Dehydration and the Dust Bowl

Dust Suppressor, Environmentally Friendly Liquids , Soil WettaFrom 1930 to 1936, the Canadian and U.S. prairie lands suffered major ecological damage through heavy wind erosion. This was known as the Dust Bowl, and it would cause massive amounts of earth to be carried off by the wind, inhibiting breathing and preventing crops from growing and preventing basic human habitation. Many individuals and families living on prairie lands could not breathe unless they tied damp cloths over their mouths and noses, and the cloths would typically by muddy by the end of the day. In some extreme cases, the dust was so bad that the cloths would be muddy within an hour, and had to be replaced. The Dust Bowl was a major ecological phenomenon which resulted primarily from poor or nonexistent crop rotation, and secondarily from drought. The drought took advantage of the rootless soil which was easily blown away in the wind when it was so very dry. The more the wind was able to pick it up, the larger the amount of soil which was carried off at any one time. Crop rotation is essential for maintaining healthy lands and allowing the soil to rest and recuperate after being harvested. Organic material and roots help to hold the soil in place and vast, untouched prairie lands often have long, wild, dehydration-resistant grass to keep everything together.

Dehydration does more than cause difficulties for human habitation. Dehydration erodes good gardening soil, drops planar elevation in uneven areas, and it prevents healthy plant and human cells from taking up enough nutrients to feed the cell and help it to properly reproduce. We have all read the warning signs on cigarette packs, telling of the danger of pregnant women giving birth to smaller babies due to smoking. This is partially due to the severely dehydrating effect that smoking and alcoholic drinking both have on both the body of the mother and the body of the fetus. The same thing occurs in organic plant life. It is not simply a matter of the plants needing enough water. Water enables them to uptake nutrition from the soil and they literally starve if they are unable to do so. This is why using biodegradable and eco friendly soil treatments is so important. Envirosafe Solutions offers completely effective and earth friendly soil treatments for your garden, crops, or your agricultural operations. We offer both Soil Wetta and Dust Suppressant for your agricultural needs. Contact us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.