Getting Your Green Team Involved

Getting Your Green Team InvolvedSome companies start new employees off on mail duty, no matter where they will be placed next or where they might end up. This is not a hazing technique, nor is it meant to be disrespectful to any employee. It is intended to show employees all divisions of the company, so that they can see where they might like to work and so that they appreciate what each division of the company does. Employees with foresight simply wait until their mail duties are over, knowing that they can accomplish anything they wish to in such an organization. Unfortunately, some employees may feel offended at being placed in such a seemingly subordinate position, when in fact they are being given insight into the rest of the company and are being given control over their futures there.

Such should be the case with your Eco friendly or “green” team. If you have implemented such operations in your company, then you will want to get the most benefit out of government financial incentives, construction and building techniques, electricity usage, and so on. You will want your Eco friendly solutions team to know everything about your company, and in many ways, you will want all divisions of your company to exploit what your green team has to offer. For example, if your accounting department is not fully informed on what the green team is bringing to the table, they may not take advantage of government funded tax incentives designed to encourage Eco friendly company behavior and waste disposal.

It is important to recognize that when different divisions of your company are exploiting each other’ s talents, the organization as a whole is operating with more synergy and far more efficiency. It is important to recognize that this will not split your company apart, but bring it closer together. It will also, to some extent, cut down on office politics, since your employees will be focused on working together rather than picking each other apart.

As far as efficiency goes, it is also important to implement green chemical solutions both for your office and for your industrial worksite. Call Envirosafe Solutions today: +61) 1300 88 90 70.