Eliminate Greenwashing

StopGreenWash.org is a site devoted to investigating and portraying companies which are claiming to be eco friendly, but which are actually just trying to improve their green image and pull in ecologically concerned customers. Their motto is “clean up your act, NOT your image.” While this is all very well and good, one wonders what the average person can do to prevent themselves from falling into the greenwashing laundry cycle? It is not just a matter of researching companies. It is a matter of paying attention, all the time.

Greenwashing stems from poor products and poor advertising. When a company has a great product, then word-of-mouth is likely to help them get it off the ground, but poor advertising can make sure that they fall back down again. Vice versa, poor products with a great advertising campaign still do not have a good reputation and soon advertising funding runs out. Typically, companies which have poor services and poor advertising are desperate for a good image to spin to the public.

Greenwashing stems from big ideas combined with poor money management. Individuals who have great ideas for starter eco friendly companies may not possess a realistic view of the money involved or of how they should utilise the money they have in order to make their dream a reality. The result is good advertising of a good idea, but of what will end up being a bad result.

Greenwashing stems from incompetency in product manufacturing. When a company owner understands how a high quality product can be manufactured to produce a low priced and extremely effective service, then they do not need to spin their green image or even use the slightest amount of advertising deceit, because they will always be in business, no matter what. Poor manufacturing, new manufacturing costs, product recall and product redesign can bankrupt someone who is not savvy with numbers and has a working knowledge of successful manufacturing techniques.

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