Green Funerals

Many highly eco supportive people are aware of their daily contribution to the needs and the waste of the planet. They live their lives being aware of and measuring their every move, making sure that they are leaving behind as small of a non-sustainable footprint as possible. For these strong supporters of ecology, a green funeral at the end of their days may seem like a just and correct way to leave this earth. How does one go about having a green funeral and is it complicated or simple to do?

Planning ahead and keeping up-to-date

It is considered a courtesy to those left behind to have your estate in order before you go. This includes making funeral plans, if you choose to have a decision in that process. If you wish to have a green funeral, it is a good idea to go ahead and make these arrangements yourself. In addition to that, it is also a good idea to make alterations to this plan as you learn more and better ways to be eco friendly and have a green funeral.

Pick a cemetery

Some cemeteries offer straight burial without a casket, but these are few and far between, and that is illegal in some countries. However, it is possible to more easily find a cemetery which allows you to present a biodegradable casket and to be buried in all of your biodegradable glory.

Pick a burial method

In the case of direct burial, this is of course the most earth friendly way to go if that option is available to you. However, some people may still choose to use a casket just for the “ick” factor of being more readily accessible to underground critters. Whichever path your choose, remember that even eco friendly burial caskets are not as sealed or odorless as regular sealable caskets, so you might keep this in mind when choosing your funeral ceremony. This may also be significant with regard to how deep you are being buried, since some wild animals may still be able to discern a scent.

Plan an eco friendly funeral

You may wish to not be too fussy with regard to your funeral arrangements. This is especially true if your family member have expressed concern about you using an “alternative” casket. You never know what may offend or surprise someone. It may be a good idea to keep it low key and relatively low maintenance out of consideration for your survivors.

Rest assured

Now that you have made the arrangements to leave behind as small of an impact as possible on your environment, you can return to the land of the living and continue your earth friendly practices up here. There are many ways to live a green lifestyle, but one of the most significant is investing in truly effective and eco friendly purchases.

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