Key Alternatives to Sustaining the Environment

Dishwashing Liquid, Glass cleaner, Fuel ConditionerWhen people talk about sustainability, they are most frequently referring to sustainability of the planet in relation to green and environmental issues.. With more people becoming attuned to a green society, the term becomes more significant with regards to energy use as well as energy production.

Defining Sustainability

True sustainability actually refers to an equal ratio of use and replacement. It translates actively to the fine balance of matching usage with production so that excess of waste, pollution and destruction is minimized. It also refers to the notion of balancing usage with replenishments, so from finances through to natural resources, using more than can be replenished causes a shortage – which has dire consequences in terms of the finite nature of natural resources.

History Demonstrates Habit of Delay

One of the most problematic aspects of the current environmental problem facing the planet is the human capacity for procrastination. This entrenched habit of delaying the inevitable is almost woven into the psyche of humanity and operates as a kind of environmental denial that affords people the capacity to avoid stark realities unless they are immediately and severely impacted. This occurred with the oil shortage of the 1970’s in the United States. The oil crisis motivated the development of cars that utilised alternative fuels and electric power, but once the supply was corrected and oil became obtainable again, the concerted development of alternatively fuelled cars was dispensed with.

Second Shortage Brought New Development

In recent years, the price of oil has escalated once again and petrol have risen  drastically. The current crisis breathes new life into the need for alternative fuels once again and scientific developments in solar power, magnesium powered cars and hydrogen fuel cells have again been on the agenda. Hybrid cars have been developed by Toyota and other Asian automobile manufacturers and the reality of finite oil supply and global warming has pushed the world into action once again.

Support Green Industries and Products

Undoubtedly, the stark reality of the finite nature of oil and fossil fuels can no longer be denied and it is imperative all of us take action to change our behaviours and our business and household practices. Each and every day, Australians need to take heed of the warnings and actually change their behaviours with regard to office and family life, industrial practices and cleaning methods.

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