The Life Cycle of a Bike

Rust Remover, Fabric ConditionerThe life cycle of a bike is far more interesting than the carbon emissions from your motor vehicle. For example, it is rare that most of the parts of any one mass produced bicycle come from one country. Since many countries are responsible for contributing iron and steel from their mines, raw materials and countries of origin are especially hard to trace. Shipping between countries is enough to wonder at the cost to make a mass produced bicycle and the carbon emissions thereof, but the World Steel Association confirms that for every one ton of steel produced, 1.9 tons of carbon dioxide are also produced. While high-end bicycle manufacturers are happy to explain and delineate where their bikes and all of their bike materials originated from, mostly because they are environmentally conscious and are able to impart positive healthy information, mass bike manufacturers change suppliers and dealers worldwide, especially regarding raw materials, bike parts, and pre-welded parts.

The myth that bicycles produce zero carbon emissions has been perpetuated for so long that truly environmentally conscious people simply go down to their local retailer and buy a cheap one, right off of the rack. However, in order to be truly environmentally conscious, one might have to put out a few more dollars to get a high-end ethically produced and made bicycle which they can feel good about riding for many years to come.

However, the long and short of the argument is that, once the bicycle is made, it does not continue to produce any type of carbon emissions and is excellent for preserving the earth through hard and repetitive use. In fact, once you get past the inconvenience of traveling everywhere on your bike, the cost of fuel and auto insurance, as well as replacing car parts and broken or malfunctioning engines is quickly and happily forgotten, and your money can go toward more eco friendly endeavors, such as living off the land and creating sustainable environments in which to live, now that your sustainable transportation is covered.

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