Recycled Beauty and Home Decorating

Recycled Beauty and Home DecoratingMore and more, it is important to give a child an education in environmentally friendly behavior. To start this behavior though, kids needs some direct, hands on experience. This is a good time to get them involved in eco friendly craft projects at home. This is where the next generation learns about and impacts our environment. If you question whether or not your kids actually care about the earth, consider that their biggest influence is you, their parents. They are constantly looking to you to know what is best for their lives and what they should be doing (which is a scary thought for those of us who are prone to hypocritical behavior, for kids see right through that) and whatever you are sincerely engaged in they will sincerely be engaged in. This is part of how they see and interact with life itself. Without seeing clear and stable and predictable behavior from their parents, kids are unable to lead or even recognize or comprehend clear, stable and predictable lives. In the growing and ever morphing Taoism of today, kids need that stability and predictability to better understand where they fit in their vast universe. Teach them about eco friendly values through direct, hands-on projects, and they will see your interest in the principle itself more than they see the pretty colors of the craft glue.

Home decorating projects need to be functional, not just aesthetically pleasing though that is also very important, and so this is a good time to show your kids how to safely use knives, saw blades, otherwise dangerous electrical equipment, and it is a good way to show your kids how to responsibly use these tools, rather than only giving them the ever enticing “this is forbidden” phrase. If you use these high powered tools with your children, they will see how carefully you follow the rules in handling them, and will naturally understand that these are not to be handled lightly. By making your home decorating projects both useful and aesthetic, using clean lines and mastering your craft with skill, your children will be able to see the quality in working craftsmanship and in not taking shortcuts.

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