Fear Propaganda about Eco Solutions

Fear Propaganda about Eco SolutionsAt Envirosafe Solutions, we believe in supporting efforts to keep our earth sustainable and environmentally adaptable for the near future and for many centuries to come. However, we also understand that some propaganda seeks to feed on fears by discussing nothing but climate changes, endangered species, global warming, melting icebergs, and so on and so forth, seeking to acquire donations and support based upon these fears. Unfortunately, too much of this can be depressing and, more importantly, can be discouraging to many people. Hope is what has made the difference between sticking with old petroleum based fuels and finding Eco friendly bio fuels to help leave little or no carbon footprint whatsoever. Without hope, people try less to seek and develop solutions, and the Eco movement crawls much more slowly than before. So, it is necessary to include BOTH realistic views of what is going on around us and inspiring information about successes in building a newer, better, and more sustainable tomorrow.

Fear propaganda can also be harmful for other reasons. It can seem manipulative and as if the government or environmental protective agencies are simply trying to pull one over on us. It can seem as if we are being pulled in several different directions by politicians who do not seem to be able to make up their minds about the next best strategy for tackling our sustainability issues. For those who do not really care about or understand environmental safety, it can just seem like more noise and more drama being pumped over the radio waves and the internet connections.

It is really important to mix both positive successes and harsh realities together in order to deliver an unbiased and passively informative discourse to the public. As writers and public announcers, we must be especially careful not to pump out false or misleading information, even if we personally feel very strongly about the subjects being discussed. At Envirosafe Solutions, we seek to provide Eco friendly chemical solutions, like glass cleaners and hand sanitizers and degreasers, in order to support the movement from the insideā€¦and to stimulate the economy and make money. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.