Green Home Keeping

Green home keeping is such a beneficial way of keeping your family and our planet healthy. From laundry detergent to dishwasher fluid and from disinfectants to sanitizers, your home is filled with harsh chemicals which you and your family may use even on a daily basis. While chemical compounds are good and can be used effectively to keep your home in working condition, it is a pretty good idea to check out the labels and warnings on the back of your bottles and packages. Chances are that prolonged contact with these chemicals causes damage and if that’s the case, then perhaps short-term contact with your body (not to mention your plumbing!) may also not be as beneficial as it could be.

Respiratory problems in children

A study done on household chemicals describes how contact, especially prolonged contact, with chemicals can cause respiratory, breathing and wheezing problems in children, particularly from infancy to the age of seven years old.

Green chemicals can help through many methods

For instance, chemicals on the floor can be touched by playing children, or even ingested by infants or pets. Chemical residue on counters, lavatories and tabletops are no less dangerous, especially for toddlers who frequently pick up or touch objects and then put them in their mouths. Chemical irritants on otherwise normal clothes can cause rashes or abrasions, particularly in family members who suffer from even a minor allergy. Eco friendly household chemicals can reduce this damage and reduce the likelihood that children or adults will be affected by ordinary cleaning products.

Envirosafe Solutions has many eco friendly cleaning products from which to choose

For your laundry needs, we carry fabric conditioner, as well as hard water laundry liquid and powder. For the kitchen, we have dishwasher liquid and powder, as well as a rinse aid, and a commercial kitchen degreaser. We carry Extreme Green Disinfectant, which handles all of your household sanitizing needs, and we even have our special eco friendly toilet bowl cleaner.

Eco friendly products are safe and just as easy to use as your regular harsh household chemicals. Call Envirosafe Solutions today for your green cleaning products: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.