When you have to go, use formaldehyde-free toilet chemicals

Sanitiser/Mould Rid, Hard Water - Laundry Liquid, Porta-Loo TreatmentCamping holidays offer unparalleled freedom and the chance to get off the beaten track. But what do you do when nature calls – and how do you make sure you’re not spoiling the environment in the process? Portable toilets are a good option for trips away but be sure to avoid porta-loo treatments containing toxic formaldehyde.

The bush toilet has thankfully gone out of vogue in the modern camping holiday.

For the sake of privacy, comfort and the environment, most caravan or motorhome owners take along a portable toilet when they stay outside of public effluent facilities. Modern boats, caravans and motorhomes have built-in porta loos, in which the waste tank can be accessed through a small door on the outside of the camper.

Even the humble tenting holiday has become a more stylish affair, often incorporating a porta loo, shower and even the odd kitchen sink!

Disposing of porta toilet waste without contaminating soil or waterways requires a little thought.

The first step is to choose a safe, biodegradable,environmental cleaning product for the toilet.

When it comes finding aneco-friendly liquid porta-loo treatment, avoid anything that contains formaldehyde. This chemical is toxic to humans, plants and animals but is commonly used in toilet chemicals to sterilise and break down the black water.

Toilet waste containing formaldehyde should not be dumped straight into the ground, in long-drop toilets or in public effluent systems in small towns as these systems can not sufficiently dilute the formaldehyde to safe levels. This also applies to authorised ‘dump points’ provided in some regional areas for toilet waste.

Take toilet waste with you when you leave a camping site, such as a national park or private property. Check with your camping guide or nearest council for an authorised ‘dumping point’. If you must dispose of toilet waste at a camp site, remember it must be buried at least 15cm below the ground and 100 metres from waterways, paths or camping sites.

Envirosafe Solutions is a leading Australian supplier of eco-friendly liquid products. Its Extreme Green Porta Loo Treatment is fully biodegradable and suitable for use in septic system, long-drop and portable toilets. This formaldehyde-free, environmental cleaning product helps eliminate odours, break down waste and is completely safe to use.

The perfect caravanning, motorhome or boating holiday is one that leaves the environment just as pristine as it was found–which includes using biodegradable, formaldehyde-free toilet chemicals and disposing of toilet waste in a responsible manner. For more information on sustainable eco-friendly liquid products contact Envirosafe Solutions on 1300 88 90 70 or email info@evss.com.au.