Mainland Soil Erosion

Rust Converter, Dishwasher PowderSoil erosion is the cause of overgrazing, water desalination, reef degradation, and lack of vegetation and wildlife to keep the soil fertile and therefore seeded and dug. Australia is not the only coastal environment where soil erosion has been caused by excessive industrial operations and inadequate agricultural planning. Desertification can occur anywhere, and is especially likely to occur where crop rotation has been neglected or industrial operations have driven out wildlife which is necessary to the ecological balance of the land. In other words, when the nutrition of the soil has been depleted to the point where plants cannot put down long roots to hold the soil in place, and therefore wildlife leaves, which removes the composting ability of their feces and plant gathering, then the land can quite realistically become a desert.

Nutrition is transferred from water through rainfall, rivers, and lakes. It also is transferred when animals urinate at any point, releasing chemicals back into the soil and upon the plants and grass which utilize this nutrition from animals, many of which are herbivores and actually contribute the same nutrition back to the soil which caused the plants they ate to grow in the first place. It is a cycle, and in local areas, it can actually be a continuous cycle which feeds and waters itself ad infinitum. However, when eco systems are not taken into account during land renovation, industrial projects, or over hunting and over grazing, this can affect more than just a few animals or a few blades of grass. In fact, if the entire eco system cycle is dependent upon itself alone, introducing new components to the cycle necessarily means that new balances must be considered and made available to both plants and wildlife. If socially conscious developers and engineers are not aware of these complex and delicate life cycles, then desertification, along with other earth damaging effects, can occur. Therefore, it is important to always research and be aware of the original habitats and geological structure of a coastline, plain, or wooded area before moving modern practices into the cycle.

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