Eco Friendly Furniture

Whether you are planning furniture for your office or your home, it is always a good idea to keep the health of our planet in mind while doing so. This is for several reasons. First of all, you probably do not wish to expose your skin or your respiratory system directly to objects which may still bear traces of harsh chemical cleaners or dyes from the manufacturing process. Secondly, you may wish to contribute to the health of our planet through your monetary donation, in which case you can do this through regular everyday purchases which you are making anyway. Lastly, if you are an enthusiastic environmentalist, then you are probably always looking for a great way to decorate and fill your home with eco friendly, biodegradable products.

There is the really useful kind of furniture.

Philips Design Probes has completed a fully functioning closed ecological system, called Microbal Home. There is a table, above which is a garden and a larder, and a paternoster which uses bacterial enzymes to help with recycling, right in your home. There is a methane digester, which uses human waste solids, as well as kitchen vegetable waste solids, to create methane gas which can power a set number of functions in the home. There is that much more off of your energy bill each month! Everything is based upon bacteria and the manner in which it breaks down matter to create energy, as well as how the entire system fits together to create this enclosed ecological environment.

Then there is the upcycled furniture.

Upcycled furniture just means that when an object loses its value in its original function, it can still be used for a different function while gaining back some value. For example, you can upcycle a bureau dresser into a desk. A Vespa scooter was turned into an indoor laptop display stand and book stand. Parts of tables can be turned into an elaborate and elegant looking set of shelves for a small enclosed space. Vintage tea packing crates can create an interesting effect for the fronts of cabinetry and drawers in your kitchen. Even an old suitcase can be dismantled, stuffed and upholstered to create a fascinating chair or stool as an accent piece in your home.

Finally, there is just the plain old recycled furniture.

After all the materials have been reclaimed and all of the furniture has been upcycled into something new, and finally everything has broken down and is no longer usable, you can still recycle the materials so that everyone can still enjoy the beauty and splendor (and good conscience) of using our earth’s natural resources well. After all, good stewardship is the primary goal of being eco friendly.

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