RNP Saving Costs and Fuel on Flights

Rust Remover, Fabric ConditionerRNP, which stands for “Required Navigation Performance,” is used by many high quality airlines which desire to cut down on fuel costs and passengers waiting in line and held at the airport due to weather visibility. Airline pilots can save up to 68 gallons of fuel, PER FLIGHT, using this technology. RNP allows airline pilots to see 3-D imaging and the use of satellites to navigate the absolutely best possible way to enter an airport, time things more exactly and even fly safely in previously un-navigable weather conditions, due to poor visibility. Pilots can arrive in fewer minutes, use far less fuel, and even cut down on the pesky circling routine that many flights have to perform while they are waiting their cue when landing in an airport. It makes the whole process more streamlined, more cost-effective, saving more time and money to both the airlines and the passengers, and of course, it is greener!

RNP allows you to fly during conditions when the former ILS terrestrial based navigation system could not allow you to fly. Even low visibility is not a concern, weather conditions are less potentially dangerous, and there are fewer flight cancellations, which makes everyone much happier.

In addition to all of this, flight routes and navigation which led a multitude of flights in different directions in order to correctly get their bearings are no longer an issue. Now, with the new RNP system, airlines are able to determine exactly where they are, exactly where their destination point is, and the satellite and 3-D imaging software is making flying a lot more economical and ecological for everyone. Pilots can have more confidence in less favorable conditions, passengers know that they are getting the best treatment for their dollar, and the airline can lower flight cost simply because they are noticeably lowering fuel costs. Now, all we need to do is pair RNP technology with 100% biodegradable fuel in our airlines, and we can fly freely with a clear conscience!

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