What is the Boomerang Alliance?

Eco Friendly Industrial Liquid, Extreme Green , Environmentally Friendly Liquids , Soil WettaMany Australian companies, groups and individuals have been tirelessly working on environmental issues for years. Some of these have banded together to strengthen their power and their activities for change. Envirosafe Solutions spotlights The Boomerang Alliance and gives you a profile on this particular group that is committed to a zero waste in Australia.

The Boomerang Alliance comprises a group of environmental organisations that are committed to bringing about a state of zero waste in Australia. Yes, it’s a tall order and a lofty ideal, but this alliance believes it is possible and attainable. “We commit to work for zero waste in Australia based on a mechanism of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for ensuring the elimination over time of all products and packaging from the waste stream. The goal of zero demands that Australia change course on waste as a matter of urgency or risk falling further behind world’s best practice.”[1]

The Alliance also promotes a redirection of the cost burden of waste disposal away from local government and ratepayers and towards those consumers and industries that are actually producing the waste litter and excess packaging to begin with. It also says penalising poor performers and rewarding companies that embrace cleaner production and waste and litter reduction is the way forward.

The group comprises many major environmental organisations:

  • Greenpeace
  • The Australian Conservation Foundation
  • Friends of the Earth
  • Conservation Council of Western Australia
  • Clean Up Australia
  • Total Environment Centre
  • NSW Local Government and Shires Association
  • NCC zero Waste Action Group
  • Arid Lands Environment Centre
  • Nature Conservation Council of NSW

Waste and You

Each and Every Australian actually produces or generates approximately 2 tonnes of waste annually. And only about 50% of this is recycled. 50 million tonnes of waste is produced annually nationally. And there are some simple things you can do to help:

  • Use cloth shopping bags
  • Reject or say no to plastic shopping bags
  • Ask your local shops to forget about that paper bag and give you the purchased item without the packaging
  • Place those newspapers in the recycling
  • Re-use your old printed computer paper. The blank side makes great notepads when stapled together.
  • Get the kids to convert cans to cash


What do you do with your old printers, computers and mobile phones? Do you simply throw them out into the garbage, or do you dispose of them responsibly? The Boomerang Alliance also states “the massive explosion in the electronics consumer market was not accompanied by consumer responsibility.”[2] Australia, like the rest of the world is in fact at the tipping point regarding e-waste with over 230 million e-waste items on their way to garbage dump areas and landfill sites at the end of 2009.

A National Waste Policy

Finally in 2010 a new National Waste Policy was introduced.  The computer and television industry were involved as were many major industries and government and corporations. This policy will help to streamline a national waste strategy where previously waste management was overseen by state and territory bodies.[3]

It also sets a clear direction over the next 10 years aimed at:

  • Reducing waste generation
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Manage waste as a viable resource
  • Ensure treatment, disposal, recovery and re-use is undertaken in a safe, scientific manner
  • Develop employment associated with waste management and recycling

The policy will also be implemented at all levels, from local governments through to state and territory and on to the federal level. There will also be a focus on collaborative action and extended producer responsibility schemes that mean a producer is now responsible for the waste it produces right up until the end of the product’s life.

Envirosafe Solutions supports the work of the Boomerang Alliance and the new National Waste Policy strategy. Telephone Envirosafe Solutions and use green and eco-friendly products. 1300 889070.

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