Eco Friendly Cruises of the Future

As citizens of earth, the consumer market is not only based upon the principles of supply-and-demand, but also on the principles of successfully maintaining current or better qualities of lifestyles. This becomes a problem when earth sustainability is in direct conflict with a particular habit or lifestyle practice, such as taking vacations. Now, travelers everywhere are looking up eco friendly vacations, volunteer vacations, and green cruises on search engines, and their options are few and far between. However, in order to create a demand to later supply, we must first know what we want out of a green cruise. Here are some ideas:

1. Green cruises should use 100% bio fuel. Bio fuel is combustible, usable fuel which is comprised of organic material which can be harvested and planted at any time. In other words, bio fuel is made out of sustainable material.

2. Green cruises should have 100% cotton or sustainable bedding. This is especially true for any type of cruise ship or resort which handles massive amounts of bulk materials on a regular basis.

3. Green cruises should offer visits to ecologically sound ports. Many a traveler has been gypped out of their hard earned money by spam tourist attractions, and this principle also applies to supporting local economies.

4. Green cruises should use renewable energy. Now, on a cruise ship, energy must be renewable to a certain extent in order to accommodate the massive amounts of electricity used for entertainment, filtration systems, and electronic equipment.

5. Green cruises should make travelers aware of their eco friendly efforts. There is no point in setting a good example, if nobody knows about your example. This will cause passengers to think about what else it would take to make a good green cruise.

6. Green cruises should be transparent. Many business practices are able to be transparent economically by revealing basic accounting information without revealing specific trade secrets. Passengers or potential passengers will have more faith in a cruise ship which strives to make them feel comfortable, both in luxury and in ecological donations.

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