Examples of Green Architecture

Green architecture exists both to inspire sustainable ideas and ways of living, and to act in a functionary capacity, to reduce heating and cooling costs. Some green architecture is entirely manmade, but uses an ecological lever, such as solar panels, to stay efficient. Some architecture uses actual plants as part of the decorating theme, and some ecological architecture uses plants as part of its living, breathing functionary capacity, such as with green roofs. Solar panels and wind turbines, as well as batteries to save extra collected energy, can all be used in architecture in an aesthetically pleasing and architecturally sound way.

Green Roofs

These examples of green roofs are perfect for the do-it-yourself builder, craftsman, or starting architect. One of the main problems with manmade architecture is that it only serves as a barrier, and does not react to outside temperature changes and can also be quite stuffy in both winter and summer due to its static form. Green roofs take the guesswork out of this, forming a dynamic atmosphere within, while reacting appropriately the environment without. Live roofs can reduce cooling costs during summer and heating costs during winter, taking it a step further than just ordinary tile and tar roofs and just ordinary insulation.


Beautiful Solar Energy

One of the greatest problems with using solar energy is how it can appear from the outside. Nobody wishes to have those great big honking ugly industrial looking panes on top of or sticking out of their roof. Fortunately, the invention of better solar panels also came with another bonus. Stunning, beautiful looking solar panels, which can be arranged and patterned on the roof, even made to look like part of the roof tiles themselves, are the latest technology in solar paneling. This must have been the creative of an art student turned architectural design major.


Wind and Speed

When you are racing down the highway at night, it is a cool thought that you might be able to turn that speed into more energy to light your way. Number five on the blog linked below depicts turbine highway streetlights, which are designed specifically for high-wind areas. This is especially useful for areas which are already powered by wind turbines, as the wind is not used up just because it made the turbines move or rotate. On the contrary, these highway wind turbines can use heavy fast traffic and high wind areas to light your way, even if other wind turbines are in the area.


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