Luxury Hotel Cleaning Services

Rust Remover, Fabric Conditioner, Laundry PowderIf you own or run a luxury hotel, then your first concern is in maintaining your quality reputation. In order to do this, you must work out every detail of your business plan to such an extent that the program and modus operandi are already planned out and members of your staff only have to carry them out. An example of such planning was given in a recent book on business management. The author had visited a red cedar national park, and had found a hotel tucked away in the mountains at the end of the day. He was tired, so he decided to stop there for the night.

At the front desk, the author was asked his coffee and liquor preferences, and whether or not he would like a reservation at a nearby restaurant, which was within walking distance of his room. When he returned from the restaurant that evening, the fireplace in his room was already lit, the coffee maker was set for the morning complete with his favorite brew, and his preferred liquor was opened and ready to drink by the fire.

Recently, at a luxury hotel, I encountered similar quality regarding the housekeeping services in our room. Not only was the housekeeping thorough, immaculate and privacy oriented, but eco friendly practices were also implemented. Obviously, cleaning the room when it was not requested or desired to be clean can waste resources and materials, such as water and chemicals, so a gift card was given out at the front desk for anyone who wished to trade in their housekeeping services for a day. This was meant to reward “green” behavior in hotel guests, because of resources which would be saved. In a hotel of over a thousand guests, this saving can really add up, for the sake of the earth and for the sake of hotel and guest expenditures.

Envirosafe Solutions also offers green friendly cleaning solutions, degreasers, laundry products and sanitizers. Our goal is to be effective and to be earth friendly, and we believe that we have accomplished both of these goals. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.