Getting Together Over Recycling

Fabric Conditioner, Laundry PowderWhile some companies or places of residence strongly recommend recycling individual’s waste products, not everyone does it. People who are not used to recycling, who do not think of it as important, and who believe it to be too complicated are not likely to employ recycling bins, even when they are readily available. Sometimes, it helps to find out of tenants are needing a cleaner area in which to dispose of their trash, have specific needs regarding recycling, or if they have questions about recycling different or questionable materials.  Management of apartment houses and living centers should be ready to answer any questions which tenants may have concerning this, and they should also make recycling something desirable, rather than an extra burden.

Nicky Mee and Debbie Clewes performed a case study on the influence of effective corporate communication on recycling behavior. They wanted to see how corporate communication and effective management-tenant communication affected residents’ attitudes about recycling and whether or not their behavior toward recycling actually changed over time with changes in these communication strategies. The conclusion was that productive communication between corporate and management and communication between management and tenants can rapidly affect tenants’ attitudes toward recycling in general, and their own disposal habits in particular.

In advertisement, recycling is often touted as a virtue which you either possess or you don’t possess. Very little is said about how you recycle, what you recycle, what your attitude toward recycling should be, or why you may not care that much if you don’t recycle. This is very interesting, since recycling is part of planet care, and planet care is almost necessarily a social activity. Communication about recycling and discussion of that topic is more likely to increase personal interest in actually doing it. The case study by Mee and Clewes illustrates how communication and making recycling a social activity and a socially discussed activity is very likely to increase personal awareness of how positive it can be. Many people who think little of recycling do so because they do not think that their small individual contribution will make much difference. However, when they see other people doing it or talking about it, they see the contribution as much larger and more noteworthy.

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