Climate change a threat to great Aussie holiday

Rust Remover, Fabric ConditionerEvery year about 1000 whales are hunted in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and every year Australian protesters take to the waters in protest. Recent revelations that Australia is importing fresh whale imports could threaten our international credibility as eco-friendly.

Australia has found itself in murky waters following revelations that a handful of its companies have been cleared to import fresh whale products.

Despite a strong anti-whaling stance – including protests against Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean – it has been revealed that since 2005 four companies have had approval to import fresh whale products.

Extreme green protestors continue to take strong measures to expose the cruelty of whaling, which has long been viewed by Australians as non-environmentally-friendly. Liquid and plastic waste may be choking marine life but commercial fishing and whaling continue to pose a significant threat to sustainability.

A greener image

The marine industry has moved to boost its image as eco-friendly by improving standards, including the use of eco-friendly liquid products. Environmental cleaning products company Envirosafe Solutions – based in Perth – has seen a shift in attitude toward non-toxic products.

“There’s a growing recognition across industry, government and corporate Australia that we need to take environmental management seriously,” director Murray Simon said.

“We’ve found that by tailoring eco-friendly industrial liquids to different sectors it has allowed business to not only become more sustainable but to improve their environmental credentials.”

Whaling debate

Green revolution opponents have called for a review of fresh whale imports – including from humpback and right whales – into Australia.

Greens MLC Mark Parnell said that a public register should be made available.

“I think Australians would hate to think that we were criticising other countries’ commercial whaling, while at the same time importing material that came from that same immoral trade,” he said.

Greenpeace has called on the Government to reveal all species of whale which were subject to the import approval.

Australia’s strong anti-whaling stance appears at odds with fresh whale imports. Better access to information is needed to identify whether the products are needed for scientific research.

Importantly, Australia needs to protect its reputation or risk being perceived as underhanded by the international community when it comes to this issue.

Small steps including switching to non-toxic, eco-friendly liquid products can significantly improve environmental outcomes and bolster eco-friendly credentials.  For more information on Envirosafe Solutions’ range of marine products – including glass cleaner and insect and tar remover – contact 1300 88 90 70 or email