Wine Cork Bathmats

Wine Cork BathmatsA recent article on making your own awesome bathmats out of wine corks (you little alcoholic, you) discusses ways to use already interesting and yet somewhat unusable items in your home again in a new capacity. This is known as “up-cycling” where the item’s original use is abandoned because it can no longer perform that function, and the item is up-cycled into a new capacity, complete with a brand new function and everything. This is a great way to engage in ultra-local recycling, and it helps protect your environment and gives you a better perspective on the products that you buy and what you use for various materials. It also gives you some perspective on how quality of a material can actually affect its use later on. Low quality tends to be harmful to the environment AND non-reusable in other capacities AND an eyesore. So, it is important that you make smarter investments, rather than just bigger investments in the products that you buy.

Wine cork bathmats are meant to make use of extraneous materials which you may have lying about the house. Now, the principles in this nice corky bathmat apply to dozens of other materials in your home, including shelves, refrigerators, containers, craft paint, glue, odds and ends, tools, parts, car parts, screws and nails, and even dirt. All of these items or pieces of trash can actually be reused, and they do not have to go through the industrial recycling process in order to do this. You can engage in recycling or up-cycling within the confines of your property boundaries. This means that, as much as you may enjoy storing those odds and ends, you are really better off by putting them to practical use, and only giving away or recycling pieces which you cannot fit into your picture of a new, renovated home life and garden style.

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