Locally Produced Eco Friendly Fuel in Africa

Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Glue RemoverIt is one thing to use eco friendly fuel. It is a whole new level entirely to use locally made, eco friendly fuel. Locally made fuel is one of the biggest financial savings that a nation can utilize to fund its transportation. Not only is fuel shipped from out of the country costing non-biodegradable fuel to ship into the country, but it is also a hazard if leakage or spillage should occur. In fact, many environmental groups are zeroing in on the fact that oil rigs and petroleum based shipping accidents are causing harm to the ocean and our beloved creatures therein. This is why it is to be applauded that Zimbabwe, Africa is using 10 percent eco friendly, locally made fuel in the petrol tanks of its capital city. This project is available through the use of refurbished sugar cane fields, which is fortunate, since land is freely available for that use in their region. The project has also created over 4,500 jobs for a previously semi-poverty stricken area. Things are still in the beginning stages as motorists come to trust and rely upon the cheaper petrol for their daily needs, but supplies are well on their way to being sold in massive amounts. The price is competitive, but also the sustainability means that further innovation could produce further cuts in petrol costs.

This project is precisely why we need to make use of our innovative skills and research and develop ways to use sustainability within our planet’s eco system. This is part of other massive projects on the horizon, not only for fuel reduction, but also ideas for making completely biodegradable plastics and computer-ware. Envirosafe Solutions has joined the throng of new technological innovators in biodegradable, eco friendly product design and we offer a wide range of earth friendly degreasers, laundry products, bio waste spill kits, industrial strength cleaners, and fuel treatments. One of our top rated bargains is that everything we sell comes with a money back guarantee, so that you can try our products for yourself, without any possibility of losing money in your experimentation. We would love to teach you more about what we can do for our earth and what we can do for you. Contact us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.