or below ground.

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