Alternative Power Supplies

Eco Friendly, Environmental Cleaning Products, Dishwashing LiquidTruly going green involves incorporating ways to save the environment by eliminating pollution and your environmental footprint. It involves considerably more than empty rhetoric and can include all aspects of lifestyle and living conditions, as well as utilising alternative energy sources.

Various Alternative Energy Resources

There are different methods currently available to generate electricity that do not require the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas Some of the available alternative energy resources that are gaining popularity in Australia and in other western nations, includes:

  • Wind power
  • Solar power
  • Hydroelectric power

These are best explained as viable alternatives to greenhouse gas causing fossil fuels. However, in spite of the problematic nature of fossils fuels, they are still favoured by many because of their familiarity and because the instigation of alternatives involves considerable cost.

Cost of Alternative Fuel Sources an Obstacle to Full Acceptance

So switching to an alternative energy source is both an issue of price and habituation or routine.

The world has become accustomed to the available and prevailing power supplies. The way individuals in the developed world live their lives is now very much grounded on a dependence on coal, electricity and oil – all of which currently contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. While people may see the need for change from a theoretical standpoint, reluctance sets in when one is confronted by the increased cost issues associated with transitioning away from older modes of energy production towards alternative methods.

However, those willing to embrace alternatives tend to be those groups and individuals looking to a future scenario when the supply of oil, gas, and coal is depleted.

There is little doubt that most people are willing to do their part to stop pollution, but more conservative opponents to climate change often reduce the need for change to a purely fiscal matter of economics. Higher-cost resources that may alter and increase the cost of production have not been fully embraced by multinational businesses and corporations and as a result, government regulation of carbon production has now become the reality and the incentive for shifting practices.

The introduction of the carbon tax in 2012 and the development of Professor Ross Garnaut’s carbon pricing policies may signal the beginning of a constructive move towards the newer technologies.

Changing Practices

Changing practices and educating people on the urgency for change may necessitate the kinds of strategies employed by the Gillard Government – including the carbon tax and all that it entails. While considerable rebates exist for low income groups, the use of a tax to effect change is perceived as perhaps the only way to ensure a future for our children.

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